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13 Of The Most Simple And Clever Inventions You’ll Ever See

Image Source: Reddit

There are a lot of ways to come up with a brilliant invention – sometimes it’ out of a necessity, while in other cases being lazy provokes one’s mind to get busy and start creating. We are not sure which is the better way, and this doesn’t actually matter; the important things is that people keep pushing themselves, thus new clever and neat things would always be born.
Whether it is something inspirational or simply a way to make your daily life better, all new ideas and inventions are welcome. Check out these 13 photos and feast your eyes on some of the best ones.

1. White Skittles exist and they’re awesome

Image Source: Reddit

Whoever invented these is a brilliant mind. Sometimes people feel kind of low and the cheering colors of a Skittles bag would be accepted as an irritation. However, these blank Skittles are the perfect treat to suit your mood and still bring pleasure to your taste buds.

2. An organic bracelet

Image Source: Reddit

This is simply beautiful! The way that these bracelets were designed allows you to not only be able to preserve the environment by not simply throwing away another piece of rubber, but also to cherish the memory of that concert by enjoying the flowers in your garden.

3. A simple solution

Image Source: Reddit

The ramps for disabled people are always placed on one side of the stairs in front of any building; it implies a kind of separation that is inappropriate. This simple solution not only manages to blend the ramp within the stairs, but it is also a much more aesthetic solution as well.

4. Toilets and technology combined

Image Source: Reddit

The Japanese are masters of the weird tech stuff, but this one is a rather clever idea. This toilet control unit allows you to control the music played in the cabin, as well as the volume. The neat device makes it easy for you to cover up any embarrassing noises that you would probably make while inside, and therefore we want it everywhere!

5. Moisture is no match for CCTV

Image Source: Reddit

Some people create brilliant things by combining simple things, and this is a nice example of that. The camera inside a carwash would always be foggy and wet, but not this one; someone fitted the device with a small windscreen wiper, and the end result is probably what they expected.

6. Cyclists appreciate things like that

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a simple, yet effective solution for pushing your bike up the stairs instead of carrying it. Similar clever designs could be seen all over Europe, because cycling is a popular mode of transportation there. We believe that more people should choose the bicycle over cars, because it has a ton of positive benefits.

7. Real apples are not perfect

Image Source: Reddit

Many people are perfectly aware that real and traditionally grown fruits and vegetables should not look perfect on the outside, and this bag of apples uses exactly that as a marketing weapon. The clever design of the package is the correct approach to selling this kind of product.


8. Dogs often have the best lives

Image Source: Reddit

This cute contraption shows the love these people have for their canine friend. As we all know, dogs love to play all the time, and a doggy door like that allows for playtime to never end!

9. Haggis-flavored chips is not for everyone

Image Source: Reddit

If you are not familiar with this, Haggis is a traditional Scottish delicacy, and it is basically a bunch of seep organs stuffed inside sheep’s belly. Sound tasty, right? Well, whether you like it or not, the Haggis-flavored potato chips are real, and they are a bold creation.

10. This is genius

Image Source: Reddit

Chile has developed a system in which they train Border Collies to wear special backpack that drip seeds, and by running around an area that has been devastated by a fire, they help to plant all kinds of crops much faster than humans could.

11. Drying pants faster looks like a piece of cake

Image Source: Reddit

Wow, this is some clever solution! A dude asked his sister to help him dry his jeans, and the smart girl did this. We have to admit that it is borderline genius, because it is so simple! We would use this life hack from now on, because we often have the same emergency.


12. That’s a rather strange machine

Image Source: Reddit

The real peculiar thing is that the machine was probably full at one point, while not looks like the remains of a really wild party. You have probably been to a fraternity celebration, so you know the kind of devastation that is usually left behind them. Well, this is the same thing.

13. Trains in Seoul are amazing, apparently

Image Source: Reddit

Imagine being able to grab a book from the library while commuting on your way to work. Yes, it is possible, but only if you live in Seoul. This amazing subway car should be an example for the rest of the world – this is how things are done!


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