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13 Photos That Make Absolutely No Sense At All

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Not a day goes by without offering us something unexplainable. We stumble on peculiar things all the time, and even though our curiosity makes us wonder what is behind the strange event or object we couldn’t explain, it seems that some things are not meant to be explained, and that’s perfectly fine.

To fuel your curiosity cravings, we have selected these images that will surely entertain you and also exercise your brain as well.

1. Wait, what?

Image Source: Reddit

This is either a joke or a marketing stunt aiming at those who have no clue about what water actually consists of. As most of us are probably aware, water consists of two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule, so technically it was always ‘infused’ with hydrogen.

2. Here is a product that probably nobody needs

Image Source: The Chive

We find the idea of rubbing your body against a pillow with Nicolas Cage’s face on it to be a bit disturbing. The fact that you can actually rub the pillow to turn it into a shiny red one is even stranger. If you would buy this item, then we wouldn’t come to visit your house for sure.

3. Weirdest ad ever

Image Source: Reddit

Of course, someone probably put this up just to have a few laughs and to brighten people’s day, but there is still a slight chance that what the person wrote is true. Spiders could really take over a home if measures are not taken immediately.

4. This is how you reinvent working space

Image Soure: The Chive

The co-working spaces became a thing in the last few years and open-minded people use this type of cooperation. However, you need to be creative if you have a tough time table ahead of you. These guys found a solution, but it’s probably not the most convenient one.

5. You don’t see that every day, do you?

Image Source: Reddit

It is safe to say that if someone leaves something under your windscreen wipes, it can’t be good, even if it was a flower. In this case the owner of the vehicle must have been shocked to find this pregnancy test, which we believe is positive. These things happen and we hope the people involved managed to work it out.

6. Maybe we should apologize for showing you this

Image Source: Reddit

Take closer look and you will see it. Yes, this man actually walks his dog by using strings of his own hair as a leash. It is safe to say that this is something you are not going to see again, and that’s a good thing, because seeing this gives us the chills. It is very, very creepy.

7. Thank God they mentioned this

Image Source: Reddit

We are really grateful for this kind of instructions, because we always have fun reading them. This one must be one of the most ridiculous directions for use ever! How did they think we were going to slice it and eat it – with the box cover still closed? This really makes zero sense.


8. If you look at this carefully, you’ll see the grand prize in the middle

Image Source: Reddit

These machines are kind of fun for both kids and grown-ups, but it all depends on the prizes inside. At first glance this example looks like every 5-year-old’s dream, but the half-eaten burger in the middle really stands out. This is one machine that we’ll definitely skip.

9. Maybe this is still a work in progress

Image Source: Reddit

People’s engineering skills are sometimes very questionable, and the photo above shows one very obvious example. Whoever created this gate and the fence is certainly not qualified for the job, unless it was still in progress, but it does not look that way.

10. No, it’s probably not a fish invasion

Image Source: Instagram

More likely the fish counter at this store suffered a major malfunction, and someone took a photo of the result. It is a total mess, and we could imagine the smell.

11. This is just wrong

Image Source: Pinterest

There are certain things that are just wrong despite the fact that they could work anyway. This is just one tiny example for that. Whoever thought that cutting your delicious sandwich with scissors was a good idea is very wrong. Please don’t do it.

12. Rebuilding your bathroom anytime soon?

Image Source: Reddit

Here’s a fascinating option for your toilet. Why not put a transparent plastic lid filled with plush bears? It seems rather nice, but we would never buy this thing, because it is too awkward. Imagine inviting your friends to a party and one of them goes to the bathroom – there will be a lot of confusion afterwards.

13. Price check on aisle 3

“What a savings!”

We all know how stores tend to deceive customers with low prices. The trick is usually very simple – they offer a much smaller discount than the sign says. However, this here takes tricking your customers to new heights – this is on the borderline of fraud.


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