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13 People Who Really Need To Learn Photoshop

Image Source: Reddit / SomeoneStopMePlease
Image Source: Reddit

In the world of social media, people have no other choice but to follow the trends and use special software to alter the images they upload. While there are various filter and applications for that purpose, sometimes a more professional touch is required, and if we are talking about a full image retouch, there is nothing better than Adobe’s Photoshop.
However, some folks try really hard to highlight the best of their image and to create the perfect appearance, but the results can be a total disaster. We selected a few of the worst attempts at altering an image with Photoshop and you can learn from the ridiculous mistakes these people made.

1. Working on your summer body has never been easier

Image Source: Reddit

Most ladies on Instagram think we are fools, because they claim such images as this one to be real, while they are obviously not. If you want to trick your audience, you need to make a much better effort, because this is just funny and maybe even pathetic.

2. This is an actual advertisement

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one company tries to sell doorway screens. Even if the products are high quality items, the initial impression is kind of controversial when you see this ad and the enormous baby in it! The graphic designer who did this must have been in a hurry to complete it.

3. Enough is too much

Image Source: Twitter

We get that beautiful women in erotic underwear are a powerful weapon to make sales, but sometimes marketers try too hard to highlight the model’s curves. This is the perfect example – just take a look at that waist – it looks so unnatural!

4. It is better to not advertise at all than to do it this way

Image Source: Reddit

Cutting your advertising budget is not the best idea if you want to make lots of sales, and whoever is selling these items really needs to have a second thought about that. It wouldn’t have been that expensive to pay a few real people to put those glasses on for an actual photo.

5. How about nope?

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen failed advertising attempts many times, but this one looks like a total joke! Who designed and edited this ad, anyway? It seems that the person responsible skipped all anatomy classes in school, because this girl is totally out of proportion.

6. No effort was put into making this one

Image Source: Reddit

Someone simply decided to use Paint for a couple of minutes, and voila! But you can see how tragic the end result is. Why did they just leave it like that, instead of just doing it the right way? In today’s world of technology this is unacceptable.

test ad

7. Does this look natural to you?

Image Source: Reddit

This has to be one of the worst advertisements on the list, and it is absolutely ridiculous! Someone clearly thought that the levitating and slightly warped people hovering over the tub look natural, but they don’t, of course.

8. Forget the gym, all you need is a few minutes on the PC and you’ll look your best

Image Source: Reddit

Or maybe not, as this photo suggests! Looking at these two made us laugh out loud, because the way they tried to alter their physical appearance is an absolute fail! They even uploaded the photo in social media to brag, and probably everyone who saw it chuckled a lot.

9. Using stock photos is a common practice

Image Source: Reddit

However, if you are about to do it, you need to make sure you know what you’re actually doing, or you might end up with a result like this! The designer clearly had no idea how the final image should look, so he just kept adding stuff.

10. Try next time, dude

Image Source; Reddit

We have always failed to understand why would someone try to achieve a muscular on thinner appearance using some computer program, instead of hitting the gym and doing it for real? Sure, it would take a lot more time, but it would be real instead of fake.

11. Why did they even bother doing that?

Image Source: Reddit

How hard it is to snap a photo of donuts and coffee in an office space? People really make their lives complicated sometimes, while there are always much easier solutions. We are sure that putting a real box in the actual office of Dunkin Donuts and taking a photo would have been ten times better than this.

12. This is an example of how deceiving things could be

Image Source: Imgur

Well, now you see the perfect before and after photos, which give you an idea about most things you see on social media. As you can see, both Kris Jenner and Gordon Ramsey look absolutely perfect in the altered image compared to the original, not to mention the reposition of the book.

13. This is the icing on the cake for the whole list

Image Source: Reddit

How would you feel if the professional photographer that you paid big bucks to create the perfect family portrait gave you this as a final result? It is actually funny and sad in the same time, because these people should not be around taking their unsuspecting customers’ money.

Written by Nick Martin

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