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13 People Who Are Destined To Be Alone

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Wise people often say that everyone has their perfect match out there somewhere, but the tricky part in life is to find that person! Some folks are lucky enough to find their soul mate in school, while others get to live that moment in their 40s.

However, regardless of how optimistic some people may seem about finding true love, it seems that the happy feeling just keeps slipping away, and it looks like they may never find the right person.

1. Eye contact is not a marriage proposal and it never was

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Some people obviously need a reality check, because real life is rather far from the fairytales we all love reading. This why you must have common sense in order to work things out the way you want to. Believing that someone who made eye contact with you has actually fallen for you is not a rational thing to do.

2. We can’t decide which is worse here

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This dude apparently has no idea what he’s doing. First of all, you simply cannot add forty women in a group chat and expect to write to each of them separately by dropping only one line. That brings us to the second bad part of this story – the pick-up line is just terrible, and this guy needs to step up his game or he’ll wind up alone.

3. Well, a move like this will not win you a person worth keeping

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Wow, we cannot believe that someone would do such a thing only to win a girl! It is actually an insult for every girl that has dignity, because it is an attempt to literally buy attention. However, the chat reveals that he was not actually sincere when he said ‘anything at all’, and the girl really did the perfect thing.

4. This is the worst timing ever

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Imagine how desperate you must be in order to try and score by posting such a comment on the anniversary post of the girl you hit on! This is either some extraordinary tactic or the guy just wants to show how creative he is, but whatever the case is, he is not on the right track for sure.

5. Some people seem like a good option for a relationship, but the reality is different

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People often wonder how a certain person can still be single, despite good looks, financial background and education. Well, there is more than these things that someone must have in order to attract the right person, and some seemingly successful people have the ability to push everyone away for some reason.

6. It seems that some people have accepted the reality

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This woman probably had numerous attempts to find happiness in her life, and they all resulted in a disappointment or other kind of failure. As it seems, in certain cases it is better to accept the facts and simply be your own best friend and partner, and it looks like she did exactly that.

7. It sounds like the worst friend zone ever

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We are not sure what exactly is going on between these two. On one hand, she describes what she loves about him, and the description would suit the perfect boyfriend that every girl would want. On the other hand, she says she loves things just the way they are, and she wants them to be friends. Women act strange sometimes.

8. This looks both funny and sad

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We get that some guys get desperate to find a girl over time, but social media made that feel even worse. This dude probably decided that pretending to have a girl on social media would be the right move, but we consider this to be the saddest and most embarrassing thing to do.

9. The second guy is always the best friend who is secretly in love

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It is not just a thing that is typical for romantic movies; things like that happen in real life all the time. There is always someone who gives their best to be the best friend, but his heart secretly belongs to the girl that has a boyfriend.

10. This is some kind of tech sarcasm

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If you realize just how much alone and desperate you feel, the last thing you would need is a bunch of reminders from every possible direction. One of the unexpected ways that you could get reminded is when one of your chat applications shows that you have minus one messages.

11. Here is someone who actually got on the right track

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It seems that someone scored big time, because what you see here are the signs of a steady relationship. However, it is not all in the bag, and the guy who was able to go this far needs to be very careful not to mess things up.

12. Being sad is not the worst part of loneliness

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The worst part of being sad is actually the moments when you humiliate yourself without even realizing it. This dude is the perfect example! He probably thought that faking some affection from an imaginary girlfriend would work, but he failed to double check the photo he took.

13. Having a relationship does not mean that you need to take things for granted

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Some people make the mistake to do whatever they please while in a relationship. There is no bigger mistake than doing wild things while maintaining a relationship with a person that probably finds it hard to tolerate all of them.

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