14 Frustrating Issues That Only People With Thick Hair Will Really Understand

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There are definitely many benefits to having thick hair, no matter your gender. In general, you can do a lot more with thick hair in terms of styling. It is just a great look on some people, too, just like shaved heads look great on a lot of people.

However, as is the case with most things in life, even the very best of situations tend to have their downsides, and there are definite downsides to having thick hair. If you have thin hair or you are bald, you might not believe me, but it is the truth.

Here are fifteen of the more frustrating downsides of having thick hair, especially if that hair is also on the longer side.

1. You Probably Use More Shampoo and Conditioner

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You are not supposed to use very much shampoo when you wash your hair. However, if you are one of those people who naturally have thick hair—especially if your hair is also long—you tend to go through shampoo and conditioner very quickly.

Shampoo, while not super expensive in most cases, is not cheap either. Some bottles only cost a few bucks; however, if you want to use high-quality brand-name stuff for whatever reason, bottles of shampoo can cost $20 or more. Over the course of a lifetime, those extra dollars really add up.

2. Blow-Drying Your Hair Takes Longer

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For obvious reasons, it takes a whole lot longer to blow dry thick hair. While some people genuinely enjoy the experience of blow drying their hair, a lot of people simply view the whole thing as a time-wasting necessity of life.

It can also make your hair appear a lot fluffier than you might prefer. Not everyone likes puffy hair.

When you have short hair that isn’t particularly thick, you might not have to dry it at all. You can just let it air dry, and you’ll look fine in a few short minutes.

While drying one’s hair is a pain at times, we are lucky to have hair dryers in our lives. Hair dryers—as we know them anyway—have only been around since the 19th century. They were not available to consumers until about 1920 or so.

In the middle of the 20th century, hair dryers were actually sort of dangerous to use. Hundreds of deaths occurred every year because the devices got wet and people ended up electrocuted. Thanks to new safety guidelines and technology changes, very few people these days die because of their hair dryer.

3. You Shed Like An Animal

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When you have long, thick hair, you tend to shed. You run your fingers through your hair and inevitably pull out strands. While your hair is probably quite lovely, you do not want to find bits of your hair everywhere you look.

Also, other people do not want to find bits of your hair everywhere they look. A lot of people with thick hair shed like Golden Retrievers.

4. You Break Combs and Brushes More Than A Person Should

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Those with thinner hair do not understand, but you can actually break combs and brushes if you have exceptionally thick hair. This is inconvenient for a couple of reasons, the major one being that you have to buy a new brush or comb.

Brushes, in particular, are not the cheapest products in the world. A decent hair brush can cost well over $20.

There are some out there that cost more than $100.

5. Bobby Pins Are Practically Worthless

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Bobby pins are, in most cases, extremely useful when it comes to styling one’s hair. They first became popular back in the 1920s because of bobbed hair. They are also used for buns and up-dos.

Unfortunately, when you have very thick hair, bobby pins are pretty worthless. They do not achieve much of anything at all.

Even if they’re no good for your hair, bobby pins can be useful, so you should consider investing in some. For example, a lot of people use them as makeshift bookmarks. They can also be used to close certain types of food packaging.

Other products are also more-or-less worthless if you just happen to have really thick hair.

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Elastic bands tend to break a lot, for example. If you are going to buy them and try to use them regularly, be sure to go to a place that sells them in bulk. You’ll go through a ton.

6. Air Drying Your Hair Also Takes Forever

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As mentioned above, people with thick hair have to spend a lot longer on blow drying their hair. A person with super thick hair pretty much needs to invest in a hair dryer, though, because air drying can take all day. If you take a shower at eight in the morning, your hair could still be wet after your midday meal. People with short, thin air can air dry in a matter of minutes. It is not fair, but that is just the way it is.

7. Washing Your Hair Can Be a Bit of a Workout


Wet hair, if there is a lot of it, can feel quite heavy. It can also take forever to wash if you want to do the job right, so you’ll be moving your hands and arms around a lot. You should be prepared for that. Consider doing a few stretches before you step into the shower.


Also, as mentioned above, thick hair takes more shampoo; make sure you have plenty of shampoo left in the bottle before you start to wash it.

8. Ponytails Can Be Painful

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Ponytails can be a great look on people, but they do not work so well when you have really thick hair. They can actually be sort of painful because of the weight of the hair. It is also quite difficult to actually get your hair into a ponytail if you have thick hair. Basically, it just is not worth it.

9. The Heat of the Summer


There is a good reason a lot of people—men with short hair included—get “summer cuts”. If you live in a warm climate, having thick hair can be very unpleasant. Shorter hair is definitely more comfortable during the summer months. Long, thick hair can make you feel like you’re wearing a sweater on your head.

However, on the flip side, having long, thick hair is great during the winter months. You want it to feel like there is a sweater on your head when it is positively freezing outside.

Speaking of the weather, humidity is not your friend if you have thick hair. It tends to make your hair look very poofy.

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That is not a great look, and there’s not very much you can do about the humidity.

10. People Tend to Think You Love Your Thick Hair

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People tend to be jealous of things they don’t have. For example, if you are a bald guy, you are probably jealous of guys who have hair. If you are a person with thin hair, you are probably jealous of people with thick hair.

However, as we have been pointing out, people with thinner hair do not understand the challenges that come along with having very thick hair. While it really can be an excellent look on a lot of people, it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to deal with and manage. A lot of people with thick hair are jealous of people with thinner hair.

11. The Clogged Drains


While there are worse things in the world than a clogged drain, they are definitely pretty obnoxious and can get really gross. Pulling clumps of hair out of a drain is not an experience anyone really looks forward to.

If you’re the only person in your household with thick hair, you can pretty much rest assured that the drains are clogged because of you; everyone else in the household will know that, too, and you will not be their favorite person if they just happen to share a shower or bathtub with you.

The hairs also end up on the walls of the shower, the bathroom floor—pretty much everywhere. As mentioned above, people with thick hair tend to shed, and it can get pretty gross.

12. Current Trendy Hairstyles Are Simply Not Your Friend

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Back in the 1980s, having enormous hair was an extremely popular look. If you had thick hair, you were very lucky. You didn’t need all the hairspray that was so overused during that decade.

However, hairstyles have changed in the past 30 years or so, and giant hair just is not a look most people go for anymore. If your hair is really thick, there’s not much you can do; your hair will be big, and you just have to accept that.

13. Trying to Style Your Hair Takes a Lot Longer

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As is the case with blow drying and air drying thick hair, styling thick hair takes a whole lot longer. There is just so much to work with, and there is very little you can do about that unless you want to get your hair cut extremely short—which isn’t always a great look on certain people.

14. Your Hair and Your Food Know Each Other Well


As mentioned above, people with thick, long hair tend to shed. This is a problem in the bathroom, but it is also a problem in the kitchen. You probably like to prepare meals for your family and friends, but you also know that they do not want to find your hair in their entrée or soup. Unfortunately, unless you want to wear a hairnet while cooking in your own home, some of your hair will inevitably end up in the meals you serve.

If your hair is long, you’ll likely get your hair into your food while you’re eating it once in a while, which means you should probably wash your hair. As we’ve pointed out, long and thick hair tends to take a good while to wash and dry, and you also have to use more shampoo than the average person.


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