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17 People Who Had A Way Worse Day Than You

Image Soure: Reddit

Bad days seem to happen way too often than expected, and they come without any warning; even you thought that you had a nice start of the day, it could all turn in a disaster within hours. However, you must know that if your day was horrible, you were not the only one who was struggling. No matter what happens, if it’s not fatal, you might as well just have a few laughs about it.

So, if you had a rough day, check out these 17 pictures and you would probably feel much better after seeing that you were not alone in your misery.

1. The picture turned out to be more interesting than expected

Image Source: Reddit

This guy thought that a photo of the ice fishing hole he made would be a good idea, but after dropping his phone, the concept of the image was changed a bit. Someone needs to be more careful.

2. The pride of succeeding at in-home cooking was replaced by sadness

Image Source: Imgur

This woman must have been really happy with the pizza she made in order to pose for a photo with it, but things took an unexpected turn. The image captures her reaction, and it seems that she was instantly disappointed. Wasting a whole pizza is a terrible thing.

3. Many of us could relate to this guy

Image Source: Reddit

It is really sad to see this dude sitting all alone, but we might as well cheer him up, because most of us have been or currently are in a similar situation and we all know that it’ not going to last forever.

4. You should always check the measurements before placing an order online

Image Source: Twitter

Many people are tempted by the low price of a product they saw online, but there often is a hidden catch; strangely enough, one of the ways the sellers are able to deceive the customers is to specify the measurement info of the product with tiny lettering thrown somewhere in the ad where you are likely to miss it. The end result is visible on the picture here.

5. Here is how two people can have a bad day after only one of them actually does something

Image Source: Instagram

We hope that the make-up products were not able to cause serious problems for this kid’s health, but we have to admit that the situation is pretty funny, despite the fact that the aunt needs to buy a new palette.

6. The definition of a bad hair day

Image Source: Reddit

This man’s face says it all; getting prepared for something important should not be left for the last possible minute and this is a lesson he probably learned after this situation.

7. This is a real bummer

Image Source: Reddit

Obviously Diego got quite the surprise after he realized that he made a huge mistake. He probably stopped responding because he passed out or started crying, which is completely understandable in such a situation.

8. The odds of this happening to anyone are probably very small

Image Source: Imgur

However, this woman was ‘lucky’ enough to pin her heel in this drainage cover. But it could have been worse if the cover was missing; that would have been a far more serious situation.

9. We are not sure about the story behind this

Image Source: Twitter

This girl is obviously a little embarrassed by the fact that she has McDonald’s bags wrapped around her feet, but if her shoes really made her feel pain, she couldn’t just walk barefoot, could she?

10. This is a serious situation

Image Source: Reddit

This person was lucky because the water is filling up the tub; imagine if it was the sink instead – it would be a real nightmare, we guess.

11. Just look at this woman’s face and you’ll feel sorry for her

Image Source: Instagram

Maybe this is one of the most severe cases of mismatch between reality and expectations.

12. What are the chances of this happening again?

Image Source: Reddit

After all, have you ever heard about someone being smacked on the head by a falling porcupine? However, it was hardly a pleasant experience, but we are glad this person is okay in the end.

13. Wow, that’s a lot of make-up

Image Source: Twitter

This girl had so much make-up on that it looks like someone peeled off her face. She probably spent hours fixing it later, but she had no luck when holding that smartphone. Maybe she decided to redo her makeup.

14. This key is too far down

Image Source: Imgur

It seems that many people think that unfortunate events can never come their way. Maybe this person thought so, too, but the image proves that we are not insured against things like this. We hope they found a way to get that key out.

15. The mug that did not last long

Image Source: Imgur

Sometimes we are not destined to enjoy the things we like. This person knows how that feels because her beautiful new mug was destroyed shortly after she used it for the first time. It is not a pleasant sight but it happens.

16. The construction that was not designed appropriately

Image Source: Imgur

People often hurry to complete a given task and that often ends up in a disaster. The image you see shows such a situation. This person was probably proud of their work until they saw this.

17. The garage door that needs replacing

Image Source: Imgur

Here is another example of how a few seconds of not paying attention can result in tens of hours of work, not to mention the additional costs. The owner of the car would definitely pay attention when parking from now on.

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