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14 Images That Will Make You Go ‘Awwwwwww naw’

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that photos can cause a lot of mixed feelings in people. A single photo can make you feel anxious or you may find it to be disturbing. It is okay to disapprove something when you see it, because you are not obliged to like everything you see, of course. The following list will show you situations that you will probably disapprove for a number of reasons.
Check out the photos below and see how they make you feel!

1. Photographing people without their consent is not okay

Image Source: Reddit

We know how people get excited when they see a celebrity, and we have always found this to be a strange phenomenon. After all, they are just like us! Their celebrity status should not affect others that much, but it is just the way things happen. When someone took this photo of a woman on the street, they did not realize that it was actually Sophie Turner! The person later tagged the actress after sharing the photo on social media, but we guess that this paparazzi behavior is not a good idea. Celebrities have the right to keep their privacy. We guess that being a famous face has a lot of downsides because celebs often become victims of people’s interest.

2. Safety features were not an issue back in the day

Image Source: Reddit

People learn a lot from their mistakes, and this is the way a lot of new inventions were created. In order to develop something, you need to get it wrong numerous times! This is why nobody should be afraid of failure. However, there are certain things that you could immediately recognize as a bad idea upon taking a first glance at them! This child seat from the 50s is definitely a good example of that! It seems that the manufacturer of this item cared about the view that the child would see more than the potential dangers of using the device!

3. This is something relatable for many of us

Image Source: Imgur

If you remember your college years, then you would probably relate to this! As you can see, one student seems to be more than desperate, because he did not take many notes. In fact, he only wrote one line that says it all! We know that this photo will probably get a lot of different opinions. Some will say that if the person in the photo is not capable of learning anything, then he should not be there. However, we guess that sometimes the learning material is not up to date and the students only waste their time.

4. Here is how a cute cat can actually bother you with its presence

Image Source: Twitter

Animals can do a lot of weird things. If we are talking about domestic animals and pets, you can be sure that weird stuff will happen all the time! This cute cat is the perfect example. As you can see, the feline had the weird habit of sitting in the most unusual pose. It made the owner of the cat feel uncomfortable and we can definitely see why. The cat looks as if it will speak like a human any second. This can easily give you anxiety!

5. Sometimes a simple discovery will make you feel like you need to catch up

Image Source: Twitter

There are a lot of things in our daily lives which we seem to neglect. Every now and then we find out about things that have been under our noses all the time! When we make a discovery like that, we feel like we don’t want to be in that situation! We guess you can find yourself in a situation like that often, and this post gives a good example! It may not seem like much, but it definitely made us want to run to the store and grab a bottle of Gatorade just to see if the cap really fits in there.

6. This is a nice effort but it really ruined the whole song

Image Source: Instagram

The modern school system definitely needs reworking! Kids nowadays are developing fast and technology really changed their perceptions of the world. This is why all teachers must do their best in order to be able to provide quality education! They need to keep up with the latest trends and be innovative; otherwise nobody would be interested in learning what they would like to teach. As you can see, someone made a creative attempt to make the students read more, but we guess that all it did was ruin the hit song.

7. Some jokes are better left unshared

Image Source: Me Me

We all love seeing a good joke or a prank, but sometimes the thing that was supposed to make you laugh ends up making you cringe instead. This is what happened when this woman received a gag gift! As you can see, this woman decided to play along when she received a funny gift. They decided to surprise her with something like an adult diaper complete with a pad. However, they probably did not thing that she would actually put it on! It is not something we wanted to see and we guess it is not funny at all.

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8. Trying to hook up on Tinder never looked so sad

Image Source: Twitter

Having a famous relative is something that most people would brag about all the time. This is not a good thing, because in the majority of cases it is more than annoying! This person decided to include the fact that his aunt was a famous actress! It is definitely not something that would get him a good date for sure! As you can see, his aunt saw what was going on and wrote a hilarious post! She obviously disapproved the idea, and so do we!

9. Kids simply love drawing pictures of their parents

Image Source: Instagram

As you probably know, most kids love creating all kinds of stuff! They love drawing or building different things like puzzles. This creative side of most toddlers sometimes causes a lot of mixed feelings in their parents. Sometimes these masterpieces are drawn on walls and furniture, which is nothing but damage! However, in other cases the children are simply trying to make their parents proud and put a lot of effort into creating portraits of them on paper. As you can see, this mom was pictured like a frightening monster and she was not too happy about it.

10. Sometimes pets can make unforgettable mistakes

Image Source: Imgur

Those among you who have pets at home know what it’s like to be greeted by a loving four-legged friend every day! The feeling is great and it is worth all the effort, the extra cleaning and the damage repair that are needed sometimes, especially if you have a big dog. Of course, in some cases there is no damage involved at all, but there is a lot of fun! This poor cat is not enjoying this, but people seem to enjoy this situation, which is a bit cruel.

11. Here is one controversial idea

Image Source: Imgur

When it comes to going to the movies, people immediately think of a few things. The first one is the overpriced snacks! The majority of the foods and beverages are really expensive. This is why we wondered about these people’s crazy idea! They put in a lot of effort into their disguise and you can still tell that there is something wrong. It would have been easier for them to pay for two tickets and smuggle inside snacks and drinks.

12. Here is something you don’t want to be a part of

Image Source: Reddit

Accidents happen in a blink of an eye! As you can see, someone was involved in a situation that could be considered a nightmare for most people. In today’s world our lives are literally dependent on our phones. It contains our data, all of our photos and the social media accounts. Unfortunately, someone was not paying attention and dropped this iPhone while riding the roller coaster! As you can see, the phone looks like a piece of scrap metal, but the roller coaster wheel was damaged as well! We guess that it was a dangerous situation and it was not a good idea to use the phone at all.

13. This BBQ is not good enough for the job

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen a lot of design fails, but some of them are not easily recognizable. A product can seem to be of superb quality and you could find a flaw only when you start using it. The case with this BBQ was exactly the same! As you can see, the device looked good until it was fired up! The lid handles literally melted off right away! There seems to be a quality problem here and we hope that nobody gets hurt!

14. This is definitely not a product we would buy

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that even those among you who love meat would reconsider their next meal after seeing this. There is nothing wrong with the idea to produce a whole chicken in a can. However, if it looks like that when you open the can, then something is definitely wrong! There is no way that this chicken would be good enough to turn into a tasty meal.

Written by Nick Martin

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