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13 People Who Are Broke As A Joke

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Nobody likes it when they run out of cash! It is a frustrating feeling even if you know it is temporary! When you are out of money, you need to make different types of compromise in order to make ends meet, otherwise you would likely end up in debt, and nobody wants that, right? The images below show how people feel and cope with similar situations. The struggle is real and most of us who have been through such times know that it get better over time!

  1. We know how this feels
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When things end up in a bad way and you have an empty pocket, you literally start seeing things! This was the case with this person here. We need to admit that the book does look like a wallet full of money on the right image, so we can relate to the person who thought it was cash! What we like about the image is that it shows the passion related to reading a good book! When you like what you are reading, you cannot wait to finish it, and then your read it again and  again, because it brings you pleasure! As you can see, someone really enjoyed devouring those pages time and time again!

2. We wish this was a way to pay bills

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Well, unfortunately for us and the person who tried to paid a bill with an Uno card, things just don’t work that way! As much as we would like for this to be possible, it is not. The only type of card that is acceptable as payment method is still related to having money. There is no magical way of having a card that is a valid payment method which also doesn’t need a bank account full of money to back it up. This works only in some comedy movies. Unfortunately, our reality is harsh sometimes and if you are short of money, then you will not be able to afford a lot of things.

3. Not this is just sad


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We really felt bad after seeing this. We mean, how could you call this a piece of cake? It is obviously a hot dog bun with some icing and sprinkles on top. It is definitely not the kind of dessert people are used to, and even students from poor regions are not used to such low quality meals. Instead of pretending that they serve cake for dessert, they had to apply a different strategy. After all, if you know that your budget is not enough to afford cake for dessert, you need to think of an alternative! For example, they could have served a piece of fruit, which would have been the better option for sure!

4. This person is right and we could not agree more

Image Source: Me.Me

This screenshot says just about everything. We mean, life is hard for most of us, and we rarely have a good time, which does not sound good. When you add that everything is too expensive these days, it make things seem kind of unfair! This is what this person meant and we could not agree more! Even if you lead an ordinary life and you don’t have expensive hobbies, it would still cost a lot just to exist! We wish things were different but this is how life goes! All that is left for us is to hope that things will change and we will catch a break from the everyday struggle!

5. This looks close to hitting rock bottom

Image Source: Me.Me

We believe that these images reveal a financial state that is definitely not enviable! As you can see, this person was so broke that they had to think of a way to eat this serving of pasta without the use of spoon or a fork. The reason for this is that they had no cutlery at home! We mean, how broke you must be in order to not be able to afford owning a cutlery set? Maybe this person just moved in to a new place, who knows. The point is that eating pasta from a takeaway plastic box with a piece of hanger is definitely a bad situation and we hope this person got better in terms of financial state soon after this episode.

6. Here is one desperate attempt

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that no matter how desperate you are about something, you should still try and give your best. Unfortunately, sometimes there is nothing left to give! This was exactly the case with this person. They tried something that they knew it would never work, but when desperation takes over, there is nothing you can do, right? It is actually kind of funny to see someone try to to make a move like that!

7. This is not a bright idea for sure

Image Source: Instagram

If you wonder how ridiculous fashion trends are born, now you know of the many possible ways for that to happen! After all, if something is born out of necessity, it would probably be practical and even genius, but when vanity is the main motive, things always take a turn for the worse. As you can see, someone came up with the weird idea to imitate thigh high boots by cutting a pair of jeans into two separate pieces and trying to make them work. As you can clearly see, the end result is not even close to the real thing! We hope this person was eventually able to afford real boots!

8. This man obviously did not think this through

Image Source: Pinterest

There are times when you are so broke that you start thinking out of the box. While that can be a good think and help you overcome the rough period, it can also bury you even deeper. You see, overthinking can get you in trouble if you make wrong calculations or you are too convinced about something that was actually a bad idea all along. This is exactly what happened here. This man realized that there is an easy way to make money, but he got things wrong.

9. This meal is not going to make anyone full

Image Source: Twitter

Struggling to pay for food is not a nice feeling. It is frustrating and feels like a burden, because it actually is! However, people still need to eat, and this person was probably hungry enough to try and make things work. They decided to make the most of what they had at home, but it is definitely not the kind of meal you would imagine. This creamer is not even big enough for a spoon to fit inside, so it is probably a good idea to skip it, because it barely has any nutrients.

10. Now this is what we call a scam

Image Source: Instagram

People often say that having a roommate is a real gamble, and we agree with that! Some people are lucky to have supportive and cooperative roommates, but in most cases things are not sunshine and rainbows. This image proves it! As you can see, someone had the audacity to steal from their roommate’s food! But this is not an ordinary theft! It is a clever master plan to consume food without raising any kind of suspicion! It probably worked, but the question is why would someone bother doing such a thing? We mean, this small pizza strip is not enough to satisfy anyone’s hunger!

11. Someone is not aware of the facts

Image Source: Instagram

We love seeing DIY projects in which people make the most of what they could find. However, this is not the case here! Someone wanted make the most of the situation, thinking that they could not afford the real thing. In this case it was all about a game that was actually free, so all that effort was for nothing!

12. Here is just another episode of real life struggles

Image Source: Instagram

We need to say that we really laughed out loud when we saw this, because it is a noble thing to do but it is also kind of ridiculous! We guess that this person’s neighbor felt like they had a certain responsibility considering what happened before that. The person who looked after the kittens probably had a hard time providing food for them and the neighbor proved they are responsible and able to help.

13. Now this is a bit too extreme

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that when you are really broke, you might feel a bit too desperate in certain moments, and things might end up like this. Someone felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel! But this is not the right thing to do. No matter how bad you might consider things to be, there is always something to hope for!

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