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13 People Who Tried, But Need To Try Harder

Image Source: Reddit / Louis83

Making an effort for something is a matter of character and attitude; if you are a fighter and strive to achieve the best possible results, you would probably excel in everything, but if you are lazy and irresponsible, you would do a sloppy job in most cases.

The following images show people or animals caught in situations where they failed to put it the minimum amount of effort to get it right, and most of these examples can be classified as ‘failures’. Some of us would probably relate to one or more of these examples, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of, because we have all been in similar situations.

1. These guys got the wrong idea

Image Source: Reddit

If you have specific intentions, you better make sure that you take the right actions, because things may backfire faster than you expect. These guys are the perfect example, because they actually made themselves noticeable when they actually wanted to remain incognito.

2. Here is one misfortunate dog

Image Source: Reddit

This poor canine was probably happy to have the perfect hideout for all those bones, but it turned out that it was not the best place to store them. You can tell by the look on the dog’s face that the mistake was realized and regret and shame have already settled in.

3. This is a rather controversial image

Image Source: Reddit

We have no rational explanation for this image, and it is both funny and strange. Why would a Pepsi employee buy cans of Coca-Cola? Maybe he prefers it over Pepsi, but works there just for the money, who knows? At least his identity remains a mystery, which is good for him.

4. This is how you fail at taking care of your toddler

Image Source: Reddit

Men often tend to show creativity when they are left alone to look after the kids, but this guy obviously decided to outsmart everyone by combining his nap with the cares for his child. However, it’s clear that the kid can slip away any moment, which can end up rather bad.

5. The life goal board says a lot

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that writing down the important things to do in your lifetime is harder than most people think, unless you have a really clear vision of what would you want to become or leave as a legacy to other. However, the person who wrote the last one is really keeping it simple.

6. This must be some kind of an artist’s block

Image Source: Reddit

You have probably heard how artist, writers and all kinds of performers have bad periods when they are literally struggling to come up with something new. Judging from this picture, even the graffiti artists suffer from this, and it’s rather amusing to see the result.

7. Robbing a shop is no easy task



This robber-wannabe clearly miscalculated his chances for success, or maybe he did not make a calculation at all, because his attempt to jump over the counter was immediately stopped by the clerk. It is unclear who had more luck in this situations, but it ended in a matter of seconds.

8. This guy needs to step up his game

Image Source: Reddit

Here is why people need to carefully plan the strategy for their business, regardless of the scale. One of the first things that people learn about your business is the company name, and if you came up with a tacky one like the example here, you would struggle to find customers, and for good reason.

9. We could not believe this one

Image Source: Reddit

The classic ‘you had one job’ line fits this image perfectly, because the ridiculous way someone wrapped that bus with the vinyl print is unbelievable! We are stunned by the ignorance and total lack of effort of whoever did this sloppy job.

10. The dumbest pick-up move in history

Image Source: Reddit

When you try to hit on several girls, you need to show personal attention to each one. This dude decided to scale things up and added almost forty girls in a group chat, hoping that they will receive individually whatever he writes, but it quickly turned into a disaster. He should have seen it coming.

11. Producing fake money is harder than it seems

Image Source: Reddit

As we can all see, this attempt to create counterfeit money ended up in complete disaster. Maybe the people who decided to make them were amateurs and had no experience in what they were doing, but the end result is a disaster.

12. Maybe not the best playground for toddlers

Image Source: Reddit

Kids should not be allowed to play inside vehicles without direct supervision, because things can go wrong very fast. To avoid an incident, it is better to keep the car locked, because playing it safe never hurt nobody.

13. This has ‘bad idea’ written all over it

Image Source: Instagram

Why would anyone do this? Trying to tape thousands of dollars on your feet needs a good reason, but it would probably not be good enough when someone catches you. However, there is another problem here – what would happen with all these hairs when the tape gets pulled off? Ouch.


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