13 Pictures That Will Either Amuse Or Stress You Out

Image Source: Instagram / makoto_tachibana22

Our perception of the world depends on the way we feel at the moment and what our current mood is. Unfortunately most people in our modern society are stressed out to the point that even a single photo can give them anxiety. This is why we need to test the way we would feel about certain things, and pictures like these are the best way to do it.

If you look at a certain image and laugh, then you are probably relaxed enough, but if you feel tension of discomfort by simply looking at it, you need to chill, because you are likely stressed, and most people actually are. So think about it and try to relieve the stress from the everyday hustle and bustle.

1. This dude will probably cry about this one later

Image Source: Sizzle

This is an example of a perfectly timed photo, showing the last moment before the disaster that’s about to happen. The guy seems happy about the bottle of whisky he probably bought for the night, but handling it proved to be harder than it seemed, and the bottom of the box collapsed, causing the bottle to fall to the ground.

2. Not sharing you food reached a whole new level

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

We all love donuts and when we buy some, sharing them is absolutely out of the question. However, sometimes you just leave them somewhere and you are unable to protect them from friends, roommates or family members, and this person probably had the same problem, so drastic measures were required.

3. Here is an advice that can prove to be helpful in some situations

Image Source: Dumpaday

Sometimes people spend too much time striving to reach a goal, but it keeps slipping away no matter how hard the effort is. This can lead to frustration and disappointment, and this is probably the time to take this advice. It may not be the best way to act all the time, but in certain moments it could be the best decision ever.

4. Body painting can cause problems

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

Body painting is a nice way to stand out at certain events, but you need to consider a lot of factors. This dude was probably happy with the body paint he had on, and he wanted to impress everyone. However, he obviously failed to consider the effects of spending a whole day under the sun with the paint on, and the result is a disaster.

5. Well, this one gives us the chills

Image Source: Dumpaday

There are probably some people that would find this photo to be normal, but most of us would find it awkward or even chilling. We would be scared only by seeing a snake somewhere near, and holding a whole bunch of them in our hands is completely out of the question.

6. If you are feeling down in the dumps, this one can be appropriate for you

Image Source: Dumpaday

Someone with a good sense of humor added the lettering on this dumpster, and we find it to be hilarious. If a person actually feels this way, then the picture you see would be the cause of a lot of laughs, because it is quite ironic to actually see what you feel when you feel down.

7. We have to admit that this was a clever idea

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eBaum’s World

Of course, it was made just for laughs, but we love the idea behind it. A fish taco would taste good, but nobody would probably imagine what you see here. Sometimes all you need to get you through a tough day is something funny and unexpected like this.

8. Nobody needs to see a tat like that

Image Source: Imgur

Tattoos are good when they look like a work of art, have a deep meaning or the image is very complex and intriguing. However, having an armchair and a footrest tattooed is a very awkward thing to do, and the meaning behind such a decision would probably be just to be different, with no real reason or meaning behind the tat.

9. Trends push it too far sometimes

Image Source: Instagram

This is the perfect example of a controversial trend; some people would love it instantly, while others would hate it or even be terrified, and we definitely think that teeth nails is one of the worst things we’ve ever seen. People can go really far in the quest to be different or innovative.

10. Just a simple wild tumbleweave can provide some comfort

Image Source: Reddit

It may not look like much, but there is something very majestic about this particular piece of tumbleweave. Seeing it in front of that shore and the vast water behind it brings a certain kind of comfort.

11. This was supposed to look cute, we disagree

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes people’s effort to show affection for their partner looks kind of weird or even creepy. This woman decided to match her nail color to the pattern of her boyfriend’s du-rags, and it was surely supposed to look good, but we think that the end result is controversial, to say the least.

12. This why we have trust issues

Image Source: Reddit

ATMs are one of the most common ways that you can get robbed without even realizing it. This is not an attempt to give you anxiety next time you go to the ATM, but it is the sad reality. You need to be careful if you want to keep your account balance.

13. Eating strawberries can get literally hairy sometimes

Image Source: Reddit

This perfect strawberry has a feature that we have never seen before – a huge grown berry hair. We are used to seeing strawberries grow hairs, but this is ridiculous, and the piece of fruit needs a shave before anyone can eat it.

Written by Nick Martin

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