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13 People Who Definitely Had A Lot Worse Day Than You

Image Source: Reddit / Jennifer_2002

No matter how good your mood is, the day can always turn out to be a bad one; it is just not up to you sometimes. It is not within your power to control what happens to you, and when you see that things start taking a turn for the worse, you better just let things happen and try to endure. There is nothing better to do than just laugh about the negative stuff and hope that tomorrow will be a good day.

1. The sculptor probably made the same facial expression as the sculpture

Image Source: Instagram

This sculpture probably took a lot of time and effort to be created, and obviously the person responsible for dropping it probably had a lot of regrets, regardless if it was the sculptor himself or someone else.

2. Seagulls are always hungry

Image Source: Twitter

These photos are the perfect reminder that when you buy food, you need to eat it, instead of taking photos for social media. Even if there are no seagulls in sight, you might still drop it on the ground.

3. The guy’s face says it all

Image Source: Reddit

You don’t need an explanation in order to understand how this dude feels about the situation he is in. We understand him, because making the right first impression is very important, and the situation must have been very dramatic for him.

4. Yikes! A snake in the car is like a real nightmare

Image Source: Twitter

This looks like a part of the scenario of a cheap horror movie, but apparently it happened for real! The poor woman was probably shocked when she saw the snake, and probably anyone would be terrified to see it crawling out of the dashboard.

5. Morning coffee with a twist

Image Source: Reddit

What’s worse than failing to find your hair tie in the morning when you need it the most? Well, finding it later on the bottom of your cup of coffee is definitely worse, and in this case the domestic cat was the culprit.

6. This is as ironic as it is dangerous

Image Source: Imgur

This incident was both funny and dangerous, not to mention highly ironic. How many people can say that they have been hit on the head by a ‘Pain Clinic’ sign? It sounds like a bad joke, and we are glad that nobody got seriously injured.

7. Why would someone eat spaghetti while driving?

Image Source: Imgur

People tend to do some pretty awkward things while they are behind the wheel, and most of them are not appropriate or safe to do, of course. However, we have never heard of someone eating spaghetti while driving, and we guess this person would never do it again.

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8. Ouch! This probably hurts more than physical pain

Image Source: Twitter

Breaking your smartphone is one of the worst things that could happen in our daily lives, because this small device holds almost every part of vital information we need. Our routines would be hard to complete without our phones, and if the broken phone happens to be an iPhone X, then it seems to be even worse.

9. This can won the battle

Image Source: Reddit

Opening a can is often a challenge, because they are meant to be opened easy, but we fail to do it in most cases, and that’s when the good old can opener comes in handy. However, if it breaks just when you need it, you’ll need to think outside of the box.

10. This is one of the most common mistakes people make

Image Source: Instagram

Most of us can relate to this guy’s situation. Whether if we’re talking about sitting on a wet surface or on a freshly painted bench in the park, the embarrassment anyone would experience would be equal.

11. Here is something that does not happen often

Image Source: Twitter

There must be a rather interesting story here, because we have never seen such an awkward incident before. What’s even stranger is that the guy and even the dog seem very calm and act almost like everything is normal.

12. Tough luck with transporting those paint cans

Image Source: Reddit

There seems to be quite a problem with the paint cans inside the trunk. It looks bad enough judging from the leak outside, and we cannot imagine what would happen if someone opened the trunk. At least the car is white, too.

13. Mornings are tricky because we are sleepy

Image Source: Reddit

This little kitchen accident is very funny and relatable, because the obvious mistake made by this person is something we could all do, and most of us have done it at least once. However, you need to admit that there is something very satisfying about the way the yogurt covers the glass; it resembles a piece of modern art.

Written by Nick Martin

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