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13 Pets That Are So Emotional, Their Human Can Read Them Like An Open Book

Image Source: Reddit

Pets have emotions, despite what some people say. They are like humans in more ways than you could think of. For example, they can show how overly attached they are to their humans, to their siblings, and even to some weird and funny items. In fact, emotions and feelings is one of the ways pet owners know their furry friends’ behavior down to the smallest details. Anyone who has a pet will tell you that one look at them is often more than enough to express how they feel or what they want. The list below is dedicated to this and shows great examples of how emotional pets can be.

1. The screaming

Image Source: Reddit

Meet Benny, a gorgeous house cat that is really curious about everything that happens inside and outside of his home. There are more than a few things that could capture his attention but a scream from an unknown direction made Benny worried.

2. The diet

Image Source: Reddit

This cat was told that it was time for a diet after eating uncontrollably for months. As you can see, the cat obviously knew that it had a problem with obesity but still took this news rather hard. We guess nobody likes diets.

3. The cats

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a classic example of how clingy animals refuse to let their humans go out for a whole day. This healthcare worker had to step out of the house early in the morning but the house cats had enough of that and obviously wanted to talk.

4. The happy dog

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one dog can have a huge smile after just one meeting. It appears that dogs love their friends from the second they meet them for the first time. We guess that this anxious pup couldn’t wait to meet his new dog friend again.

5. The sink

Image Source: Reddit

This is one sink that receives way too much attention. The reason is simple: the cat pictured above is a fan of sinks and running water. For some reason, the feline cannot help it but stare at tap water falling down for hours. It seems that the sink is a makeshift bed for the cat, too.

6. Meet Maggie

Image Source: Reddit

This is Maggie, one of the cutest dogs on the planet. Maggie is a dog that knows how to act when she wants something done. Needless to say, her cravings or the desire to go for a walk are among the most frequent requests she has. This is how she asks for certain things.

7. The office cat

Image Source: Reddit

Animals love attention but this cat is an exception. It appears that people at the office where this feline resides are all fans of the animal’s funny ways, as the cat is not only clingy but it desires all the attention possible at every given moment.

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8. Nugget

Image Source: Reddit

Nugget is a gorgeous cat and we believe that he loves car rides, as he hopped on the seat right away. But there is a reason why he looks all grumpy: he was just told that this was not going to be an ordinary car ride but a trip to the vet. Nugget disapproves of that!

9. The new puppy

Image Source: Reddit

Cats can be just as protective as dogs when it comes to greeting new pets in the family. This image shows how this person hugs the new puppy but the cat wanted to make sure that it stayed the alpha animal inside that house.

10. The scared doggo

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that most dogs would react similarly to this canine when there are thunder and rain outside. This is how this dog sits in front of the bathroom door in case of thunder. This prevents the owner from closing it and allows the dog to hide inside.

11. The face

Image Source: Reddit

We are sure that most people would say “aww” the moment they see this picture. There is a reason for that facial expression. Mia the cat loves belly scratches really much and this is the face she gives her owner the second they stop doing it.

12. Meet Chase

Image Source: Reddit

There are moments in every cat owner’s life when they can be close to them but most people are busy with their jobs so they are out of the house most of the time. This is Chase who has just been told that the weekend was over and he will be alone in the house.

13. The cat in love

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one cat that obviously loves the human. It seems that the human is also relaxed! The reason for this love affair is simple. This man spent three weeks alone with the cat because his wife was busy with work, and the cat fell in love with him during that period.

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