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13 Things That Are Too Funny To Be Real, But Actually Are

Image Source: Twitter

We have all experienced the disappointment of finding out that something cool we saw on Internet was actually a fake. It is not pleasant when you realize you have been deceived, but that’s just on side of life, we guess.

In order to save some frustration, we have selected some cool images that you would probably like, and they all appear to be the real thing or at least we hope they are. Feel free to comment below about the ones you like or found relatable enough to laugh.

1. Graduating has never looked so good

Image Source: Reddit

Don’t you wish you had that idea when you graduated? We would definitely do something like that if we had the proper inspiration. This girl had the best approach to such an important day; after all, you need to have energy in order to endure the whole day.

2. Domestic trolling in the finest way possible

Image Source: Instagram

This girl found a really cute and clever way to troll her mother, and the prank actually worked for a while. However, as you can see the conversation, the mother did not lose ground and the whole thing backfired in her daughter’s face.

3. We could all relate to that

Image Source: Reddit

Office space kitchens are always more or less like a battlefield, and in most cases they smell like one. One of the worst things you could bring for lunch is fish, because the smell seems to soak in everything and remains there for days ahead. The simple solution is to not eat fish in the office!

4. A good sense of humor is pure gold

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

This guy is simply hilarious! He was clever enough to use the filter that resembles his actual appearance. We wonder if he usually looks like that or he pursued that look to appear closer to the filter effect. Whatever the case, we had a few laughs.

5. Some guys are worth keeping

Image Source: Instagram

Girls and women are probably tired of most dudes’ attitude towards them. It seems that most conversations end up with disaster, but if you happen to find a man who has the right attitude, make sure you keep him close! This is a perfect example why this is the way to go.

6. We took some to admire this marvel

Image Source: Reddit

The person responsible for creating this engineering gem has our best and kindest regards. We loved how neat it looks, and we hope it is as effective as it looks. Maybe people were right to say that sometimes laziness sparks genius ideas.

7. Not your typical missing dog story

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Image Source: Instagram

When a pet goes missing, it is always pleasing to know that the story had a happy end and the animal was reunited with the owners. However, there are some stories that have a strange twist and this is a nice example – who gave this canine a haircut and what happened during these two months?

8. Every awkward situation should end up like this

Image Source: Instagram

Acting reasonably is always the best approach to any situation. If you recall the hit song ‘The boy is mine’, the two girls got in an argument over the guy, but this here is real life, and these ladies had the best response to the situation.

9. Tattoo artists are real wizards sometimes

Image Source: Instagram

Working as a tattoo artist is probably a rewarding thing, but you can bet it is kind of hard to do it sometimes, especially if your client is having a hard time explaining the idea of the desired tattoo. This is when the real professional stands out from the rest and creates a masterpiece.

10. This is how you deliver a package

Image Source: eBaum’s World

This delivery man really outdid himself! When the clients were not at home and the package was a big box that could be easily stolen from the front door, he found the solution after some quick thinking. We wish all employees took care of their job like that.

11. DIY tan is not a good idea

Image Source: Daily Mail

And we can prove it – just look at the photo, it is all the proof you’d ever need. There are places that can give you the tan of a goddess, and they will charge you a hefty price, of course, but it’s the end result that counts. Looking like Fiona from Shrek is not the best effect you can have on your skin.

12. Someone has a twisted sense of humor

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

While some may find this to be kinky or inappropriate, we need to admit that we all chuckled when we saw it. The best kind of sense of humor always involves some dirty and kinky bits, and we are all aware of that, but it takes a clever person to not be able to cross the line where things begin to appear really inappropriate.

13. These people are not taking any chances

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

A lot of people used to go to a catholic school, and maybe they can tell if the situation with the numbers was the same as the one pictured here. We find it a bit too much, but if they thought it was a good idea, we guess they were right for themselves.

Written by Nick Martin

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