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13 Situations That Did Not Go Smooth At All

Image Source: Reddit

Some people like to act like everything is perfectly fine even if it is not fine at all. It is a strange self-defense mechanism that leaves you with the feeling that everything is cool. It could not be more deceiving, actually. When things are not going as smooth as planned, you need to look at the situation exactly the way it is! It is the only way you make things better. Otherwise you would be just sitting there pretending like the roof wasn’t on fire! Nobody needs that. When things get rough, you better face the reality, no matter how harsh it might be.

You are about to see a list of situations which nobody would like to be in. However, things like that happen and they need sorting out soon or later.

1. Here is a situation when you would need a lot of explaining to do

Image Source: The Chive

We guess that there is a substantial difference between coconut water and bottles of Coke and water. This man either heard the wrong thing or he simply does not know what coconut water is. Of course, this situation is not much of a disaster. The nasty part about it is that it is annoying! These people were probably going for a long trip without frequent stops. We guess that the only things to drink in that van were the beverages they already had. Of course, the variety of beverages did not include the much craved coconut water for sure.

2. That MPV must have been super clean

Image Source: The Chive

Well, the sign says it all, actually! We guess what they wrote there was true. That MPV in the back was probably cleaned to perfection, because it flipped right outside the car wash. It looks like nobody got hurt in the crash, but the vehicle is wrecked. Okay, we need to specify that the sign was put there for marketing purposes. It was not supposed to really warn people that they would flip their car when they see how clean it was. Nevertheless, this coincidence gave a whole new meaning to the sign.

3. They had one job

Imahe Source: Dump A Day

We are not sure who is in a worse position here. The team that messed up this job would be scolded for sure. However, the ones that will have to fix it will have a hard time! It needs to be fixed for sure. Seeing this made us wonder how someone could get this done in such a wrong way. Let’s just say that there are people who were not cut out for some types of work.

4. Nope, this is not hot chocolate

Image Source: Dump A Day

Seeing this made our stomachs turn, actually. It is the kind of thing that nobody wants to see in their house! Stuff like that happens all the time. It could lead to really bad consequences if you are not paying attention. As nasty as it is, you would surely need to call a plumber to sort it out. If you are lucky, you might be left with only a huge mess to clean. It is not pleasant but it still needs to be sorted out.

5. Someone made a mistake on the job and it is a big deal

Image Source: Dump A Day

Having a gigantic mobile crane pierce through the roof of your house is a problem! It is definitely not something you would like to experience in any moment of your life! Obviously someone did, and it does not look pretty at all. It was probably human error. All the guys around the crane seem to be busy observing the situation and finding a solution for it. However, we guess that it could have been far worse if the crane had collapsed fully to the right.

6. These people need to rework the ad

Image Source: Dump A Day

We need to be honest about this one. Perhaps not many people would notice the flaw in the ad. However, it is still a good enough reason to rework it and get it done the right way. First of all, let’s assume that it is okay to give a hammer to a kid and let him smack some nails. That is not the problem here. As you can see, one of the nails is positioned directly over the kid’s leg. One hit with that hammer would cause the nail to pierce right through it.

7. Online shopping can be deceiving

Image Source: Dump A Day

When you are browsing the internet looking to buy something, you have to be careful. You also need to remember that you are about to pay for items that you haven’t even seen or touched. This is why you have to be extra careful about everything. The first and most important thing you need to do is check the measurements of the item. Otherwise you might end up frustrated like this person. These jacks would probably lift a toy car, but they obviously were not meant for the real thing.

8. Imagine this happening to you on a Monday morning

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes things happen and there is absolutely nothing you could do about it. This woman found out the hard way that disaster can strike at any given moment. Despite the nasty situation she is in, she needs to be grateful. It could have ended a lot worse if the wheel had come off in a corner with a higher speed. However, sitting in the middle of the intersection like that is also not a pleasant way to spend a part of your day for sure.

9. This is disturbing to see, actually

Image Source: Reddit

Imagine that your house was on fire! You make the call and when the firefighters arrive. However, instead of jumping into action they simply shake their heads and raise their shoulders. They also say that there was nothing they could do to stop it. The feeling you would get is not a pleasant one, right? Well, that’s how we felt when we saw this person with a cheeky grin on his face. Of course, this is probably just a training event and the man in the photo obviously had some twisted sense of humor. No firefighter would ever do that in real life. These men are heroes!

10. Is this some kind of a joke?

Image Source: Reddit

Here is the type of thing that leaves you puzzled long after you first saw it. We have no idea what they were trying to do here anyway. One thing is for sure – they ripped off the skin of SpongeBob SquarePants and created this guy! He looks like his younger cousin. And as much as we can see, the upper left logo stands for ‘Mickelodeon’! There people should really be ashamed of themselves! Those who buy the item would be totally disappointed for sure.

11. Let’s hope it is a prank

Image Source: Reddit

If you have some goofy friends that love pranks, you need to be cautious. Chances are that you might wake up one day and realize you have something like this added to your car! Your mates would probably be lurking in the nearby bush with a camera, laughing at your reaction when you see it. However, the really odd thing here would be if someone deliberately put this on their vehicle. This is when things become strange. The person who would willingly put this on their car must be either a funny guy or a complete weirdo. Whatever the case is, this hood ornament is real and someone needs to destroy it.

12. If you want to stand up to Jason Momoa, we can wish you good luck

Image Source: Reddit

Imagine that the girl you just met was actually your soul mate and you just clicked together. That feeling is one of the best in the world. However, everything would make an unexpected turn when you realize that she was Jason Momoa’s daughter! Then you face the scary scenario of standing tall in front of him and asking his precious girl’s hand from him. You better be a man about it or behave nicely. The last thing you need is to have an angry Khal Drogo chasing you down the street.

13. This is why you must never cut your hair yourself

Image Source: Reddit

We need to be honest with this man. This is one completely failed haircut attempt. The only way that this can be fixed is by shaving the entire head. People need to understand that some tasks need professional assistance. Obviously this man should have gone to the barbershop. He will probably not take any chances again.

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