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13 Weird Facts You Definitely Didn’t Know About The South Pole


The South Pole is one of the coldest places on earth. It is so cold that there are spots where the ice never even melts at all.

There is very little vegetation there, and not a lot of wildlife either. It’s actually quite dangerous there. A hole in the ozone layer means that going there without eye protection can cause you to develop eye cancer. If your eyewear has any steel, it will burn your skin if it touches.

Doesn’t sound like a fun place to me! Contrary to popular belief, the actual South Pole is different from the magnetic South Pole. It is in the center of the southern hemisphere while magnetic South Pole changes constantly.

There is a South Pole that is ceremonial that bears the flags of different countries that have signed the Antarctic Treaty.

One unique feature of the South Pole is the complete darkness from May until August. There are many other facts about the South Pole that you probably haven’t heard about. Here are 13 if the most crazy ones.

1.Discovered In 1820

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Antarctica was discovered in 1820 by Russians, although they didn’t stop there. Captain John Davis, an American , was the first person to ever actually step foot on the icy continent. It wasn’t until 1911 that anyone reached the pole. Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian, and his men were the first ones.

1956 was the next time anyone attempted to go to the South Pole. A station was set up between then and the next year, Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. It is still very active today. They conduct all kinds of research in the region.

2. Meteorites are easily found

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The South Pole is one of the best places around to find meteorites. The black space rocks are easy to spot among the white snow and ice. That doesn’t always mean they’re easy to get to, though.

Most of the time, they get buried in the ice and become part of the glaciers themselves. They are nearly impossible to get out from the glaciers because the surface of it is so hard that if you do crack it, you chance falling in the ridge. That’s not something you can come back from.

3. Bloody Waterfall

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There is a waterfall in Antarctica that looks like blood spilling down the snow. It isn’t, but it sure does make my stomach queasy just looking at it.

The water is tinted read because it is very iron rich, and it flows from Taylor glacier and into Lake Bonney.

If you’re wondering how it can be that there is a waterfall on the coldest place on earth, it’s because it is very salty, three times saltier than seawater. Salt lowers the freezing point quite a bit.

What is really neat, is that the water is not ready underground. There’s a chemical reaction when the water hits the open air that turns ferrous into ferrous oxide. Ferrous oxide is the scientific name for rust.


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