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13 People Who Dared To Ask The Right Questions

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Some people say that all questions are reasonable, but we beg to differ. There have been a lot of stupid questions asked, and a lot of even more ridiculous statements made. However, we are not going to focus on those; we have gathered some examples of the opposite scenario when people seem to have nailed the perfect question given the circumstances.

1. That’s some way to die, isn’t it?

Image Source: Instagram

As awkward as the situation is, it really had one peculiar detail that everyone neglected. However, one Facebook user noticed that and asked the question straight. When you think about it, there should really have been someone who kept counting, because there is no other way that the investigators would know about it.

2. Some may consider this as an insult

Image Source: Sizzle

But we believe that this guy was not trying to insult anyone; he was just trying to be savage, and it worked more or less. And if you look closely, you’ll see that he’s got a point and there are similarities with what he suggests.

3. Acting spontaneous is not always a good thing

Image Source: Sizzle

Sometimes the best decisions are made within seconds, but in other cases they may end up in disaster or at least with some kind of regret. However, this person seems to have zero regrets, but there are still issues to be sorted out. We hope that this story ended up okay for Billy.

4. Somebody needs to go back to school, alright

Image Source: Instagram

The idea behind this photo or the caption is unclear, but someone noticed that there is quite mismatch between reality and what that guy was saying. However, it seems that he skipped a few classes, because he has no idea how shadows are created, and gets properly scolded after trying to be smart, which we can easily consider a fail.

5. Maybe the feline was just sleepy

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This cat owner may have a point, but it is still kind of rude to ask a question like that. Imagine if things were the other way around and the cat could ask why her human was rude? Even if this kitty looks like that all the time, there is absolutely no point call this face ugly, despite the weird expression.

6. This the most savage break-up ever in human history

Image Source: Instagram

That escalated quickly! The dude must have been in total shock, and we are sure that when he asked the only thing he could, he already knew the answer. It is not the best way to start a new year, but still there must have been a reason for this to happen.

7. Social media ruined this person’s plan

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Image Source: Reddit

When trying to pass a lie to everyone on social media platforms, you better make sure that nobody knows the truth. This person was probably thinking that everything will be okay after posting some completely false facts, but a classmate literally destroyed the whole story with a simple question.

8. Croissant lovers, you’re going to like this

Image Source: Instagram

What would you do and how would you react is you receive a message from someone containing the word ‘cwasong’? This is literally the funniest thing we heard all that, especially when we realized that the person meant ‘croissant’. Of course, you would probably like the person to repeat it again or explain its meaning to you, while laughing out loud.

9. This dude thought he had a point

Image Source: Instagram

Being shut down by Elon Musk in a sarcastic way is a priceless experience! The person who asked the question has a point if we’re talking about some DIY robot construction with a lot of exposed wires, but if someone decides to build a robot for war, you could bet it would be almost indestructible.

10. Someone got a bit rhetorical there

Image Source: Reddit

The question is technically correct, but the fact that someone took the time to ask a question like the one about the chicken or the egg means that this person has a lot of free time to fool around, and what’s more important – we have pizza cravings after seeing this picture.

11. This is a reasonable question

Image Source: Twitter

You would expect a woman to look tired and sweaty after giving birth, right? Well, not this woman. Thanks to the fact that someone captured these beautiful moments, we can all see her immaculate make-up, and most women would probably envy her.

12. Here is something that provokes some questions instead of asking them

Image Source: Reddit

Upcycling is a good thing, but this is not the best way to do it. Imagine putting that wet knife inside the dusty book, not to mention that the books would be ruined pretty soon. Who needs this anyway?

13. This is definitely wrong

Image Source: Reddit

The first obvious question here is ‘why’. Nobody opens their jar of peanut butter like that, and we cannot help but wonder what kind of person would do that.

Written by Nick Martin

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