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13 People Who Obviously Took It Tooooo Far

Image Source: Instagram / Impractical1

People tend to act or react quickly sometimes, depending on the situation. Emotional responses to something said or done is a controversial thing, because it all comes down to the person’s character and sanity. As you can imagine, things can escalate very fast, and the outcome of such a situation is often unpredictable.

Sometimes people tend to make some extra effort to make the most of the situation or just create one without reason, and when someone gets carried away you can bet that some interesting times are coming. The following list shows examples of such people and situations, and they remind us to be more careful sometimes and even calm down instead of making an effort to make things worse.

1. You simply cannot show class while dining in McDonald’s

Image Source: Imgur

While this is obviously true, some people would still make an effort to do so, and the end result would definitely not be as expected. You just can’t put ‘fancy’ in the same sentence with McDonald’s, because it was a combination that was never meant to be.

2. Social media generates fakes all the time

Image Source: Twitter

Instagram is the best place to see fake people pretending to lead a life they haven’t even dreamed of. These two photos show the difference between real life and Instagram, and there is nothing in common, although more and more try to convince others of their lavish lifestyles.

3. This is an awkward way of attracting someone

Image Source: Instagram

While we believe that nobody would try this type of approach towards someone they like, we must remind everyone that peanut butter actually has health benefits for the skin; this stuff is able to clean pores and to moisturize your skin.

4. People are often overprotective of their pets

Image Source: Twitter

Some folks cross the line of sanity when it comes to taking care of their pets, and we think that in most cases it is sweet to see someone love an animal so much! However, we must admit that when this becomes an obsession, it becomes too much of a burden for the other people in the house and even for the pet.

5. Does this count as relationship goals?

Image Source: Instagram

If you ask some girls, they would admit that holding hands with their boyfriends is something they rarely do, because men tend to think that it is a weakness to show their affection in such ways. When you see this couple holding each other with their feet, you would think that they are more than in love.

6. Maybe someone would find this to be romantic

Image Source: Instagram

Well, we think that it is kind of creepy, actually, because nobody would do such a thing. If this guy wanted a private conversation, all he needed to do was to start another chat instead of making this huge effort. We hope the girl thought it was a nice thing instead of considering him to be weird.

7. This parrot is obviously more than a pet

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Image Source: Imgur

When you consider your parrot to be your best friend, you need to take good care of the bird, because you take care of your buddies, don’t you? It looks like someone took things a bit too far here, and the bird’s appearance is both bizarre and adorable; we cannot decide whether we love it or it’s just too much

8. Dad needs to calm down a bit

Image Source: Tiwtter

We like to see how a parent is always to protect the kids from anything, but sometimes it is merely an overreaction, and in this case it is a rather hilarious on. This dad needs to learn the meaning behind ‘lady issues’ and stop taking things literally.

9. Someone is very pissed off, obviously

Image Source: Imgur

We think that people are too stressed with their daily routines and many folks are close to burning down. The modern world requires fast pace if you want to be up to date with everything, and that causes stress. Stress, on the other hand, causes situations like this one.

10. Grandma needs to chill

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that anxiety has taken the best of the elderly people as well. We know that they get cranky over insignificant stuff, and they often overreact about everything. This is the perfect example for that – as you can see, this kid’s grandma was ready to start a fight at 7:00 a.m. about literally nothing.

11. Trying to clean your car like a pro can end up in disaster

Image Source: Twitter

We have absolutely no idea how is this possible, but it seems that interior detailing and care can be rather unsafe. The damage looks horrible, but it is actually something that can be fixed, and hopefully nobody got injured.

12. Tan lines done wrong

Image Source: Twitter

Everyone hates when this happens, but this is one of the most severe and funny cases of tan lines we have ever seen. It looks like this guy did it on purpose and put in a lot of effort which is not so, of course,, and we would burst into laughter if we saw him wearing those flip-flops.

13. Yes, we, know, it’s annoying

Image Source: Instagram

The remarkable thing about this is that the girl wanted to be more annoying than the other vegans constantly reminding you about their preferred choice of food. Getting a big tattoo like that guarantees that you’ll be annoying all the time.

Written by Nick Martin

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