13 Times People Didn’t Realize They Were In A Huge Trouble

Image Source: Reddit

We all know how a typical Friday night could end up if your lunatic friends decide to do something dangerous because they are drunk and stupid. Being the responsible one in the company, you must try to distract them or talk them out of whatever they intended to do.

But what would happen if you did not go out and they are on their own? It’s just one of the recipes for disaster, and the bad hangover the next morning would actually be considered as a happy end, because people often get in trouble without realizing it even when they are on their own, and they must suffer the consequences later.

Check out the photos below and see people who got in trouble fast or did some ridiculously stupid things that happened to be photographed. Sometimes people just play themselves, as it seems.

1. Preparing a mega sandwich requires some planning, too

Image Source: Reddit

This person was probably oblivious to the end result of the idea behind making a gigantic sandwich. We are certain that whoever made this expected something different, and realized the mistake just before taking the picture.

2. This woman needs to take a second look

Image Source: Pinterest

This is awkward, don’t you think? Waiting in line behind some mannequins is a strange thing to do, and it speaks about this woman’s concentration skills. We wonder if someone eventually told her that she was wasting her time and looking silly while standing there.

3. Technology is not everyone’s strong side

Image Source: Instagram

Trying to screenshot a hair stuck between the actual screen and its protector is practically impossible, but this woman apparently gave it a shot. Imagine her husband’ reaction upon this; he must have laughed for a long time.

4. Sunburn is always a pain, figuratively and literally speaking

Image Source: Reddit

Well, some lessons are learned the hard way. If this woman decided that the strong sun would not affect her because she was wearing long-sleeved clothing, she could easily count that as a mistake. You always need sunscreen when the sun is strong, no matter how much of your skin is exposed.

5. Storm formations could hardly get scarier than this

Image Source: Reddit

Weather predictions that include dinosaurs apparently need to become a thing, as this forecast diagram suggests.

The curious formation looks like a giant green Godzilla and it would probably not bring the nicest weather to Ohio.

6. This drone pilot sent his machine to the wrong neighborhood

Image Source: Reddit

This here is what you call a rough welcome greeting. We have no clue about why these people want to take down the drone or did they managed to do that eventually, but two things are for certain – this person will never fly a drone there again, and these people seem determined to fight until the end.


7. Pikachu definitely looks awkward

Image Source: Reddit

If Pikachu was a heavy drinker, perhaps he would like this. The statue is not just strange, it’s even kind of creepy; however, it seems that the kids are attracted to it anyway. The person who created it must be proud of this creation, despite the end result.

8. That’s a bold statement

Image Source: Instagram

This is horrible, but also funny in a strange way. The first thing that comes to mind is that the person behind the wheel could have probably avoided the accident if he used his eyesight after all.

9. This is the most embarrassing inflatable rabbit ever made

Image Source: Instagram

Well, this is peculiar. The person who designed this inflatable rabbit probably wanted the lower section to serve as a support for more stability, but the end result is controversial, to say the least. It is likely that nobody noticed the design flaw for a long time.

10. Whoever cut this pizza is in a lot of trouble

Image Source: Reddit

There is absolutely no excuse for cutting a pizza this way. The pizza does not deserve it, neither the people who are about to eat it later. It is just plain wrong.

11. You don’t see this every day

Image Source: Reddit

Is this dude actually aware of what’s going on behind him? The chilling sight of this huge snake sneaking in the pool gives us the chills. We hope he is okay after the photo was taken.

12. Someone skipped history class

Image Source:

Showing your love for each other sometimes goes hilariously bad and this couple proves it. They thought that getting tattoos of King Tut and Nefertiti was going to be romantic, but they also missed the fact that they were mother and son. Oops.

13. This pasta dinner is ruined

Image Source: Instagram

We know that people have different tastes and some prefer strange food combinations, but this here is beyond everyone’s taste. Looks like someone poured the contents of the sugar container instead of the parmesan one, and you can see the result pictured here.


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