13 Times People Tweeted The Ups And Downs Of Their Marriage

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There is no doubt that relationships between people are not a walk in the park. We are complicated creatures and we need to bear in mind that we need to accept a lot of the difficulties related to any relationship, otherwise, we will not be able to endure one even if we want to. When it comes to marriages, there are numerous things you should be careful about and you need to know that even your perfect match would still be able to give you a hard time. The list below is related to the good sides and the bad sides of marriage as we know it and those who have yet to get married would surely find either inspiration or something to look out for.

1. The husband

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It seems that one of the things that people are not aware of is the fact that sleeping together is not something that is worth tolerating in some cases. If your spouse is constantly turning in their sleep and snoring all the time, you would prefer to sleep in another room. In this case, the person who tweeted this obviously has a developed system that works like a charm in such situations.

2. The beard

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Some people have hobbies or preferences they often speak about. You have surely seen people who constantly discuss one and the same matter regardless if the others would like to hear about it or not. In this case, one person grew a beard and while the process continued, the man felt the need for the approval of all family members about his choice.

3. The store

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It seems that many people believe in the roles in a marriage. You know, those who think that men should handle responsibilities for the household while women would take care of organizing it. In this case, one person sent her husband to the store but he forgot his phone which meant that he would not be able to call her and ask for specific. We hope he bought what she needed.

4. The gift

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We are convinced that people who have spent a number of years together would know each other to the point they would always be able to buy them the best gift. In this case, however, one person wanted something in particular from her husband but he happened to interpret her words in his own way which resulted in a hilarious gift.

5. The TV show

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It appears that one of the most important aspects of a happy marriage is having the same interests as your spouse’s. It appears that even tolerating their preferences is enough and that is how most marriages work. This person had a good idea of how to solve any related problems and we guess she has a good point. This is valuable advice right here.

6. The age

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There are things in life that always happen regardless of your choices or your desires. It seems that this person described what it is like to age and we see nothing wrong with changing your priorities and being happy about things you would never think about in your 20s. We guess that married life is a lot of fun with the right attitude.

7. The conversation 

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It seems that every household is more or less different when compared to another and this is perfectly normal. We guess that those who realize that there are important things to discuss are always able to find a solution for every situation. We guess that having such conversations is usually a must for married couples.

8. The presents

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The things that people know about marriage can hardly be summarized because everyone has their own reality based on experience and preferences. It appears that those who know their spouses well are the ones who are able to do the right thing in every situation, just like in this case. The husband rarely digs through the cleaning supplies.

9. The dinner

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We believe that those who can do anything on their own are also those who can take care of their spouses in their best possible way, too. We understand that those who can cook their dinner are also capable of serving a meal for their family but it not okay to wait for someone to cook your dinner while doing nothing.

10. The potatoes

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Well, this is not something that could surprise us because you can easily see that what this wife did is a popular way of checking if the mashed potatoes are okay. We guess nobody likes crunchy mashed potatoes.

11. The wife

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The vests are a must in case of some extreme activity and we think that people should never neglect this safety feature but this person used them to joke around using not one but two clever puns.

12. The balancing act

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We are convinced that there is no universal truth about marriage but if there is one sentence we need to choose as such, this would be it! We guess married people everywhere would agree with how this person described it.

13. The remote app

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Well, this is kind of funny. I can only imagine the face of her husband when he saw her asleep. This is a good one and I am definitely trying when I do have a chance.

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