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13 Tweets That Are So Awesome , You Will Love All Of Them

Image Source: Twitter

Goodness is still at work in the world. We need every reminder we can get, of Most people’s impression of today’s world is probably a negative one; we are used to thinking that mostly bad things happen in every aspect of the human existence, but this could not be further from the truth.
All you need to believe that this is the truth is see the goodness that lies all around us and also within a lot of people, and thanks to social media we are able to see how other people share random act of kindness, good will and strong human spirit, and after seeing such stories, you will probably start seeing these examples more and more around you.

1. The power of a single compliment is a great one

Image Source: Twitter

Stories like this one really bring a feeling of joy in our hearts! This is how humanity works; we need to realize that no matter of our differences, we are all human beings and what matters the most is to show respect, gratitude and to spread good vibes. What these boys did is exactly that, and we need more of their attitude in our world.

2. This dude knows his game

Image Source: Twitter

There are some people who are willing to go the extra mile in order to do something they think that should be done in a certain way. These people are special in most cases, and judging by this post, this boy is special, too. He probably earned everyone’s respect by showing up dressed like that.

3. The bond between siblings is always stronger if they are twins

Image Source: Twitter

It is known that twins are special and they are able to feel and support each other in a unique way. The bond between twins is probably one of the strongest things ever, and these pictures prove it. These cute babies are all the proof you need, in case you thought otherwise. This is the sweetest thing you’ll see all day.

4. The best reward for human kindness is gratitude

Image Source: Twitter

This man was probably close to tears when he learned about the cabbies’ tradition of giving a free ride home to every kid that gets discharged from London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital. This is such a sweet thing to do and also a reminder that it’s not all about the money.

5. Dogs are more than just pets and need all the love they can get

Image Source: Twitter

This dog looks happy and there is a reason for that. After the cataract diagnosis, the pooch had a hard time playing fetch, but the love the owners had for their four-legged family member was the force that solved the problem.

6. There’s nothing like a playful dog to brighten your day

Image Source: Twitter

This cute dog can really bring a lot smiles with the goofy effort to catch a stick while in mid-air. After all, it is no easy task. But what’s more important is the love this woman has for her canine friend, and you can easily tell how big it is.

7. We totally agree with this post

Image Source: Twitter

This may be hard to understand by some people who have never owned a pet, but dog owners would agree to this post in a blink of an eye. The feeling when you hear you canine buddy coming towards you is one of the best ever.


8. Here is another proof why everyone needs a dog in their life

Image Source: Twitter

No matter how rough your day is, the wagging tail of your canine family member would always lift your spirits up. Now imagine there are four wagging tails! This kind of happiness needs to be shared, and we are glad this person did.

9. Witnessing true love is heartwarming

Image Source: Twitter

What better sign of true love than reading a post like this? We can’t think of a better and beautiful way to express you affection for someone than stating just how much you like the sound of their voice.

10. These cats kept their close relationship

Image Source: Twitter

It must have been a beautiful thing watching the kitten grow even bigger than the other cat, but cherishing their sweet bond despite that fact. The way they are spooning is more than adorable and show the purest kind of love.

11. Love knows no shape or size

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes we are left in awe after we see something, and this is one of those moments. This gentle giant can anyone what it’s like to care for someone and to protect them, and it is looks like a beautiful was created there.

12. Feeling down? Wayne has your back

Image Source: Twitter

There is no way that this cat will fail to lift you up, no matter how down you feel at the moment. We have no idea why Wayne is dressed in onesies, but they do look good and that’s one sharp cat. Wayne is here to send good vibes your way.

13. Good deeds need to be appreciated

Image Source: Twitter

These are so much good things about this post! First, one man did the selfless act to help another driver in a very dangerous situation, and then Elon Musk heard about the story and decided to cover the damage repair expenses of his client, which is the definition of the ‘pay it forward’ campaign.


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