14 Examples of Times People Who Should’ve Definitely Given A Second Thought

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At times, people do not think things through. It is not wise to overthink things, true, because then nothing ever gets done. However, there are times when it is clear people really did not put in much thought at all. Sometimes, entire companies seem to forget to check their work. You simply have to wonder how it all happens.

Fortunately for us, when people don’t give things a second thought when they really should have, things can get pretty interesting or even truly hilarious. Here are fifteen examples of times people should have given things a second thought.

1. The Message About Looking

Image Source: Reddit

We have all gotten messages like this, of course. Sometimes, you get a text message or a message on social media that makes no sense or is just completely and totally pointless. It often seems as if the sender intended for there to be a second part of the message, but just completely forgot; that is understandable, I suppose.

I have no idea what was going on in this case. What were we supposed to be looking at? Was there supposed to be a link to a really cool site or a video following the word “look”?

I am guessing there was. Either that, or “look” is some sort of philosophical statement that I just do not understand.

2. Cory and the Newborn Kid

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The problem here is that the doctors might not have realized Cory was joking. I have been to my fair share of doctors in my life. I have met a few with great personalities. However, most of them are pretty dull, humorless people who really don’t know how to take a joke. Apparently, you gain a lot of knowledge in medical school, but you also lose the ability to be funny.

In the defense of doctors, I would probably be pretty dull and humorless if I had to be around sick people all day.

I am sure being a doctor is a rewarding job, but it also sounds like a major bummer.

Personally, I find the comment hilarious, and I hope the doctor did too. At the very least, I hope Cory got a laugh. In a couple of decades, his kid probably will be celebrating his birthday with shots.

3. The Muffin

Image Source: Reddit

This muffin is just irritating to look at. What was the baker thinking? Apparently, the baker was not really thinking at all.

It definitely was not the best muffin in the world, but it probably was not the worst, and it was most likely pretty darn delicious.

Considering how popular they are these days—they are eaten all over the world—you would think muffins have been around since the dawn of time. That, surprisingly, is not the case. They have only been around since about the 18th or 19th century.

For whatever reason, certain states in the United States have official muffins. For example, the official of Muffin of the state of New York is the apple muffin. How these things get chosen is anybody’s guess, really. Massachusetts apparently likes the corn muffin a lot. Really, I can’t imagine why a state would need an official muffin, but apparently some do.

4. The Vodka and the Goat

Image Source: Twitter

This young woman apparently had a pretty fun night. I would never condone that level of drinking, certainly, but it must be kind of fun to think you are a goat for a little while. There are other animals I would rather be for a night, truthfully, but we have to take what we can get.

Goats are pretty neat animals, really, which is why human beings have been interacting with them and raising them for thousands of years. A lot of people really seem to like goat cheese and enjoy drinking goat milk. A lot of people eat goat meat, too; it is actually considered healthier than other red meats.

Goats also make pretty good pets, too. While they tend to prefer the company of other goats, which is understandable, they can and do form bonds with their owners. They just require a little more space than, for example, a bulldog. Also, depending on where you live, it might be difficult to procure hay.

5. The Bundle of Tire Stickers

Image Source: Reddit

For reasons unclear, a tire shop decided to bundle up the tire stickers it had collected for a year or so. I really can’t imagine why. That is quite a large bundle; I would say that it is impressive, except it is also kind of lame.

They must be pretty bored at that tire shop. When you don’t have customers, what do you do in a tire shop? I am assuming you do what you do at any other establishment—browse the internet and check your social media accounts. I guess you also post pictures on social media that no one really needs to see.

Anyone who has ever had to buy them knows that tires can cost a small fortune. However, it is very important to replace your tires when they get old and worn. As tires age, they tend to dry out, which can be very dangerous. In general, it is recommended that you change your vehicle’s tires at least every six years—even if you do not drive very much. Naturally, rubber tends to degrade over time.

6. The Kid and the Makeup

Image Source: Twitter

It seems like someone should give a second thought to pursuing a career in the entertainment industry as a makeup artist.

The person with the niece clearly has talent. This might be one of the more impressive makeup jobs I have ever seen. This kid, who is allegedly three years old, looks like she is about seventy, which is positively fantastic.

Also, the kid seems really pleased with the results. Kids that age generally want to look like adults, right? She just looks like the sort of adult you would expect to find in a nursing home. There is nothing wrong with that.

Admittedly, I would be sort of creeped out if I ran into this kid on the street, but the picture is just fantastic.

I hope whoever applied this makeup is considering pursuing a promising new career. There just has to be a market for that sort of skill, right? It’d be a fun, albeit weird, thing to do at birthday parties.

7. The Pokémon Toy

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

I don’t need to explain what is wrong with this image. It is completely and totally obvious at first glance. Also, you would think a company that makes Pokémon toys would have better quality control. As we all know, Pokémon is huge.

The first Pokémon games came out for the Game Boy back in 1996, and they have been churning out games ever since.

In addition to the video games, there are books, a film series, a television series, comics, and trading cards about the Pokémon franchise.

The franchise is extremely profitable. It has generated almost $60 billion in revenue, and it is one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time. Only the “Super Mario” franchise is more popular. Pikachu, arguably the most well-known and popular Pokémon, is one of the more recognizable characters in the world.

New Pokémon games are coming out for the Nintendo Switch later this year.

8. The Image About Eating the Family

Image Source: Reddit

We know for certain that these signs aren’t promoting the consumption of human flesh, but that certainly appears to be the case, doesn’t it? Whoever designed the exterior of this building probably should have given the whole thing a second thought.

The sad thing is that the establishment is probably a nice, family-run place that serves delicious food. The exterior just sort of disgusts you a bit. It makes you wonder—even if only for a second or too.

This establishment, by the way, can be found in a town called Whitewater, which is in Wisconsin and seems like a nice small town. The restaurant is on the town’s Main Street, which is charming.

9. The Purell Dispenser and the Light Switch

Image Source: Reddit

This is an extremely odd place for the Purell dispenser. Why would you install it right above a light switch? That is not a great move.

I do like it when there are Purell dispensers in restrooms, though. The stuff first went on the market back in 1996. The hand sanitizer, according to claims, kills almost 100 percent of the germs that tend to cause common illnesses. For the record, the stuff is flammable, which is a reason it probably should not be above the light switch.

10. The Toilet Seats

Image Source: Twitter

Ordering stuff online can be great; it can also be sort of weird, really. Products that you would never buy are recommended to you because of the shopping decisions other people made, and sometimes those products are really strange. That is why, sometimes, it is better to just go to a store.

In this case, it seems, a person bought a toilet seat via Amazon. That’s a pretty reasonable purchase, I suppose.

People need toilet seats. They don’t necessarily last forever, and everyone needs a toilet. Also, buying a toilet seat in a store is sort of awkward. You just know that the cashier is thinking about you pooping.

However, you generally do not buy toilet seats more than once a year or so. They don’t last forever, but they also don’t break every six months. If your toilet seats are regularly breaking, something weird is definitely going on in your home.

I suppose it is always a good idea to have a spare toilet seat on hand, though, just in case. Weird stuff happens all of the time. Maybe this person should think twice about ordering another toilet seat.

Also, I bet there are people that collect toilet seats. I would not be surprised at all, honestly. People collect weird stuff.

11. The Bowl and the Food

Image Source: Imgur

According to this image, eating out of bowls is a new trend? That is surprising, frankly, as I have been eating out of bowls since I was a pretty small child. I had no idea I was creating a trend by doing so. Bowls are just really convenient. I actually prefer them to plates. They are less messy.

I also use forks once in a while. Is that becoming a trend? Am I inadvertently setting trends? Prior to my being born, did a lot of people eat soup from a plate?

What a weird post. The person or company that posted this really should have thought twice about doing so.

12. The Vape-Filled Condom

Image Source: Imgur

This one is just weird. I’m guessing that is indeed a vape-filled condom. Why would anyone lie about that? That would be a pretty lame thing to lie about.

Why would anyone do that, though? That seems like a waste of a perfectly good condom. Why would anyone post this picture? A lot of people should have thought twice regarding this particular situation. Do people really want to see pictures of condoms in lakes, after all? Most of us, frankly, do not.

13. The Apple And the Toilet

Image Source: Twitter

People do a lot of weird and disgusting stuff on the toilet. Frankly, I think it is kind of weird when people leave reading material for their guests in the restroom. Do you really want to touch that book or magazine? You probably don’t.

I have known people who like to smoke cigarettes while on the toilet, and I’m pretty sure everybody these days uses their phone while doing their business. It is gross. That’s why I don’t like touching anyone else’s phone.

Eating while on the toilet, however, is just beyond nasty. No one should do that. Also, the fact that the roommate chose to eat an apple really makes the whole thing a lot more bizarre and creepy.

14. The Book

Image Source: Reddit

In case you are unfamiliar, this book is a parody written by Adam Roberts, who has won several awards. It is a real book. I’m not sure that it actually needed to be written—as I have never read it—but it is apparently available for purchase.

The reviews were decent. It might be worth checking out if you are looking for something to read.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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