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13 Pictures That Give Examples Of The Many Little Lies And Deceit That Surround Us

Image Source: Instagram / nickavallone

There are a lot of jokers, tricksters and pranksters out there, and it seems that they are always able to find a victim to pull a number on. People fall rather easily in most traps, but the majority of the jokes are harmless, of course, and there are practically no consequences.

However, if you become the victim of a deceitful prank, you end up feeling more or less lied to, not to mention being embarrassed about it.

But it is not just the jokes and the pranks; some folks really think that they can get away with something, and they try to cheat or even to lie, and in most cases their attempts fail miserably.

1. Social media is the last place you would want to lie to people

Image Source: Imgur

The modern search technology has the power to expose almost any attempt of fraud, and when someone decides to post a photo with some fake facts as caption, there is nothing easier than to expose the truth. This person probably thought that it would be easy to fool everyone, but it proved to be harder than anticipated.

2. Here is one illusion you never suspected

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes the most common everyday things show a side to them that you have never seen before and you never would have guessed something like that. The perfect example is the color and texture of the orange mesh which is probably present in most homes – it makes oranges look more darker and thick in color.

3. This is a deal you can easily pass on

Image Source: Favogram

Online shopping is a dangerous thing to do, because fraud and deceit are lurking practically everywhere. However, sometimes a bad deal is very easy to spot, and you don’t even need a second look to see it. This offer here is quite funny, but it cannot be serious, although there might be some people who would pay the asking price.

4. Here is one rather controversial product

Image Source: Reddit

No matter how long we look at this, we cannot help but wonder why these people go with such a name, instead of changing it saving themselves some trouble. Sure, they mentioned specifically that there are no actual nuts among the ingredients, but the odd feeling still remains.

5. This is how you pull a good prank

Image Source: Reddit

We actually admire clever pranks like this one, because they mess with people’s annoying habit of judging someone you don’t know by taking only the circumstance into account. This teaches a valuable lesson, actually, and a lot of folks need to learn it.

6. Nice try, but things are more than obvious here

Image Source: Imgur

They can write this on the bag as many times as they like, and the color would still be black. Of course, the real idea behind this was not to try and make someone believe that the bag was actually green; what this is a marketing trick, and it certainly gets people’s attention.

7. You just don’t do things this cruel to people

Image Source: Imgur

Imagine being in a situation like that – you are hungry, and you have huge burger cravings, and you finally go and buy one, only to return home and discover that you have been lied to. This is a really cruel thing to do, because food and particularly burgers are sacred, and need to be treated with respect.

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8. Here is why most people have trust issues

Image Source: Reddit

How could you blame someone that finds it hard to trust in anything? With all the deceiving tricks that we fall for on a daily basis, this is totally understandable, and people need to be more careful, especially when it comes to making deals. You can be sure that this store is crossed off our list for good.

9. This can be considered a lie

Image Source: Reddit

Some marketers have absolutely no intention of being honest, and they can twist and turn the facts as many times as they can in order to make the product or the service they need to sell more presentable and attractive for the potential customers. This is simply not right, and leads to disappointment.

10. We feel frustrated just by looking at this

Image Source: Imgur

One of the worst feelings in life is disappointment related to food. All we need when we feel very hungry is to have something fresh and tasty to snack on, and the quantity needs to be sufficient, too. This person probably had the same idea, but the reality turned out to be different.

11. Social media created a lot of sad people

Image Source: The Things

Internet proved to be a huge factor in people’s lives, and not necessarily in a good way. Most people demonstrate their fun activities and relationships all the time, and those who are alone begin to feel isolated, and that is when they start to behave weird. As you can see, they often do desperate and awkward things only to seek attention.

12. This potato is in bulk mode

Image Source: eBaum’s World

We are not sure if this is caused by GMO or there is another reason, but it looks completely unnatural. It is actually a bit scary, to be exact, and we believe that there is no way that a real potato could grow and look like this specimen here.

13. Instagram is creating illusions all the time

Image Source: The Chive

It is no secret that Instagram users often upload images that are more or less deceiving with the sole intent to impress other and make them believe that they have a lush life. In most cases this could not be further from the truth, and the photo you see here is a nice example for that, because the guy posing in it is not somewhere exotic; the picture is actually altered and the only real thing you see is a person holding a water bottle, everything else is pretended or added later.

Written by Nick Martin

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