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13 Moments Showing Just How Amazing And Cute Foxes Are

Image Source: Reddit

Foxes are definitely among our favorite animals in the whole wide world. The reasons why we love them are similar to those others have. Foxes are intelligent creatures and they are always full of joy. They like to play and cuddle, once a human earns their trust. In a way, they are similar to dogs but the fact that they are wild animals makes things even better. The list below is full of moments describing just how wonderful foxes are in every possible way.

1. The fox in a pot

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that foxes love napping and they look just like any other pet while doing it! This person tweeted a joke and we get it; the fox really looks like it was planted there and grew big after regular watering.

2. The visits

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a wonderful photo showing one incredible friendship. This fox visited one couple over the course of two months and it is obvious that they became best friends. There is nothing like earning the trust of a wild animal!

3. The decoration

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that Christmas is special and decoration is important, just like anything else related to the holiday season. This person knew that and set up an amazing piece of decoration. One fox seems to really like it, judging by the images.

4. The visitor

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another case of a person who was lucky enough to be regularly visited by a gorgeous fox. This male specimen often came to enjoy the person’s company and to have treats. He loved sandwiches but he took the rest of the food offered to him to his family.

5. The marble fox

Image Source: Reddit

This is one really rare sight to see. It is a Canadian marble fox and you can see what makes it special. This is one of the most beautiful creatures we have ever seen and most people would agree on that in an instant.

6. The pose

Image Source: Instagram

Meet Pudding, one of the cutest foxes out there! It seems that pudding loved human company, as he looks really calm and ready for his picture taken. As you can see, he even posed in the most perfect of ways.

7. The babies

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Image Source: Reddit

We guess that we will never get tired of seeing images of baby animals. They are all too adorable not to say “aww” every time. This image is no different: it shows a couple of baby foxes just sitting in pots outside.

8. The meeting

Image Source: Reddit

Walking your dog out in the woods would give you the chance to bond with nature but not many people have that opportunity. The person who took this image and their brother had the chance to do it and they met this friendly fox that came to meet them.

9. The nap

Image Source: Reddit

Some people are lucky enough to find things similar to the moment captured in this image. One person noticed something in their backyard and went to investigate. It turned out that a cute fox dropped by and took a nap.

10. The guest

Image Source: Imgur

We believe that unexpected visits are equally annoying to every person on this planet but there is a difference when the visitor is someone you like. This person’s security light came on and they found this baby fox playing with their dog’s ball.

11. The perfect spot

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a fox that found the perfect spot to take a nap – a chicken pen! Chickens and foxes are probably not the best of friends but the people who found this fox reported that it didn’t touch the chickens at all.

12. The company

Image Source: Reddit

One person was lucky enough to find some unexpected company in their upper deck. A couple of foxes found it to be the perfect place to chill and the owner didn’t mind it at all. One of the foxes visited last year and now it brought a friend along.

13. The baby

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one baby fox that chose a rather unusual place for a nap. As you can see, the cutie found the hood of a car to be an appropriate sleeping spot. The person who took the image didn’t want to wake the cutie up.

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