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13 Things That Only Moms Would Do

Image Source: Twitter / Namastaywoke

There are a lot of people that do not realize what it actually takes to be a real mom. Maybe the best way to describe moms is not possible to fit in one sentence, but in general moms need to be good at almost anything while spreading love and sometimes being a bit weird, but in a charming way. These images will give you an idea about what exactly do we mean.

1. Moms have the strangest requests sometimes

Image Source: Instagram

If your mother wants something from you, you can be sure that it has a purpose. This person found out about that the hard way, and the framed photograph looks absolutely ridiculous, but you can bet that the happy mom has no clue about it.

2. Some mothers have excessive amounts of love to give

Image Source: Facebook

This loving mom apparently has a crush on Keith Sweat, because there is no logical explanation about the presence of his photo in the family album. It’s a good thing the family accepts that weird twist and the picture was not torn to pieces by the angry husband.

3. The perfect loyalty test

Image Source: Instagram

Mothers tend to be really direct in their relationships with other people, because they usually have no time for small talk. The funny conversation you see here served as test for the mother’s loyalty, and she passed it perfectly, with the addition of sense of humor.

4. That look on mom’s face is priceless

Image Source: Me Me

We definitely think that this mother is not impressed at all by what she sees, and she is about to say something about it. Her facial expression is a mix between shock and a bit of disappointment, and we could not blame her, because she is concerned about her child.

5. Sometimes the pets become kids

Image Source: Instagram

Mothers often treat pets like they treat their own children, and we think that such a behavior is adorable, although some people might consider it to be crazy or at least a bit weird. We think that all pets should feel the love only a mother could give.

6. There are many types of expressing love

Image Source: Facebook

Moms are great at showing how much they care for their kids, and sometimes the love and affection can become just a bit too much. Making such a present is a nice thing to do, but it may prove to be too much for a college student, but it all depends on the person, really.

7. All mothers want to be superheroes

Image Source: Instagram

Regardless of the age, moms tend to think that they are indestructible, and often take on different tasks that would be hard for a younger or a fitter person, and you can see the consequences in the photos above. It is all in the name of making a good impression.

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8. Moms know everything, or at least they think they do

Image Source: Instagram

Most mothers would do anything for their kids, even if they are not really sure what needs to be done exactly. This leads to some hilarious or even embarrassing situations, but you can be sure that all a mother wants it to be able to do everything for her kids.

9. New trends are often a challenge

Image Source: Instagram

Older generations often find it difficult to cope with new technology, because of its rapid development; there are literally new things every day. However, we must appreciate this woman’s effort to use a new app when she decided to prepare a different kind of dinner for her family.

10. Everybody makes mistakes

Image Source: Instagram

This must have been pretty funny to see in person, especially the daughter’s reaction! And we can easily imagine the mother’s reaction, too; she probably remembered the time when her daughter was nine years old, and the memories warmed her heart. This is what mothers do all the time.

11. Mothers really accept pets as part of the family

Image Source: Imgur

Most mothers love the domestic cat or dog almost as much as they love their real children, and treat the pets as part of the family, which the way things should be. Talking to the cat, however, is another different story, but most of us have been in that situation, too, so we can relate.

12. It is all about the presentation

Image Source: Twitter

Mothers always want the best for their family, so they often make an extra effort to please everyone at home. Arranging the food is only one of the many ways caring moms can show their loved ones how much they care about them. After all, people need to be served food that not only tastes good, but it looks good, too.

13. Here is a proof that even moms still have that 5-year-old girl inside

Image Source: Instagram

Moms can be really serious about a lot of things, but when they find something they love to do, they become just as excited as any kid in kindergarten, which is adorable, and seeing your own mother thrilled in a childish way is simply adorable.

Written by Nick Martin

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