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13 Times The Rules Were Just Meant To Be Broken

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Let’s face it – we have all been in situations when breaking the rules was the inevitable choice we needed to make. Of course, we’re talking about rather small things that would not have a huge impact or consequences.

In fact, some people feel better when they don’t follow the rules in certain situations, because they fill as if they are above the law.

It doesn’t take for someone to be an anarchist in order to throw the rules in the trash bin and proceed as planned, and the following examples show this kind of harmless and rebellious behavior.

1. The rules were actually not broken here

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This is what happens when an outlaw-wannabe has a brilliant mind. The specific instruction said that this box was not supposed to be opened with a blade, but the person managed to skip that without using an actual blade.

2. This was obviously intentional

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How could someone expect that Spiderman could simply walk like a regular person and not climb a building or a fence? Someone got lucky with this photo, because taking a shot of the superhero is a rare thing; however, the fact that it was a setup made things a lot easier.

3. Is this the guy with the blade from #1?

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Here you see another example breaking the rules without actually doing it. This is the best type of insubordination because it is a form of trolling those who put the rules there in the first place. And those sure are some of the best Bills you could put there.

4. Seagulls obviously hate the rules

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What’s a warning sign like that supposed to forbid? It is not clear if someone put it there for the seagulls to see, or it has a different purpose. Whatever the case, the seagull here did its best to troll the image on the sign by replicating it to perfection.

5. This sign is like a dare

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Putting a sign like that must have a certain purpose or even a story, because it is strange. We think that someone was clever enough to foresee the events that would have followed – most of the people who saw it probably did the exact opposite.

6. Defeating the system is always cool

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When the math professor banned using calculators during a test, this dude decided to play it smart and actually brought in an abacus. Judging by the look on his face, he was really happy to be able to stand against the rules and look cool while doing it.

7. These people actually broke the rules while displaying them

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Here is a rather funny way to try and forbid certain actions. These people really made an effort to create a beautiful instruction, and they even framed it. However, putting it on the one place where you’re not supposed to put anything is not the correct way to teach discipline.

8. The simple pleasure of literally crossing the line

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We have to admit that more than often the instruction or ban related to certain things are ridiculous and even meaningless. A perfect example for that is the restriction shown here. Even if there was an actual reason for that instruction, we do not understand it.

9. Well, this looks serious

Image Source: Reddit

This is definitely something that requires courage and determination; this is how you break the rules in a ruthless way. This person had the nerve to go against the specific instructions and even took a selfie while doing it! Some people really push it too far! And we’re joking, of course.

10. Do you see the potential danger here?

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Wow, we would never do that! Imagine the horror of spilling your hot popcorn all over the floor; it would definitely not be worth the risk, not to mention that the hot steam could actually harm you. So you are advised to follow the instructions and enjoy the popcorn later.

11. This dude might be good in Law studies except in Physics

Image Source: Twitter

Bending the system while not actually breaking any rules is the best kind of scenario, but not anyone is capable of doing it. These situations need to happen to the right kind of person that could take advantage of the circumstances and shine with creativity and humor.

12. This library probably hasn’t seen this kind of insubordination

Image Source: Reddit

Yes, this dude deliberately prepared himself of this photo with the sole intent of showing how little he actually cared about the rules. We need to give him some credit, because making this kind of effort shows a huge sense of humor.

13. This kid is definitely going places

Image Source: Twitter

When you see a toddler showing this kind of creativity, you need to congratulate the kid’s parents about raising him to be smarter than them. We are sure that this boy has a bright future and we salute his successful effort to bend the house rules.

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