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13 Photos Proving That It Is Totally Fine To Be Different

Image Source: Reddit / v1ncent97

In most situations every individual must try to stand out from the crowd, rather than blend in, because where is the fun in that. Of course, this is not applicable all the time, but even you think that you were able to raise your head above the others, it may actually turn out that you needed a lot more in order to be different.

We have selected some examples of situations proving that different is better, and sometimes things may seem weird or inappropriate, but it is fine as long as you are able to really stand out from the rest.

1. This is our kind of bar

Image Source: Reddit

We need to know where this bar is located, and also if the dog is a regular there! Everyone is so used to the typical bar atmosphere that can be really boring sometimes, but a canine could certainly change that! Imagine having a good cocktail while petting this good boy – what could be better?

2. This is awkward, but we dig it

Image Source: Reddit

When you look at this sheep created in Bart Simpson style, a lot of things would probably run through your head, but no rational explanation is needed here. After all, art needs no explanation at all, because it is not meant to be explained. If the sheep was real, it would probably eat someone’s shorts.

3. This is one brave person

Image Source: Reddit

Well, there is actually something rather cute about this photo, but we still think that this was a foolish thing to do, and we hope that the whole stunt ended well. On the other hand, nobody else could brag about mouth-feeding such a huge animal.

4. This is a culinary crime for sure

Image Source: Reddit

Most of us have very different tastes when it comes to food, but this is ridiculous. Food needs to be respected, and mixing these particular ingredients is very disrespectful, if you ask us. However, if someone actually likes this combo, than let it be, just get it out of our faces.

5. Here is a stunt you have never seen before

Image Source: Reddit

Roller coasters are fun to watch, because you can never expect the exact reaction of each passenger. However, it seems that some people take the ride only to prove how brave they are or just to stand out in a different way, and playing Jenga while riding will definitely make you stand you, although the idea is ridiculous.

6. Disaster will strike here any moment

Image Source: Reddit

Risk-takers will love this, but this is not just a risk, because it is a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if. The person who did this probably had some common sense and removed the cup after taking the photo, because the worst case scenario includes an expensive detailing and cleaning of the interior.

7. Playgrounds were taken literally to new heights, apparently

Image Source: Reddit

If you kid likes to take playtime to the extreme, then this playground would be perfect! Just kidding, nobody would like to slide down there, because the result would be lethal. The question is why anyone would bother to out that playground on the rooftop. It was probably supposed to be some kind of a practical joke.

8. Some families have their own style

Image Source: Tumblr

We love how people use different clothing style and accessories to stand out from the crowd, but this family’s style game took an unexpected turn. Maybe the woman lost a bet, or this is some kind of a family tradition, but at least they don’t have to worry about not being seen by everyone.

9. This is also a way to be different

Image Source: Reddit

Charmander is a very nice character, and an aisle full of stuffed toys representing him would be a very nice place to chill, but one of the toys definitely stands out. You can see that one of the plush Charmanders looks a lot different and some special kid would probably want him instead of the rest.

10. There is a winner in this art class

Image Source: Reddit

Going against the rules was always our favorite kind of attitude, and the dude in the middle of the top row is clearly our favorite. Everyone else obviously followed the instructions and created beautiful paintings, but our guy stayed true to himself and drew what he wanted in the first place, and we admire that!

11. Ridiculous outfits just got this new addition

Image Source: Reddit

Nobody could probably give a straight answer why this thing should even exist in the first place, but it is still a fact, as the photo suggests. This CD-dress is so bizarre that it is almost likable, but not many women would probably wear it in public, and we can understand why.

12. We would say yes, too

Image Source: Reddit

Love comes in all kinds of forms, shapes and sizes, and probably the purest kind of love is the one we have for food! We are always ready to say ‘yes’ to a delicious snack, and this ring is the kind of thing we would like to munch on and live happily ever after.

13. Maybe you don’t want to see this movie

Image Source: Reddit

You can never be sure if this is some kind of a mistake, or an entirely new movie. However, the thing that comes to mind after seeing this is the comment that Ryan Reynolds would make if he saw it, too – we bet that it would be hilarious.


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