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12 People Who Proved That Relationships Are Never Ever Boring

Image Source: u/walzdeep / Reddit

After a relationship becomes serious, it doesn’t take long for things to settle more or less, and this could be a big problem. This is the reason why things need to be spiced up frequently, and the ways to do that are numerous. You can take your spouse to a romantic night out with candles, roses and everything else that such a night might require.

However, a perfect way to keep your relationship alive is to do fun things together often! Family fun and making jokes about your everyday life is one of the keys to eternal happiness when you share the same roof with your significant other.

1. The perfect dinner company

Image Source: Imgur

Well, you could easily tell two things; this man certainly loves cats and has a huge sense of humor. Making jokes with style is not for everyone, but this gentleman did it right. We wonder how his wife reacted to the photo, but we guess she found it funny and sweet.

2. When a sense of humor and a creative mind join powers

Image Source: Imgur

The idea behind this is amazing! When this dude’s wife said she wanted a simple party, she couldn’t see that coming for sure! And while it does not look like much, it actually took the same amount of effort as making a typical party atmosphere. This was probably a party they would never forget.

3. This husband is probably just jealous

Image Source: Reddit

We understand the husband’s point of view and we appreciate the fun way he captioned these photos when comparing them, but the reality could be different, and as someone suggested, her smile may be for the man in front of her, not next to her, and he probably took the second photo.

4. Imagine waking up after surgery like this

Image Source: Reddit

This woman probably had the same amount of sense of humor as her man, because she does not seem too surprised after she found what he did. This is a funny and sweet gesture that speaks of the dude’s love for his significant other, and he also showed how creative he is.

5. You need to be careful what you wish for

Image Source: Imgur

The way this husband managed to joke with his wife in the most perfect way is amazing, and he showed off his impressive painting skills, too. When his wife told him that he never painted them in the same picture, she probably had a different composition in mind.

6. Joking with your spouse is always fun

Image Source: Reddit

This man was able to recreate his girl’s beautiful photo with admirable accuracy; it seems that he really made an effort to be as close as possible to the original. Such small things are always a good idea and the result is that your partner would surely feel the attention you try to give.

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7. We give this man a high-five for the effort

Image Source: Reddit

His wife did not like the poem her spouse created for her, and we couldn’t actually blame her – it is not the best piece of poetry we’ve seen. However, we are sure that she appreciated his effort and his message was spot on – all this poem says is simply that he loves her.

8. Never let a man do a woman’s job

Image Source: Reddit

This girl learned a good lesson after sending her boyfriend to grooming studio to give their cat a proper makeover. And he obviously did that; the cute feline looks too funny, but we guess that the boyfriend simply joked around only to take this photo, and the cat was properly shaved after that.

9. Being there for you partner looks like this

Image Source: Bored Panda

We really liked this man for his courage, sense of humor and creativity. After his wife refused to have a maternity photo session, he decided that they should have one after all. The end result is amazing and the wife probably shed a tear or two after seeing the photos.

10. The best ultimatum ever

Image Source: Reddit

This man really stood up to the challenge when his girl said that she would stop making fun of him for his crocs if he was able to find an even uglier pair of shoes. We have no idea what these are or where he found them, but his girl probably stopped mocking him instantly.

11. Engagement photos never looked better

Image Source: Reddit

Wow, this dude has some serious skills! What’s more important, he managed to use them after his partner asked him to touch-up their engagement photos, and he sure did! We absolutely loved his creativity and they now have probably the best engagement photos ever made.

12. You cannot get more serious than that

Image Source: Reddit

This man’s response to his wife’s request is the best one possible. All she wanted was for the groomsmen to have only serious photos, but she probably needed to be more specific, because she got what she asked for, but it is not quite what she expected in the first place.

Written by Nick Martin

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