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14 Famous Men Who You Will Not Be Able To Recognize Without Beard

Image Source: Adam Levine / Instagram

We all know someone who maintained a bearded look for such a long time that you got used to his image. However, if that person decides to shave, you might fail to recognize him! This is normal because men  can transform completely without their beards in the eyes of those who were used to their facial hair. The impact is even bigger when we are talking about a famous face! The celebrities listed below are known for their signature beards or moustaches and they become unrecognizable the moment they shave it! You have the chance to see photos of each celeb with and without facial hair and see the difference.

1. Joaquin Phoenix

Image Source: Instagram

This is one actor who is not particularly known for his beard, but this is not the point here. You simply cannot deny that he is completely transformed by his beard and even some of his fans might actually fail to recognize him. He even experimented with different styles through the years until he was happy with his looks. You can tell it’s him when he only grows a moustache, but he is unrecognizable under that long and thick beard.

2. Seth Rogen

Image Source: Seth Rogen

Here is another celebrity who seems to be comfy with his beard on. It really became a part of his usual appearance and we might add that it suits him well. This is because he found the best beard style to match his facial proportions. This is extremely important in order for a man to look good with his beard on. In fact, Rogen has been rocking a beard for so long that we would find it weird if we see him shaved. He better keep it on.

3. John Hamm

Image Source: YouTube

This is a man who can look cool with or without a beard. He has distinctive looks regardless of whether he shaved his beard or not. In fact, he used to be smooth and clean shaved, just like the time he starred in Mad Men, but we tend to like his bearded look better. Hamm is a true hunk and we believe that the chosen beard style adds to that! He might look a few years older but that is not a bad thing at all! We guess that we got used to seeing him with his beard on.

4. Jared Leto

Image Source: Instagram

In Jared Leto’s case we might actually repeat what we said about Shia LeBeouf! What goes for him goes for Leto as well! Both of them are charismatic and have a distinctive attitude that sets them apart from the rest of the celebrities. They both made the right choice of growing a beard that dramatically changed the way they look. In Leto’s case the beard is even bigger and he chose a style that definitely suits him well!

5. Cuba Gooding Jr.

Image Source: Instagram

This is another example of how even a small amount of facial hair can completely change a celebrity’s appearance. In this case you can easily see how Cuba Gooding Jr. decided to experiment with a beard and it really made a difference. We are used to seeing him without any facial hair, and you can clearly see that it changed the way he looks. Surprisingly to us, his beard gave him a regular guy look, and how he reminds us of a stranger who is also Cuba Gooding Jr.’s lookalike!

6. Stephen Colbert

Image Source: YouTube

Now this is some difference! It is probably a fact that some people can go incognito by just growing their beard! Colbert’s smooth look was always complimented by a clean shave and we are used to seeing him like that. However, his beard totally changes him and it is hard to believe we are talking about the same person. Colbert has the type of beard that sea wolves or Alaskan hunters have, and it gives him a really rugged look that suits him well, we might add.

7. Tom Selleck

Image Source: TV Guide

The famous actor hardly needs introduction! Yes, he might not have a beard, but he definitely has a moustache that is among the most distinctive features any man could have. And Selleck’s facial hair really is distinctive! As you can see, there was a time when he used to prefer the clean shave look and we guess that he does not look like himself! We are so used to his current look that we prefer it over every other option.

8. Leonardo DiCaprio

Image Source: Instagram

We are more than certain that when it comes to DiCaprio’s look, there will be a lot of different opinions. Some of his fans like him without the man bun and the beard because they are used to seeing his smile shine without anything covering it. The actor’s youthful look is definitely a distinctive feature that the facial hair covers! However, many DiCaprio fans adored his bearded look because his appearance became instantly tougher! We need to admit that we also like him with the beard more than his regular shaved look.

9. Nick Offerman

Image Source: Bbook

This is another classic example of how a man can become unrecognizable after a seemingly small change in the way he looks. In this case, a moustache can make all the difference! Nick Offerman‘s moustache is definitely a significant feature and it gives him a unique appearance that guarantees that he cannot be mistaken for someone else. Can you imagine the character of Ron Swanson without the moustache? We cannot even bear with that thought, because the role is an iconic one. As you can see, the actor looks nothing like himself without the moustache.

10. George Lopez

Image Source: Instagram

Here is another reversed case of a changed appearance based on the presence of some facial hair. George Lopez is also a man that needs no introduction and you would recognize him immediately when you stumble upon him somewhere. However, a small beard can certainly change that! The beard itself looks cool and it suits him well, but it also changes his appearance to the point where he could go wherever he wants and be incognito! This is probably nice because he could take a break from random people greeting him and taking autographs. It must be tiring to be a celebrity because you will probably have little to no privacy at all.

11. Shia LeBeouf

Image Source: YouTube

Here is one of our favorite actors! The personality and talent Shia has are undisputable and we believe that most movie fans like him, too! We mean, what’s not to like about him? He always behaved like the man he is but before he embraced the bearded look, he resembled a college student! While looking younger than you actually are is most people’s dream, we believe Shia made the right choice and decided to stick to his new hairstyle and kept the beard. Looking good, dude!

12. Donald Glover

Image Source: YouTube

We just had to include Donald in this list! He is definitely one of the most interesting faces in show business for the past few years! The reason for that is the fact that he is super talented! It seems that there is nothing he couldn’t do! Everything he touches seems to turn out to be successful! We especially love his music which he creates under the Childish Gambino name. Another thing we like about him is also the choice he made to grow a beard! It definitely suits him well and it completely transformed his look! Glover probably seeks new things in all his endeavors and he thought that making a significant change in his appearance would be nice, too. He was not wrong!

13. Jason Momoa

Image Source: Instagram

You probably wondered why Jason Momoa was not included in the list already! Well, here he is, in all his glory! He is currently one of the most desired Hollywood actors and that is due to a number of reasons! He is super talented and he looks great on screen! His macho appearance and great personality only add to the reasons why we love him! He is also a loving husband and father and has a great sense of humor! It seems that the beard he decided to grow only added to everything admirable about him! It makes him even more distinctive than he already was!

14. Zach Galifianakis

Image Source: Deviant Art

Well, we guess there is not much we can say about Zach, because his beard is definitely one of his most distinctive and charming features! You cannot mistake him for anyone else because the actor’s appearance is truly unique! If you are a fan of his, you might have seen him without facial hair, but we believe most people only know him with his typical look. As you can see, Zach is a completely different person without his beard and the difference in his appearance is huge! He probably knows that and he seems to be enjoying his facial hair more than rocking a clean look.

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