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13 Things That Nobody Wants To See

Image Source: Reddit / Titan-Sniper

There are a lot of things that we can easily say ‘nope’ about even f we just saw them, because it does not take long to spot something very wrong about a certain situation. However, some people fail to show common sense and approach the danger without thinking about the consequences.
The following images will serve as examples for such ‘nope’-worthy situation that are just wrong.

1. This is not a spider, it’s a monster

Image Source: Reddit

Those among you suffering from arachnophobia need to look away from this photo. It gives you anxiety just by looking at it, but imagine if you were in that vehicle yourself! It would be absolutely terrifying to come across such a thing while driving, for example; the shock may cause an accident.

2. ‘Spooky’ does not even begin to describe this house

Image Source: Source

You will be glad that this house is not in your neighborhood, because if it was, you would not be very pleased about this fact, would you? Having dressed up mannequins in the front yard all year long is the definition of ‘strange’, and we have no desire to know the reason for that or meet the home’s residents, too.

3. This tat is literally eye-catching

Image Source: Reddit

Once you see this guy’s head tattoo, you would not be able to look away from it! We have no idea why he decided to do exactly what he did, but it sure looks like he predicted everyone’s reaction, including ours, especially in the times he rides the bus or the subway. Well played.

4. Grossest laptop ever

Image Source; Reddit

We all know how messy laptops and desktops can get, because they are exposed to dust, and most people eat over their keyboards all the time. However, this laptop takes things to a whole new level, because it is severely infested with flies, and we would not want to go near that thing even if it was the last computer in the world.

5. This is simply too much to handle

Image Source: Imgur

Whoever invented this hybrid pair of shoes needs to be punished by the style police immediately, because they look absolutely ridiculous! The idea behind this is just as bad as the actual final product, and we refuse to believe that someone would wear them proudly.

6. Someone obviously neglected all safety precautions

Image Source: Victoria Falls

Everyone loves making fun holiday pictures, but there are people who would like to take things to the next level and incorporate a little danger as well. This dude is able to wipe off most of the pictures pretending to be dangerous with this shot at the top of a waterfall. It seems reckless, but kind of cool, too.

7. This dog obviously said ‘nope’ to winter

Image Source: Reddit

Some clever canine took the right decision and went back inside after realizing that winter is cold and unpleasant. It may be fun and games if you are a kid, but if you are already an adult and you appreciate the cozy fireplace and the warm couch, then this dog is your spirit animal.


8. A swarm of bees beneath your table is not a nice touch

Image Source: Reddit

Some people really go the extra mile to make the most of a certain task. This applies to celebrating Halloween as well, and people often take it too far with their costumes and wild decoration ideas. The kid on these pictures is the living proof of that! The terrifying outfit is just too much for us, and we would be scared to meet the little dude in person for sure.

9. You can bet that she knows how she looks like

Image Source: Reddit

Off all the make up ideas available, this girl had to do this! The white eyeliner he used creates the freaky illusion that she is still looking at you with her devilish blank eyes, while in reality her eyes are closed. The effect would work anytime and lot of people would be spooked for sure.

10. We are not sure what is going on here

Image Source: We Heart It

This person needs the style army to hunt him down, not the style police! What is wrong with people these days and why are doing this to our eyes. There is so much ‘nope’ here that we have trouble to pick where to start counting, so we will leave it to you.

11. Fashion is not what it used to be

Image Source: Instagram

Having your own personal style is a good thing, but you still need to follow the newest trends every now and then. However, there is surely going to be a conflict when the trends seem to become more and more bizarre, and official shoes which are transparent instead of being black or brown is definitely not the best idea ever.

12. Hair disasters are a common thing, unfortunately

Image Source: Instagram

Well, there are many ways to caption this photo, but the woman herself made the best comment without saying a word – just look at her face in the reflection! She looks completely devastated by her choice of hairstyle and the outcome of the procedure.

13. Here is a photo that would provoke people to say ‘nope’ for different reasons

Image Source: Instagram

This controversial photo is rather interesting because it hides all kinds of ‘nope’ depending on the person viewing it. Some folks would be irritates by the outfit, others would be irritated by the flip-flops in bed and the rest would simply like the body curves.


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