14 Interesting Images You Really Have To See In Order To Believe

Image Source: Reddit

A lot of people claim interesting things happen to them. However, unless there are pictures to prove it, you can’t really be sure that those interesting things actually occurred.

Nowadays, though, almost everyone has a camera around all of the time. That is not always the best thing in the world—many people value their privacy—but it has led to a whole bunch of really hilarious and interesting images.

Here are fifteen images about situations you really have to see to believe.

1. The Wig Situation

Image Source: eBaum’s World

If you are wearing fake hair, the idea of randomly losing it must be terrifying. Sure, there are a lot of bad hairpieces out there; however, most people wearing fake hair do not want the situation advertised.

Unfortunately, in this case, the truth of the matter was revealed to the world. This poor person lost her fake hair in a truly dramatic fashion. Hopefully, it was quickly returned to her. That was not a great situation in which to be.

2. The Property Situation

Image Source: eBaum’s World

It seems as if there was a dispute over where one property began and the other ended, which seems a bit petty to argue over. Why wouldn’t one party just cut that grass? It would have taken minutes at most.

People do get petty, though, especially when they are not big fans of the people who just happen to be their neighbors. There are a lot of things in life you can control. You generally can’t control who your neighbors are.

The lawns do—otherwise—look nice. Even if the neighbors can’t get along, lawn maintenance is obviously a priority in the neighborhood.

3. The Admissions Letter Situation

Image Source: The Chive

Getting accepted into a college or university is one of the happier days of a young person’s life. Depending on where you live, you might come to despise that day—once you have to start paying off student loans—but it is generally a pretty happy day.

I am hoping this picture is a joke. I do not know what sort of person would make such a joke, but he or she is clearly not a very nice person.

Macalester College is definitely a very real institution. It is a liberal arts college, and it can be found in the city of Saint Paul. It is actually one of the better colleges in the United States, and it has been around since 1874.

In addition to offering hundreds of courses, it is known for how many international students are enrolled. It is also considered very a very LGBTQ-friendly institution.

A number of notable people attended Macalester College, including Walter Mondale, DeWitt Wallace, and Ari Emanuel.

4. The Tree and the Suit Situation

Image Source: The Chive

This is one of those situations you would be unlikely to believe unless you saw it for yourself. You have to wonder what people were thinking. It actually looks really cool, but the point is lost on me. Someone was clearly just trying to make a clever image.

5. The Wedding Dress and the Bird Situation

Image Source: The Chive

The wedding dress is nice, and people should be allowed to look however they want on their special day. There is no one else in these images, though, and having a bird head is definitely a curious choice. Why would anyone want to look like a pigeon? There is a reason a lot of people refer to them as rats with wings. They can be truly disgusting creatures.

6. The Knee and the Suit Situation

Image Source: The Chive

The suit in this image would probably look great on this guy if it were not for the peculiar knee situation. I have no idea what is going on with those knees. There is a bird-like quality to them, certainly. Nobody should be able to bend his or her knees like that.

There must be some sort of reason he can bend his knees in such a fashion, though, right? Also, the ability to do so must come in handy. It could just be the angle at which the photo was taken, or maybe the image was manipulated, but that seems unlikely when you really look at the picture.

7. The Bear and the Face Situation

Image Source: Reddit

Why would anyone sell a stuffed bear with no face? Such a toy seems designed to give small children nightmares, which is not a nice thing to do. Stuffed animals should definitely have faces. If I didn’t see this picture, I would not have believed someone produced such a product.

The “Teddy Bear”, which was developed early in the 20th century, is actually named after United States President Theodore Roosevelt, who was the country’s 26th President. He is one of the presidents who has his face depicted on Mount Rushmore. The stuffed bears were named after him due to an incident that happened on a hunting trip in 1902. There was a political cartoon about the president’s experience with a wounded bear, and the “Teddy Bear” was born.

One of the more famous stuffed bears, of course, is “Winnie The Pooh”. That character was created in the 1920s by the author A. A. Milne. The character, also known as “Pooh Bear”, has been featured in many Disney shorts and theatrical films. “Winnie” is one of the company’s more successful franchises.

Another popular stuffed bear is “Ted”, who was the subject of the raunchy comedy films “Ted” and “Ted 2”. The films were written by Seth MacFarlane, who is well known for his work on the animated shows “Family Guy” and “American Dad”.

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8. The Snake and the Leg Situation

Image Source: Reddit

I totally understand wanting your skin to look like a snake. Snakes are cool. A lot of people are scared of them, true, but they are interesting creatures.
However, if I had not seen this picture, I would not have believe someone could have done such a really great job. This is impressive.

It is common to be afraid of snakes, but people probably should not be. There are definitely creatures out there that are far more dangerous. A lot of people have snakes as pets, and for good reasons. They do not require a ton of interaction, for one, and many species can live for decades. Generally, pet snakes do not require much space.

Snake bites can be fatal, true, but snakes generally do not attack human beings. They generally only do so when they feel provoked or threatened. Deaths due to snakes are actually pretty uncommon in Europe, North America, and Australia. Still, if you are bit by a venomous snake, that is a medical emergency. One of the more common symptoms of being bitten by a snake is a sense of overwhelming fear. That leads to other symptoms, such as nausea and fainting.

9. The Dog Teeth Situation

Image Source: eBaum’s World

It seems as if the dog in this image managed to acquire a pair of dentures, which is definitely curious. How that happened is a true mystery. Also, the dog looks pretty darn ridiculous. The dog looks like it should star in some bizarre children’s movie.

Also, even under the best of circumstances, dentures are pretty expensive. They typically cost well over $1000, and permanent dentures can cost a lot more. The true owner of these dentures should have been a lot more careful.

If someone gave the dentures to the dog intentionally, you really have to wonder what was going through his or her head.

10. The Icy Car Situation

Image Source: Izismile

There is a lot to love about the winter months. For example, a lot of people prefer winter fashions. A good coat can really tie an outfit together. Also, a lot of people love to snowboard. If you enjoy the thrill that comes with the possibility of tumbling down a mountain, you love the cold.

There is a lot to hate about winter, though. The car situation, in particular, is particularly obnoxious. I don’t know anyone who actually likes having to remove snow and ice from their vehicles prior to leaving for work, which is one of the reasons so many people move to warmer climates when they retire.

11. The Bubbles and the Car Situation

Image Source: The Chive

A lot of people love driving, true, and owning a really nice vehicle can be a genuine thrill. However, car ownership is an enormous pain in the rear. The cost of fuel is pretty high in most places, and upkeep of a vehicle can cost you a small fortune. A transmission repair costs thousands of dollars. Even a simple brake job costs hundreds. Also, when you drive, you have to interact with other drivers; a lot of people are terrible at driving. They drive too fast and don’t use turn signals. At best, other drivers are generally extremely inconsiderate of your needs.

In general, car ownership is a necessary evil for most.

Other problems can arise, too. This image depicts a relatively uncommon vehicle-related issue. Who knew that bubbles could be so bad for the exterior of a car? Admittedly, the car looks kind of cool, but the parent in this situation was likely a bit upset.

12. The Dog and Pizza Situation

Image Source: The Chive

Pugs can be cute, and pizza can be great. The two things don’t exactly combine well, though. Pizza is not good for dogs. In fact, many ingredients are poisonous to dogs. Garlic and onion, in particular, are awful for dogs.

Also, who would put a pizza on the back of a dog? If I had not seen this image, I would not have believed it. The pizza is probably ruined. The dog will need to be washed, which is unfortunate.

I feel bad for the person to whom this image was sent. That person, in addition to not having pizza, might need to find a new girlfriend. If she is the sort of person that randomly puts pizza on a dog, she might not be relationship material.

13. The Bra and the Snow Situation

Image Source: The Chive

It doesn’t happen all that often, but once in a while you will see a random piece of clothing outside, and you really have to wonder how it got there. A lot of us have seen a shoe by the side of the road. How do you lose a shoe? Also, why does it always seem to be just one shoe? What sort of person takes off one of his or her shoes and thinks: “Hey, this is a lot more comfortable?”

Taking one’s bra off in the show is particularly weird; you generally add clothing when it is cold outside. You don’t take clothing off. If there was a point to this whole thing, I do not know what it is. I guess someone could have been building a snow creature that needed a bra?

14. The Pepperoni and Diabetes Situation

Image Source: The Chive

You see a lot of similar advertisements on the internet these days. There’s a secret to curing everything if you are willing to click on random sponsored links. There are also—apparently—great ways of getting people to fall in love with you and finding your dream job.

This image seems to suggest you can cure your diabetes by eating a pepperoni. Even if you also have to eat a banana, that seems too good to be true.

Written by Sven Miller

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