13 Photos Showing That Romance Is Either Immortal Or Totally Gone

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Times change rapidly, and everything we used to know about a lot of things is no longer valid. As unfortunate as it is, things like showing your romantic side to your better half every day of your life together seems to be left in the past. Newer generations live faster, they are more aggressive towards life and everything they could get from it, and they seem to have forgotten about what really matters.

The old-school ways of showing love and affection are hard to find nowadays, and this is kind of sad. However, not all hope is lost, because some people may have completely forgotten what it’s like to be romantic, but others still have it inside, and you could see examples of both when you scroll down.

1. Doug seems to be a real matchmaker

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Well, it’s not the most romantic invitation for a date, and it’s not the most beautifully written, either. However, it seems that Doug is the romantic person here and he just might have created a couple. We hope there was a happy end to this story.

2. Now she will miss him a lot less for sure

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This guy probably travels a lot, and his lady surely complained about his frequent absence. When things require taking certain measures, maybe this was not the ideal solutions. The idea that a blanket with the husband’s face on will serve as a replacement is not a good one, but it’s kind of romantic.

3. That’s the kind of love messages we don’t want to see

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Here is an awkward way for someone to show their feelings. There surely must have been a better place to put that message on, but the person who did it probably did not think this through. We only hope that it was worth the effort.

4. Romance is a matter of perspective

Image Source: Reddit

A person named Rico Suave was able to create this romantic setup out of a big toilet paper pack. It features a table with built-in vase and cup holder, and the microwave lasagna seems to be the perfect dish for that setup.

5. The account name says it all

Image Source: Twitter

This dude must be really desperate, because he pulled the cheesiest post ever. The idea behind it is kind of strange, but nobody needs to actually see what it means to be on someone’s mind. Pointing your forehead definitely does not mean that.

6. Here’s the modern day romance we seek

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That’s what we’re talking about! No Wi-Fi and no smartphones, just the plain old real communication between human beings. This is a genuine and sweet sign of attention and the girl must have been pleased with it.

7. Being romantic does not necessarily involve the traditional stuff

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You literally have a million ways to show how much you love someone, and good sense of humor is the key to many of them. The poem and the gift pictured here are a perfect example for that, and the message is more than clear – if this couple’s love is half as strong as the Nokia, than nothing could stand in their way.

8. Yep, romance is alive and well

Image Source: Twitter

This kid restored our faith in romance by bringing the good old romantic gentleman back in the game. He ran for five and a half miles just to be able to serve the perfect promposal to a very special girl. We hope that Claire saw this boy’s big heart and stayed by his side even after the prom.

9. Love comes in many different forms

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True love exists, and when someone means the world to you, then you just might be able to change his own world or even save his life. The happy news that a young woman is eligible for donation of her kidney to her girlfriend is something beautiful to witness.

10. Brutal honesty and sarcasm is another way to show love

Image Source: Reddit

It may not seem romantic, but it is. These brilliant cards are exactly how two people with big hearts and fun personalities would demonstrate their love for one another, and we like it a lot.

11. This dude knows exactly what he wants

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Of course, this is all made up to show that he is a funny guy, but it would still get the right girl’s attention. Creativity and fine sense of humor is a guarantee for happy times for any couple.

12. A bit of emotional overreaction

Image Source: Imgur

This is a bit too harsh, don’t you think? There are surely other ways to prove to someone that they are missed a lot. We guess that this is just an exaggeration and nobody would actually do it.

13. This sweet couple still rides together

Image Source: Imgur

Age is just a number when it comes to true love. If there is still that spark everyone is seeking to find and feel, the years that pass one after another would only bring two people closer and closer, and these elderly people are the proof.

Written by Nick Martin

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