14 Comics Describing Everyday Life Of People In Long-Term Relationships

Image Source: Crislane Passos

Crislane Passos is a Brazilian artist who developed the comic characters Max and Julia who are in love with each other and whose differences make their relationship interesting. The artist created the two characters years ago while writing a novel, but he liked them so much that he continued making illustrations and at one point they became his main work. The illustrations are totally relatable and even though their life may seem a little chaotic, it’s admirable and even romantic.

1. One of the best surprises ever

Image Source: Crislane Passos

This is very sweet! Just when she was about to think that he was joking, he showed her that they were really going to have a baby! Sharing a love for animals with your soul mate is beautiful.

2. Your canine baby wants to steal all the love

Image Source: Crislane Passos

Dogs are lovable and want all the attention. In most cases they want all the kisses, too, and they get a lot of them.

3. A little jealousy is something quite normal

Image Source: Crislane Passos

For most men it’s rather annoying to see some other guys liking your girl’s photos on social media and commenting on them; on the other hand, every man must feel proud that the girl that everybody likes is sitting next to him.

4. Some tasks are not as easy as they seem

Image Source: Crislane Passos

Even the toughest man can be in serious doubt sometimes and the situation could seem extremely hard, especially when a girl sends her boyfriend to buy some cosmetic products for her; chances are that he’ll get lost in the sea of feminine aisles at the local supermarket and he’ll need backup.

5. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you can’t have some alone time

Image Source: Crislane Passos

Most girls need some time on their own, and it’s a good thing even for men to do. It is actually a must if you want to preserve your relationship.

6. Even the pranks must be done with love

Image Source: Crislane Passos

While nobody likes to get pranked, there is one exception; if the prank was done by your loved one and it’s harmless to you, you might as well enjoy it and a have a few laughs about it, because it show that you have someone’s attention.

7. The happiest moments are the family moments

Image Source: Crislane Passos

Spending time with the love of your life and your kids is probably the best feeling you are able to get in life. The pure joy of having these people cannot be measured or compared to anything else.

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8. Packing for a holiday is always a challenge

Image Source: Crislane Passos

People often forget something when leaving for a trip, and if you left something behind, it better be something that you could buy along the way. Failing to pack everything needed could happen to everybody.

9. One movie needs to be replayed at least a few times

Image Source: Crislane Passos

Most girls find it hard to watch a whole movie and they are usually asleep as soon as it starts, meaning that the same movie needs to be played at least a couple of times more.

10. Some things are apparently accepted differently depending on whether you’re male or female.

Image Source: Crislane Passos

These situations are always accepted in a slightly different way by men and women, and you could bet that men are happy in both cases.

11. Caring for each other has a down side

Image Source: Crislane Passos

If one of the couple is sick, this means that the other one must care for him and show support; however, it doesn’t mean that the one who is healthy has to stay by the other one’s side all the time.

12. When you do something wrong, the aftermath lasts a long time

Image Source: Crislane Passos

Some people get angry quick, but the storm passes just as fast as it came; however, despite the apology, others tend to remain frustrated for a long time and it’s best not to bother them until they cool off.

13. The perfect relax therapy is staying in bed with a nice book

Image Source: Crislane Passos

Almost everyone likes to cuddle in bed for some time and enjoy a good book. If your loved ones are near and they share the joy, it’s even better.

14. Boys will be boys

Image Source: Crislane Passos

Men can turn even the boring house chores into a child’s game and enjoy themselves, which may seem weird to some women, but that’s just how guys are.

15. If you love her, you forgive her

Image Source: Crislane Passos

Guys seem to be worse than women when it comes to being angry with someone – they just cannot hold the grudge long enough.

Written by Sven Miller

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