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14 Awesome Dads Who Won Parenting

Image Source: IMGUR

Being a father is a lot of things! It is a blessing, a privilege and a huge responsibility! You need to be there for your kids and take good care of the family, but in the same time you need to teach your children to be good. Every dad out there is surely doing what it takes to raise people who possess knowledge and moral. We congratulate every dad in the world since yesterday was International Father’s Day and we encourage those men who are still wondering if they would be good fathers or not to stop hesitating this second. Having a child is the best thing that could happen to everyone.

1. This dad is definitely worthy of a photo

Image Source: Meltybuzz

Dads are amazing and the first photo on the list shows only one of the reasons why that is an absolute fact. When a special occasion required the attendants to come fully dressed in costumes, this girl probably chose the Red Riding Hood theme, but there was an unexpected twist. The little girl actually demanded that she was the big bad wolf. This meant that her father had to be Red Riding Hood! He obviously did not mind at all since it was all for his little girl!

2. Here is how multitasking looks like

Image Source: Imgur

Who says that you cannot have fun and look after the kids at the same time? People think that it would be a tough thing to combine these two activities, but we all know that you should work smart instead of working hard as most people. This father allowed his daughter to do his nails while he enjoyed his video game. This is the perfect way to combine the task of looking after the kids with some time for yourself

3. Teaching the children valuable things is a must

Image Source: Imgur

Kids observe us all the time and they soak everything they hear and see like a sponge. This is why we need to teach them certain things but we also need to set an example for them to follow! By doing the right things we allow them to replicate us and to grow responsible and aware of how to take care of themselves. The body’s physical condition is extremely important and it is a good idea to teach your kids how to train their bodies from an early age.

4. Tea parties are an important social activity

Image Source: Imgur

Spending time to bond with your kids is definitely a must and every parent should do it often. Unfortunately, the busy schedules we all have are in the way of spending quality time with the kids. When you have the time to do it, make sure that you follow this dad’s example. It is not embarrassing at all! Despite the fact that he is a big man, he gladly joined his little girl’s tea party and she looks at him like he is her hero!

5. There are no excuses when it comes to being a dad

Image Source: Imgur

Many people tend to find excuses about not being able to do the right things every parent should. For example, storytelling is an essential activity that needs to be repeated daily. Your time at work has nothing to do with it and even if you are tired, you need to be a man about it and do what you need to do. As you can see, this dad uses the time it takes to get home and we should all do the same.

6. Any table would do if your little princess wants it

Image Source: Imgur

We already mentioned that there is no shame in the things you are willing to do with your daughter. We believe that having the time to spend with your daughter when she does things her own way is definitely not easy but it can also be a pleasant experience. This dad gladly agreed with his daughter when she decided to have dinner on the small pink table in her room. It might be a bit uncomfortable for him, but he is still as happy as possible to be there.

7. Now this is a cool dad

Image Source: Surfline

Well, we agree that not all fathers would be able to do this, but there is no need to. This is just these people’s way of having fun. We are all different and we should not compare ourselves to anyone. We must focus on being good to our kids and to raise them in the best possible way. There are other side activities except surfing and you and the children can spend a lot of time doing things together without being bored.

8. This is match made in heaven

Image Source: Reddit

This dad’s face might appear to be a long one, but he is actually happy to be there! After all, he is able to hold the most precious thing he could ever have – his baby girl. Apparently she has specific preferences about certain things and she made him wear a hair bow just like hers. The proud dad had nothing to say about that and they have matching hair which is great!

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9. Making professional photos requires a lot of patience

Image Source: Reddit

These people probably found it hard to keep the baby in one place so they decided to comfort the young photo model in the only possible way! The father is on his back, covered completely form his nose to his feet. The baby is carefully placed on his chest while sleeping like an angel. This worked wonders and the baby kept still during the whole time. Photographers are amazing but the key role here was the father’s.

10. Most dads are just boys who grew up physically

Image Source: Imgur

Some people say that the best way to become an adult is to never lose your childish ways because they are purer than those the grown-ups have. This was probably the case here. When it was time for the baby to be bathed, the father decided to have some fun with the baby and the end result can be seen in the images! The baby looks super cute and we guess the mother enjoyed seeing these adorable images as much as the father enjoyed making them.

11. Only a real man would do that

Image Source: Armstar

This is definitely not for everybody but we guess that if a dad knows deep down that he is a real man, nothing could stop him from doing even extreme things like the one pictured above. Letting your little girl do makeup sessions using your own self as the model is something exceptional! It shows just how much you care about her! This man looks pleased to be able to assist his daughter and we believe it is an honor for him.

12. Here is another way to combine different activities

Image Source: Imgur

Many people complain that the moment their kids are born, they stop having time to do anything for themselves, including sports. This is just not so and the image above proves it! As you can clearly see, this father was able to turn the tough task of looking after his three kids into a pleasant activity and he even uses them as weights! This is really good idea and he combined seemingly incompatible things.

13. This father knows what he is doing

Image Source: Imgur

The ridiculous outfit this man sports has a very specific purpose and it is written on the back of his jacket. He decided to step into action and show his girls that it was way too early for them to start wearing such shorts. We are sure they got the message and we salute this dad for his determination to prove his point! The girls probably knew he was right but wanted to show their friends they followed the fashion trends.

14. Here is a dad willing to act as a play mat

Image Source: Thewinthropchronicles

We are sure you know that parenting means that a lot of sacrifices need to be made on a daily basis! Of course, most of them are not something worth mentioning about, but in other cases they are admirable. We guess that seeing this father acting as a play mat for his kids is definitely something to admire. He seems to be willing to do anything for his children to feel okay and have fun while playing.

15. Sometimes dads just need to endure something

Image Source: Imgur

This is one of the moments every father needs to be man about a certain thing and just let his kids do whatever they want. In this case, the little girl wanted to practice her hairstylist skills and we need to admit that the toddler has some talent! We see good things in her future if she keeps it up. Of course, this would be impossible without the help of the father who willingly assisted her training.

16. Here is another situation in which patience is a virtue

Image Source: Imgur

We believe that patience is one of the most valuable things every dad needs to possess in order to raise his kids the right way. As you can see, this man was able to hold it together despite having two kids. He literally balances things and we congratulate him for the effort.

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