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13 Photos That Will Raise A Lot Of Questions

Image Source: Reddit / dasfunny

Internet is literally overflowing with strange things; the possibility for you to stumble on a photo that will make you curious or that will seem too strange to be easily explained. Of course, that is actually the beauty behind everything, because you need to admit that otherwise the world would be a rather dull place. We are glad that there are enough weird or curious things to see, because they keep us amused and we are able to forget the everyday hustle and bustle.

Enjoy these photos that will probably look a tad too weird for most people, and that’s what makes them interesting.

1. This guy has figured out how to get around safely

Image Source: Reddit

We have always wondered what would be the best outfit to keep you safe when you go around the busy city a lot. It must be something easily noticeable and maybe bright in color, and we thing that the guy from the picture was able to nail it! His style clearly makes him recognizable by drivers, because he looks like a traffic cone.

2. Apparently some people eat penguin eggs

Image Soiurce: Reddit

There are a lot of different types of delicacies around the world, and a big part of them are just too weird, but it seems that people would eat just about anything. The thought of eating penguin eggs is an awkward one, but we guess they are bird eggs just like any other, not to mention that they look interesting.

3. Here is a photo that must have a story behind it

Image Source: Tumblr

It is clear that there couldn’t possibly be a sane reason for someone to do the thing you see pictured here. Maybe the guy lost a bet, or took a challenge, but it is still not enough to justify riding a skateboard while there are two plates of spaghetti on it. We guess that the guy has some skills in order to pull this off.

4. Someone really tried hard to set up a fake tiger

Image Source: Reddit

If you are looking at this monstrosity from a distance, you may actually be fooled for a brief moment, but since it wouldn’t move, you’ll get what is going on soon enough. The question why would someone leave a mangled and disproportional stuffed tiger in the yard remains unanswered. It may be an attempt to keep away burglars.

5. We need to learn from animals

Image Source: Sizzle

People need to be more open-minded and car shares just have to become the main form of transportation in the big cities. The animal world gladly provided this example to support this theory. This raccoon seems perfectly relaxed while cruising with his alligator buddy in Florida’s Ocala National Forest, and we think it is rather amusing.

6. Food puns can easily trick you when you hear them

Image Source: Twitter

If your mother comes rushing in the other room and says that she peed on the kitchen floor, you would probably think that she was joking or she completely lost her mind. Chances are that you would never guess what the reality is until you see the kitchen and realize that she actually dropped a jar of pees. It is a hilarious way to troll your family and we love it.

7. The term ‘mooning’ just got reinvented

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Image Source: Reddit

Lumbersexuality is still a thing, and a lot of men grow impressive beards. However, it seems that some individuals seek a very different style, and this guy really made himself stand out with this half-moon-styled combination between hair and beard. We honestly have a hard time deciding whether we like this or not.

8. This kid will probably have his revenge in a few years

Image Source: Imgur

What you look at this photo, you can definitely see many layers of wrong things about it. First of all, how could anyone actually think that putting a horse head on your toddler is a good idea? It is definitely not funny, but even if it was, there is still another thing wrong with it – the costume of the kid has a cow pattern, and the horse head is just not appropriate, no matter how you look at it.

9. It is not real, but we love it

Image Source: Reddit

Now this is a kind of brush that we can work all day with! Labor-intensive chores would seem much more tempting if there is some pasta or spaghetti involved, but then the work that needs to be done may actually be postponed for a while.

10. This is the best fine china set we have ever seen

Image Source: Pinterest

Of course, it looks creepy, but it still is an amazing set to have and to freak out your guests, of course. The inspiration for this probably came from The Addams Family series, and the idea behind it is genuine and brilliant! Imagine serving a cup of tea to you unsuspecting elderly aunt; you can bet that she will have quite the reaction after grabbing the cup!

11. Is the logo supposed to be on the inside?

Image Source: Instagram

First of all, seeing a pair of Gucci lingerie is always a nice thing, despite the fact that it is just a small and overpriced piece of cloth that wears a certain logo. What we don’t get is the person’s caption. Was this person expecting that huge logo to be on the inside of the lingerie? We believe that it would be quite an inconvenience.

12. Do you know anyone that could use those?

Image Source: Instagram

This box of condoms is probably the best gift to give to your bro on his birthday in front of all his friends. We think that everyone will have a blast, except for your friend, that is. Maybe this strange product was designed as a prank gift in the first place, because there could hardly be someone to actually use them for real.

13. Now you’ve seen everything

Image Source: Instagram

The desire to be different than the others leads to products like this! We are not sure what exactly this is, but it must be some kind of foot lingerie, and it would probably be useful if your man has a foot fetish. People are weird, and the items they sometimes buy are weird, too.

Written by Nick Martin

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