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13 TUMBLR Posts Perfectly Describing What Is It To Be Child-Free

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Every now and then something comes up that could stir the pot! In this case, the topic is a bit controversial, because most people share the opinion that the greatest thing one could achieve in this life is to become a parent. Just like any other thing, there are more than a few different opinions on that matter, and there are people who certainly do not want kids! The following posts suggest how they feel about it!

1. This is one position that most people would be pissed about

Image Source: Tumblr

First of all, we need to remind everyone that having a kid is a choice in most cases. Yes, sometimes it happens by chance, too, but we tend to believe that the majority of children born are more or less planned, or they were much desired, to say the least! The point is that almost everyone would be delighted to become a parent, but this person has a different outlook on things and even if everyone else considers them to be incapable of feeling love and all kinds of other things, we believe that this would not be a problem for them. You can see that the person even confirmed it is more or less like that!

2. This post explains the different position rather well

Image Source: Tumblr

It is a huge misconception that people who do not wish to have children actually hate or despise them. Quite the contrary, actually – these people are perfectly normal and there is no hatred involved whatsoever. The post explains that becoming a parent is not just a choice like pretty much everything else in life, because you could always decided something else, but it does not work that way when kids are introduced to the picture. We totally agree with that, which is why everyone should try and be absolutely sure whether they want kids or not, and if there is even a slight doubt, they should probably think about it some more.

3. This is kind of funny but it also makes a certain point

Image Source: Tumblr

There is definitely more to this post than it meets the eye! It sounds like a joke and it is, but there is truth behind it – the kind of truth that needs to be discussed. Most would believe that some individuals are shallow enough to be scared of such situations and they would allow such moments to build up like a barrier in front of their parent instinct or desire. It does not work that way. If someone does not want to have children, they have other, much more important arguments. In some cases fear is a factor, too, but that one fades away soon or later.

4. This is why some individuals avoid big family gatherings

You probably know a lot of reasons why attending one of those grand family meetings is a bad idea, and this is just another of those reasons! It is actually a burden for someone to participate in conversations like this one, and they are usually a lot more than just one! If someone does not want children or a life partner, at least for a certain period of their life, they are forced to put up with the people who constantly apply pressure on them on these matters.

5. This is an addition to the post above

Image Source: Tumblr

The hardest part about having a different opinion on something is the fact that you either need to constantly explain yourself or you just need to simply agree with what everyone tells you, regardless if you actually agree with their opinion or not. It can be really frustrating and tiring, because you waste emotions for nothing. We guess that those who do not want to start a family would be put to the test every time they speak with a relative.

6. This is something that happens on a daily basis

Image Source: Tumblr

Society has accepted having kids at one point of one’s life as the only acceptable way of living, so they tend to isolate or consider those who do not feel this way. In fact, they often try to talk them out of it and they doubt that this decision would last. However, it is more of a life choice and not a simple decision, so if someone knows what is best for them, the others should restrain themselves from interfering and sticking their noses in other people’s business!

7. This would be an easy choice

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Image Source: Tumblr

Well, there is hardly a need for a caption here because it is quite obvious that someone saw a question which could not have been easier to answer. Of course, in order to like the question asked a person must know deep down inside that they do not want kids, no matter what happens. Of course, nobody would ask such a question, because they would have to deliver if someone actually agrees to this, but it is still to see the reaction of someone who would make that deal in a heartbeat!

8. This is one interesting outlook on things

Image Source: Tumblr

Talking about different opinions, this person probably has a weird understanding of life, or at least this is the first impression! When you read the short post again, you actually begin to realize the sarcasm involved here! The comparison used here is absurd and this was the whole point, of course! Seeing such a post would provoke everyone who sees it and giving people food for thought on such important topics is something we like, especially when it is done in such a witty way!

9. Prepare to laugh out loud

Image Source: Tumblr

Well, there you have it! This is by far the funniest story we have seen this week! It sounds like a really long joke but it seems that it really happened for real! The whole thing could have been easily avoided if the lady never asked all those question or if this person spoke the truth! They could have said that they were looking for a present for a friend’s kid, for example, because they were obviously embarrassed by the real reason they were there in the first place! Having a pet and treating it like a baby is not a bad thing at all.

10. This is basically it

Image Source: Tumblr

Well, this more or less sums up the way people who don’t want kids feel. There is nothing wrong with wanting different things in life compared to most people. In fact, there is a really fine line between understanding this position and thinking that it is just plain wrong! Those who chose the common way of life – having a family and kids – sometimes tend to think that people who seek other things to be irresponsible, but the decision to never become a parent has nothing to be with being irresponsible. In fact, it is a responsible decision to endure the pressure applied by society and friends and stand your ground.

11. Here is another example of how others try to change these individuals’ mind

Image Source: Reddit

This way of thinking is often more or less unacceptable to those who stick to the traditional way of life! Such an attitude as described in the post above is kind of disrespectful, because nobody should judge other people’s decisions! However, people not only disrespect other, but they also try to change their minds because they are convinced that not wanting children is something out of the ordinary. The whole thing is a problem that needs to be carefully sorted out in order for these situations to be avoided!

12. This is exactly what we meant above

Image Source: Tumblr

There is nothing like a few examples to explain a certain type of situation! Seeing this post really made us smile because it is the perfect way to explain how society accepts those who simply don’t want to become parents. They are willing to accept all kinds of different life choices that are just as personal, but when it comes to having children, they act as if it is a sin to think in such a way! Of course, there is no such¬† thing and everyone who feels this way should try to find a way to withstand this type of pressure!

13. This is a fine form of sarcasm

Image Source: Tumblr

People love telling others what to do, but they mostly love telling them about how wrong they are about the things they firmly believe in! Nobody should try and changes someone’s mind on matters as serious as having children. Society must accept this type of position, because it all comes down to having respect for other people and their life choices! Even if you consider this to be wrong in a certain way, you should try and accept it. It might be wrong for you but it could be only thing someone else wants! Not many people believe they don’t want kids, but we should all respect them for having the guts to state it!

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