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13 Situations That Ended Up To Be Amazing And Hilarious

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Everyone gets to enjoy a stroke of luck sometimes, but even if it seems that life is about to give you what you want, it is not sure that you’ll get it. However, having some luck when you need it could mean that you may have the chance to escape a situation that could have ended a lot worse.
If you were able to get away with something that looked bad or inappropriate, you might as well enjoy the fact that you lived to tell the tale and have a few laugh about it.

1. Not quite the dream date

Image Source: The Chive

People need to make a very important choice when it comes to their partner. One of the biggest mistakes is settling for someone who is simply good enough. After this happens, these people will find themselves feeling stuck sooner than expected, and they will shift their priorities, as you can see here.

2. This person’s taste buds were probably screaming

Image Source: Sizzle

We are not sure if this was a cleverly designed prank or someone neglected the possible dangers, but it could have ended up a lot worse, because we all like to take huge sips of apple juice when thirsty. It’s a good thing this person only got a slight taste of the grease.

3. Here is an easy way to give someone anxiety

Image Source: Sizzle

Surely leaving that note had all the good intentions in the world behind it, but it likely had the exact opposite effect. Everyone would have some doubt before entering this vehicle, not to mention that whoever wrote the note was not specific about the dimensions of the critter.

4. Sometimes a bit of creativity goes a long way

Image Source: Reddit

If you need to follow the strict health and safety regulations and requirements while doing your job, you have to show some creativity in certain cases. This woman probably needed a hairnet in order to do her work, and she managed to comply with the regulations.

5. Revenge is something sweet, but this is too much

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Wow, we have been in sibling feuds many times before, but we never really took it to this level of extreme! Maybe this person would reconsider their actions, because it is not something that you can play with, and it is certainly not equal to a broken set of earphones. We wonder how many kids were born this way.

6. Facing the consequences is sometimes funny

Image Source: Reddit

Well, at least it is funny for all of us who didn’t get a tattoo of a six-pack of beers while on a drinking spree in Mexico. Maybe it is some kind of a temporary tattoo, but it sure does not look that way. At least it seems to be done on this person’s belly; things could have been worse if it was done on the neck, for example.

7. Graduation day is about paying respects, too

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Image Source: Funny Junk

And what better occasion to pay your respects to one of the main things that made you time in college bearable – the sacred pizza! This girl knows the important aspects of life and she has clearly been taught to express her gratitude for the finer things in life.

8. The customer is always right

Image Source: DumpaDay

When this person asked for ice cream in a cup, the expectations were probably for different end result. However, this seems to work perfectly fine, despite looking a bit funny. The important thing is that the ice cream is not dripping all over the place and the mess will be avoided.

9. The money for your gym card should not be wasted, right?

Image Source: DumpaDay

The funny part about this is the fact that probably more than one person has done this. We tend to buy memberships and subscriptions for things that we know we are not going to use anyway, which is very strange. However, this here is doing completely the opposite of what you were supposed to.

10. Requesting something specific could backfire

Image Source: Imgur

If you request that your delivery driver makes sure to hide away your package, maybe you should point out the place you would like him to put it. Otherwise you could end up in a situation like the one pictured here. At least the package is safe.

11. This photo is a test for your empathy

Image Source: The Chive

Admit it, you laughed upon seeing this image! Nothing wrong with that, we laughed hard, too. But it was more or less a mixed feeling, because we have always felt a bit scared about this happening to us someday, which is the reason why we felt sorry for this woman.

12. Going to all this trouble to get watermelon inside the theater is kind of weird

Image Source: Twitter

Some of you may find this to be genius, while other would only applaud the idea behind it and the actual effort these girls made. The most important questions is why would they want to bring watermelon inside? There were surely a lot of other snack choices.

13. Expressing your mind could be a hard task

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes we have the best ideas, but they seem to remain stuck in our heads. When the time to reveal them comes, we are more or less struggling to express their full scale and all the details that would matter. And if we’re talking about getting a tat, details matter the most.

Written by Nick Martin

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