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13 Ridiculous Things That Are Actually Banned From Schools

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Our modern society has nothing in common with the good old ways, and that goes for the good and the bad things. One of the ways times have changed is how we treat our kids. It is safe to say that today’s children are overprotected and people are trying to protect them from ridiculous things instead of just let them learn about life like the previous generations did.

Schools seem to have adopted this way of thinking and they slowly began to control a lot of things that are absolutely ridiculous with the sole intention to act in students’ best interests, but some of the schools’ actions are controversial, to say the least. These examples of things that are banned by schools prove that, and we’ll leave you to decide if these rules are on point or they are completely wrong.

1. Dictionaries were banned in certain Californian schools


It sounds absurd because it is! We cannot believe this, but it turned out to be true; apparently a Californian school district decided to issue a ban on dictionaries after a student found the definition of ‘oral sex’ while searching for ‘orangutan’. The school management decided that dictionaries were inappropriate to use by the students.

2. One school in Ontario does not allow touching

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Would you believe that there is a school where you are not allowed to touch or hug your buddies? Well, there is one, and it is in Ontario. Any kind of physical contact is forbidden in the school premises, and that includes even greeting your mates with a high-five.

3. The weird school strikes again

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The school we mentioned above issued another crazy ban – they decided to forbid using all kinds of ball, and that sounds like the dumbest thing ever, even if it was meant to protect the students from injuries. You can imagine that sports activities have decreased to a minimum.

4. Banning a word seems like a hard thing to do

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A school in Massachusetts was forced to ban the word ‘meep’, because students kept acting disruptive during classes and used that particular word all the time. The school management took it really serious and issued a warning that students who use the word will be suspended immediately.

5. Some people have completely lost their minds, apparently

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The T-shirt you see here sparked a controversy at the Smith-Cotton High School in Missouri. The tee showed a pattern describing the evolution of a trumpet player in a funny way, but creationist parents started filing in complaints, which is hard to believe, but it is a fact. This is absolutely crazy!

6. Banning kids from using social media is too much

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This happened years ago at New Jersey’s Pope John XIII Regional High School, and it was a serious rule, threatening to suspend students if they do not obey. The kids were not allowed to have personal blogs or accounts at all, not just using them while at school.

7. Homemade lunches are a no-no

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Chicago’s Little Village Academy banned all the food kids brought from home, because they claimed they were concerned about their students’ health choices. If a kid wanted to bring food from home, a medical exemption was required for each meal.

8. Dress codes do not get more conservative than this

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Northern Texas’ Mesquite school district issued a ban on stripe and check print shirts and other pieces of clothing they found to be bad for the learning process, such as skinny jeans, leggings, and jeans. We find this to be too much, especially in the 21st century.

9. Scotland schools banned Father’s Day

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And not just a few schools did that; thousands of Scottish schools decided to ban Father’s Day because they thought that all students who don’t have a father figure in their life may feel bad about it. We understand the good intentions, but the logic behind all this is wrong.

10. Who needs bathroom doors anyway?

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Some decisions are more than controversial. The management of a school in Texas decided to remove the doors in all the bathrooms, claiming that it was for the students’ safety. However, the students all knew that it was done to prevent sexual activity between them, but all parents were outraged.

11. No BFFs allowed in this school

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Some London schools reportedly banned the kids from having a best friend, because they thought that no kid would be left as an outcast this way. The whole idea is total nonsense and it robs the kids of their future ability to develop close bonds with other people.

12. Some people need to be banned from making decisions regarding kids

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Well, it seems that a group of vegans in Washington created a petition to remove milk from the school menu. We were actually outraged upon hearing about this idea, and we hope that in never gets accepted, because it is more than controversial.

13. Uggs were also forbidden

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A school in Pennsylvania decided to ban wearing uggs, because it was believed that students used the trendy boots to smuggle in cellphones to classrooms. It is a weird thing to do, because students can do the same in their bras or underwear, for example, but the school cannot ban those as well.

Written by Nick Martin

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