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14 Of The Funniest Things You Will See Today

Image Source: Instagram

Need some fun and laughter in your day? Well, you are in luck! The list below consists of funny pics and posts that will surely distract you from whatever bothers you or simply improve your mood and make your workday bearable. Sit back and enjoy the list!

1. Here is why you should be careful what you wish for

Image Source: Twitter

If you want something bad, you should know that you might actually get more than you bargained for. That is not always a good thing and these photos show it! As you can see, this person asked one very famous Photoshop master for a favor. Of course, he delivered his usual sarcastic style. The second photo clearly shows that technically he did exactly what she wanted. However, we all know that she had something else in mind! The end result is hilarious and we love it! It takes a lot of skills and sarcasm in order for this to happen.

2. Apparently kids can create puns, too

Image Source: Twitter

We really liked this post when we saw it! It is absolutely brilliant! We believe that this kid is definitely going places, because such a brilliant and sarcastic mind is not going to be left unnoticed in the future. As you can see, the kid was able to surprise a classmate with the best possible card for Valentine’s Day! There really isn’t a better pun than the one you see! We are sure that the other kid got the message, but the clarification which takes about 50% of the whole card made the whole thing even better! We want to see more things like this one!

3. This person almost had us fooled

Image Source: Twitter

Well, we guess that some people were actually fooled by this, but not us! This funny post is actually inspirational, despite the fact that it is ridiculous! We love the clever way this person decided to come up with this story! Instead of showing something plausible, he decided to make it seem like his success began with a simple toy kit! We guess that the moral of the story is to always follow your dreams and keep your sense of humor regardless of where that path leads you!

4. Here is an interesting bonus

Image Source: Instagram

The thing we love about online shopping is that some retailers offer different bonuses and gifts. In certain cases those gifts are a real surprise, which makes them even better! This person was probably more than surprised to receive such a thing. We think that there is a possibility that this was a setup and the person added the note himself. It is written by hand which makes it seem weird. Whatever the case here is, we guess that the message is really clever and it could a part of a nice marketing strategy.

5. Now this is something that needs explaining

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen a lot of weird photos that make no sense, but this one would be really tough to figure out! As you can see, one man is more than happy to be able to take a selfie in front of the most unusual arrest we have seen! There are so many questions raised by this photo. First of all, why did the police officer arrest Spiderman? Why is that man in the front taking a selfie? Why everything happens on the Massachusetts border? We would never know for sure.

6. Sometimes people think outside the box

Image Source: Instagram

Doing things the normal way can be boring! In certain cases the same old route would not lead you anywhere you haven’t been before. This is especially valid when we are talking about getting a new job. All the human resources specialist would tell you that you need to stand out from the crowd in order to be noticed. Of course, being different means that you need to put in extra effort, not the other way around! As you can see, someone did not get the right idea and this job application is more than ridiculous! Sure enough, The Office is an amazing TV series but it would hardly be suitable to replicate when you need to land a job.

7. Here is one really cool outfit

Image Source: Twitter

One look at this photo is enough to make you laugh your pants off! Just look at that man and his cool outfit! This is a real cosplay costume that you can walk around with and be proud of! Chances are that you have seen the Hangover movies. The best character in the movie by far is Alan! He literally made the movie one of the funniest Hollywood production, which led to a few sequels which were equally funny! The man in this photo planned a trip to Las Vegas and he made a wise choice with his outfit! There is no better way to make an impression that to dress as a legend.

8. This is something rather strange

Image Source: Reddit

Going to a party requires some preparations which are essential. You need to make sure that you look good and fresh and you also need to be dressed appropriately for the occasion. Some people neglect these things and do whatever they please! This type of rebellious behavior is not a bad thing, but it often leads to controversial results. Someone noticed this person’s strange clothing pattern and took a photo, but this is not the weird part here. The same person who took the photo happened to have a tiny toy car in their pocket. Who brings toy cars to a party anyway?

9. Artistic people are everywhere around us

Image Source: Instagram

It is always nice to see people who are obsessed with art and they are good at it! The artistic people among us are always up to something and they are willing to surprise us in many different ways! As you can see, this person drew inspiration from the picture on the left and she did an amazing job! Her transformation is extremely well done and she became the spitting image of the character on the left! We guess that having a case of stripes does not look that severe!

10. Now this is what you can call a make-up fail

Image Source: Instagram

No, it does not involve some new technique that looks like a mash-up! This woman’s make up was probably immaculate, but the fail happened later. We have no idea why would someone wrestle their girlfriend and end it with a suplex, but it apparently happened. The end result was obviously a perfect print of her make-up on the sheets! It looks so funny that it is borderline ridiculous! We cannot believe that such a thing could happen. It sounds like a joke and we would never believe it, but thankfully there is photographic evidence!

11. This person is definitely above the law

Image Source: Twitter

It takes a certain kind of person to break the rules when it is done intentionally. However, sometimes we all end up in a situation where we violate rules that we did not even know existed in the first place. As you can see, this person seems a bit ashamed and probably nervous about the fact that he obviously violates the specific rules! We hope that he was not fined, but his face is really funny! We are sure that some people would do this on purpose!

12. Pulling a fast one never gets old

Image Source: Twitter

The thing about practical jokesters is that they never miss an opportunity to shine! They always look for ways to set up pranks on unsuspecting people, even if they are not as savage as we are used to seeing. The photo above shows that even in a time when most people would focus on the serious side of things, the patient proved that he had a fun personality and pulled a fast one on the technician! The X-ray images look really cool and we guess that the fractured pinky healed completely.

13. This is something you would never want to find in your home

Image Source: Reddit

Since we mentioned practical jokes, we simply need to show you this one. It may seem to be a weird idea, but we guarantee that once someone finds it, it will work like a charm! Setting up a surprise like this one may seem to be something way too savage, but we assure you that it could have been a lot worse! We wish there was a way to see the reaction of the person who would eventually discover this creepy setup.

14. Here is one outfit that Elmo surely regrets wearing

Image Source: Reddit

People can create things that are so ridiculous and funny that they look totally absurd! This setup is no exception. As you can see, someone decided to put a dress on a mannequin and put Elmo’s head on top of it. The end result looks funny and probably a bit disturbing, to be honest. Elmo’s facial expression is really appropriate and it looks as if he understands what someone did to him.

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