14 Famous Last Tweets Celebrities Posted Right Before They Passed Away

9. Elaine Stritch

Image Source: Twitter

Elaine Stritch was an American singer and stage actress, who became a legend on Broadway. She is part of the American Theater Hall of Fame. On July 17, 2014, at  the age of 89 she died in her sleep in her home. The cause of the death was not disclosed, but many suggest that it might be due to stomach cancer, that she was fighting.

Her last tweet was about 2 months before her death. She posted a picture of her new dog – Marshall. It is sad to think that the two of them never got to know each other in depth.

10. John Pinette

Image Source: / Twitter

John Pinette was an American actor and Broadway performer, but was best known as a stand up comedian. Even today after his death he is holding the record for the highest selling one person show ever  in the Canadian comedy festival Just for Laughs.

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Pinette died on April 5, 2014 from pulmonary embolism. He was suffering from liver and heart disease. His last tweet was a reminder to his fans for his upcoming show on April 10-13. Sadly, he never made it to the show.

11. Greg Giraldo

Image Source: Twitter

Greg Giraldo was another American stand up comedian, enjoying huge success. Similarly to his colleague Joh Pinette, his last post was about an upcoming event (The Stress Factory) with him where he would celebrate his recovery from addiction, and try and help people still struggling with it.

That tweet was dated September 22, 2010.

5 days later he was found unconscious by the Police in his apartment. He was rushed to a hospital, where the doctors determined that he has overdosed some prescription medicines, and there is nothing they could do to bring him, so they stopped his life support systems.

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