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13 Lifehacks That Will Definitely Make Your Life Easier

Use shrink wrap to keep your remotes clean
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One of the best ways human genius can show its potential is by creating more and more clever lifehacks that can save us time or effort in all kinds of situations. There are literally thousands of lifehack out there, and if you try to pick your favorite among them, you’ll realize that it is a hard thing to do, really. It is like visiting a fancy restaurant and seeing the menu, which is full of tons of good stuff; it is the same kind of situation with lifehacks, but the good thing is that you don’t need to choose the best one, because you can just apply as many of them as you please in your daily routine.

Check out the list below and get some fresh ideas about how to improve your home or doing your chores. You may have already seen some of these, but you will definitely find something new here.

1. Door organizers can come in handy everywhere.

Image Source: Pinterest

You’ve probably seen these nifty organizers full of shoes, nuts and bolts and all kinds of other stuff, but you probably never thought that you could use them in the kitchen, have you? They are best way to store fruits or veggies and save you valuable space.

2. The zipper on the jeans keeps pulling itself down? No worries

Image Source: Pinterest

We have all been there, and except the fact that it is annoying, it could also put you in a rather embarrassing situation. To avoid that, simply use a keychain ring and voila! Everything will sit in its place and the zipper will not go down by itself again.

3. This for all the foodies out there

Image Source; Diana Rambles

Have you ever wondered how to save some space while munching on chips or tortillas in the bed or on the sofa while watching another Netflix production? This one is for you, then! Just use big bowl and a cocktail glass in the middle, as shown here, and you will have a functional and stylish solution.

4. Loose hairs? We all have those, and we can help

Image Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

Here’s the trick – simply use a regular wet baby wipe! It will instantly put the loose hair in its place and improve your appearance in a matter of seconds. When you think about it, it does make sense, doesn’t it?

5. Clean the glassware to perfection

Image Source: WIC Project

We all know how glasses remain stained despite the fact your dishwasher is working properly and you use the best product on the market. The reason for that is the water itself, and even if you take your time and wipe them off after washing, you will not make much of difference, so use vinegar solution instead.

6. DIY icepacks are awesome

Image Source: Rebel Circus

You can make the perfect icepack at home with ease! Just grab some zipper bags and fill them with lube! No mistake there, use lube and you’ll be amazed how good this stuff actually is. Just don’t forget to label the icepacks before freezing.

7. When you need to pull out the light bulb remains

Image Source: Twitter

We all know how unpleasant it is when a light bulb bursts into tiny pieces. Cleaning the mess is one thing, but you still need to remove the remains out of the socket, and one very neat and fast way to do it safely is to use a potato – simple as that!

8. Here is how you arrange pizza the right way

Image Source: Reddit

Your pizza cravings are huge, but you do not want to bring an extra plate or make a second trip to the kitchen? Well, the simple solution is actually in the way you arrange the slices. Stacking them on top of one another is not the best way, and you need to do it like the photo suggests.

9. Maximize the kitchen cabinet space

Image Source: Reddit

The self-adhesive hooks can come in handy virtually anywhere, and this is one of the best ways to use them. Simply place them in the correct position on the back of the kitchen cabinet doors and you can store your Tupperware lids there, for example.

10. Never drop the kitchen sponge again

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a simple DIY trick that you can immediately incorporate in your kitchen! This will keep the sponge always in the same place, and it will have the ability to drain itself without assistance.

11. Leave the struggle to find the correct key in the past

Image Source: Jewel Pie

You can easily do this in your home. Just grab some nail polish and paint your keys in different colors; this will make your life easier and will save you time, if you have a big number of keys on your keychain. We will give this one a try for sure.

12. Say goodbye to the sweaty feet

Image Source: Musely

A lot of people would probably be grateful for this one. Use the antiperspirant stick on your feet and then slip in a maxi pad on each one before you put your shoes on. This will guarantee you that you will stay dry all day long.

13. Here is how you can avoid holding the flip-flops in your hand

Image Source: Reddit

When you need to walk on the sand barefoot, you don’t need to carry the flip-flops in your hand; simply bring them up on your ankles and you are all set, plus your hands remain free to carry the other beach stuff.


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