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14 Amusing Images That Are Really Kind of Adorable

Image Source: Reddit

Often, the most adorable images out there are not really intentional on the part of the person or people in the picture. The photographer might not even be trying to take an adorable picture. Sometimes, you just get lucky. As a result, a picture turns out way better that anyone could have or would have thought. It just happens.

Here are fifteen great and amusing images that turned out to be absolutely adorable.

1. The Couple Coloring the Bear

Image Source: Instagram

It is important for couples to do things together. If they do not, the relationship will definitely fail. Romantic relationships take effort, and this couple is putting effort into their relationship by coloring what appears to be a giant teddy bear. They are doing an absolutely great job; when that thing is finished, it’ll be art. I wonder if they decided to hang it on one of their walls.

A lot of people still think that coloring is only for children. They absolutely could not be more wrong. Since the beginning of the decade, adult coloring books have become very popular, and they have become popular for a number of reasons. A lot of stressed-out adults, for one, like feeling like a kid again. Coloring is known to reduce anxiety.

2. The Chair Made of Knees

Image Source: Reddit

These gentlemen were not trying to be adorable, but they definitely were. Honestly, I have no idea why they could not pull another chair to the table. I suppose they were all taken.

If your friends let you use their knees as a chair, you definitely have really good friends. It looks like everyone at that table is having a good, lively discussion over their meals. What a great group.

3. The Misspelling of the Cheese

Image Source: Instagram

This is a pretty funny way of spelling parmesan cheese. You kind of have to wonder if it was intentional. I suppose the person who made the label is just a terrible speller and did not have access to spell check for some reason.

Parmesan cheese, of course, is one of the most popular cheese in the world. Technically, parmesan cheese is a generic simulation of a cheese called Parmigiano-Reggiano. It is named after the provinces in Italy where it is made.

In regard to generic parmesan, one of the largest producers in North America is Kraft Foods. That company has been making the cheese since 1945. It is frequently used on pizza, spaghetti, and Caesar salad, and it typically comes grated already, which is not always the case with true Parmigiano-Reggiano.

4. The Banana Ducks

Image Source: Reddit

Obviously, these little ducks made out of bananas are adorable. Someone very creative clearly put a lot of work into these things. Also, I’m assuming that the person—whoever it may be—really loves ducks. He or she might also be a big fan of bananas.

What is sad is that most of the cars driving by did not even notice the cute little things. A lot of people walking by probably did not even notice. They were probably busy staring at their smartphones.

Bananas are kind of interesting for a couple different reasons. They have been cultivated for thousands of years.

In fact, it is possible that they were cultivated as early as 8,000 BCE in Papua, New Guinea.

They also play a role in pop culture. Slipping on a banana peel has been used in comedy for over 100 years. Also, there is the song “Yes! We Have No Bananas”. That song has been around since 1923, and for a long time it was the world’s best-selling sheet music.

I hope a lot of people got the chance to see adorable little banana ducks in person. They were true works of art.

5. The Joke About the Spoiler

Image Source: Reddit

I am no expert in regard to physics or vehicle design. I barely understand how cars work. I do know, for sure, that the tiny little spoiler on the back of this vehicle will do basically no good. Where did the owner even get such a tiny spoiler? A toy?

The fact of the matter is that a lot of the time, spoilers do not do much for a passenger car’s performance. They are simply added for style. They can even make a vehicle’s performance worse. They are just considered sporty because spoilers have traditionally been associated with race cars.

6. The Dog Driving the Bicycle

Image Source: Reddit

This dog really looks like it thinks it is driving this bicycle, which is absolutely adorable. It has such a serious expression on its face. He knows that his person’s life may be in his paws.

This seems kind of dangerous, though. I hope they got where they needed to go safely.

I have known several people who let their small or medium-sized dogs sit in their lap while driving, and that is a truly dangerous idea. For one thing, most vehicles these days have airbags; in theory, airbags are released out of a steering wheel to save the life of the driver. The force of an airbag rapidly pushing a dog into your chest will likely end your life.

A lot of us think of airbags as relatively recent inventions, but they are not. Patents were filed in the early 1950s. However, you did not start to see them regularly used in American cars until the early 1990s.

Airbags have definitely saved a lot of lives, but they also have their limits. For example, they only go off once; if a vehicle is struck twice in one collision, the airbag will not do anything. Also, they have been known to actually causes deaths, not prevent them. They are expelled pretty forcefully.

7. The Skittle and the Desk

Image Source: Twitter

The fact that anyone would go to such lengths to eat a piece of dirty candy off of the floor is weird, but it is also sort of amusing and adorable. Sometimes you just want candy, and almost anything will do.

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For all we know, the floor had just been cleaned.

As a candy, especially if you like fruit-flavored candies, Skittles are particularly delicious. I am not sure I would eat one off the floor, but I can totally understand the impulse to do so.

Skittles were first produced by a British company. They have been around since 1974, but they were not introduced into the United States until 1979.

In addition to the traditional flavor of Skittles, there are and have been many other flavors of the candy, including Wild Berry and Sour.

8. The Little Girl and the Red Flower

Image Source: Reddit

I definitely do not have a green thumb, but I know people that do. I know people who really love gardening and get really mad when things go wrong.

This young lady is clearly one of those people. Personally, I think the one red flower amidst all of the yellow ones looks pretty neat, but the young lady clearly disagrees.

You really have to wonder how that ended up happening, though, don’t you? There’s not another red flower in sight. How did the red one end up appearing where it did?

She probably should not be too mad, though. All she has to do is pick the flower and take it home. It would make a nice gift for a loved one in her life.

9. The Baby and the Spoon

Image Source: Reddit

You have to give the little guy in this credit for trying, and he actually almost succeeded in getting his cereal in his mouth. Based on the look on his face, he is at least proud of his attempt, and he should be. That was a noble effort. Chances are, by now, he has already accomplished his goal.

This is definitely an adorable baby, and he was not even trying. You really have to love those chubby cheeks and wispy hair, don’t you?

10. The Giant Statues and the Lady

Image Source: Reddit

If you do not look too closely at the image, you could almost believe the old ladies on the bench are real. Well, you could believe it if you ignore the actual woman standing by their feet.

This is an adorable picture. I have no idea where this statue is, but I would kind of like to see it. You can tell how enormous it is. That is impressive work.

It certainly is not the world’s largest statue, though. That statue can be found in China, and it is of Vairocana Buddha. There is actually a monastery beneath the statue. It is substantially taller than the Statue of Liberty and Christ the Redeemer.

11. The Dog and the Pet Owner

Image Source: Instagram

If you own a dog, there is a good chance you want to bring him or her with you almost everywhere you go. They are your companions—why would you want to leave your dog at home? Unfortunately, it is not always possible, but this guy found a pretty good way of transporting his pet almost anywhere he wanted to go.

Twenty dollars for goggles and a carrier for your dog is really a pretty good deal.

Also, this dog is absolutely adorable and is not even trying. He or she looks really great in those goggles.

12. The Flight Over Toronto

Image Source: Instagram

That is a really nice message to send to your friend. Chances are that was not the friend’s flight over Toronto, but it is a funny joke anyway.

Toronto, as most people know, is the capital of Ontario, Canada. Almost 6 million people live in the metropolitan area.

The city is known for a number of reasons. For example, the Toronto Stock Exchange is found there. Five of the country’s largest banks are headquartered there, as are many major corporations.

It is also the home of a vibrant performing arts scene. There are orchestras, opera companies, and many theaters. A lot of movies and television shows are produced there—more than any other place after Los Angeles and New York.

There are a number of tourist attraction in Toronto, including the Toronto Zoo, the Ontario Science Center, the Art Gallery of Toronto, and the Royal Ontario Museum.

13. The Dad Helping the Mom Get Ready

Image Source: Instagram

On the one hand, this is really sweet. A guy should help his wife get ready if they are going out somewhere. Not to generalize, but in my experience women take a lot longer to get ready, so men have a bit of free time.

It is sad, though, that the dad apparently does not have time to send his kid a text message. The dad might have good reasons for being sort of distant, though. He might have gotten a new job or started a business, after all. Not everyone has as much time now as they did when they were young.

14. The Guy Who Just Got Paid

Image Source: Instagram

The day you get paid is always an exciting day. Even if you already have enough money in your checking account to cover your bills and your entertainment for a while, extra money is always a good thing. There are not many people out there who turn money down.

Honestly, though, this guy looks a little too excited. He must get paid a lot; either that, or he just got a raise.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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