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14 Of The Most Savage Moms Out There

Image Source: Wehearit

Everyone knows that moms can be real savages sometimes. Whether it is intentional or not, it does not matter at all. What’s important is the end result of such a situation. In most cases it is so funny that it is definitely worth sharing. The list below consists of nice examples showing just how savage moms can be. Enjoy it and have fun!

1. This is one savage prank

Image Source: Twitter

We simply love pranks! This is probably one of those activities that are always funny to watch. However, sometimes they can backfire badly, but in most cases they are successful, of course. We guess that what this mom pulled on her son is definitely a successful prank! Even more, it was designed extremely well and there was no room for error at all! Her son was probably not happy about falling for it which makes the whole thing an ever bigger success. This trick is really a pro tip that can be used on anyone’s roommate, partner or sibling which makes room for a lot of fun times!

2. Here is one mom who knows her game

Image Source: Twitter

Moms are dedicated to their kids and their well-being is probably the most important aspect of their life. This is something that is hardly a surprise to anyone. However, some moms are not afraid to go the extra mile and really step in to protect their children in the most beautiful and admirable way! As you can see, this mom did not hesitate to show her style and after she saw how racist some Twitter user can be, she did what she had to do! The photo of the mother with the basketball is awesome and we really love it!

3. This post shows some strong arguments

Image Source: Twitter

Whenever you intend to start a feud with your mom, you need to know that your arguments may turn out to be invalid faster than you could imagine! One girl found out how that feels after trying to act smart. She implied that her mother was invading her personal space, but as we already mentioned, moms have the stronger arguments. This mom’s reply really ended the conversation because there is not much that you could say after that! We love people who are clever enough to destroy any argument someone throws at them!

4. This is how you teach your family a lesson

Image Source: Twitter

This mom may be a savage, but she definitely has a point. We are sure that in the majority of cases nobody actually knows how much effort the mother in the house actually puts in her daily chores. Just imagine what it takes to be a mom and a housewife! All the cooking, cleaning and the other activities like doing the laundry are part of every mom’s life and we should all appreciate it. Better still, we should help our mothers with everything we can. Apparently this mom received no help from her family when she prepared the dinner, so she had the full right to demand she was the only one in the photo with the food.

5. Sometimes the revenge is sweet

Image Source: Twitter

This story is a bit different the other on the list because we need to admit that the daughter was kind of a savage herself! We love the idea about recreating all family photos scattered around the house using the family dog as a model and replacing them one by one. It worked for some time until the girl’s mother finally noticed. Apparently she had guests at home at the time, so she texted her daughter demanding an explanation. She was even able to have some revenge with the comment about the graduation photo which was a really nice touch.

6. Here is another reminder that you should not act smart

Image Source: Reddit

We already mentioned that playing it smart with your mother will get you nowhere fast. Moms have more knowledge and experience and they can shut down their kids in a blink of an eye. This funny conversation proves that. As you can see, this person’s mom was having none of what her child was trying to imply! She gracefully dodged everything and as you probably guessed, she had the final word. She was able to win with just one sentence and we love such an approach!

7. Sometimes a lesson needs to be taught in the right way

Image Source: Twitter

We all need to admit that we often skip doing what we are supposed to do. It is not out of fear or some kind of inability to do something. No, we are not talking about serious things like that. What we mean is the variety of simple everyday chores that are no trouble at all! However, it seems that we accept them as a burden that we wish we never had. This person’s mom was probably fed up of doing everything so she decided to teach her son a lesson. He definitely got the message.

8. This mom is our kind of savage

Image Source: Twitter

When you say that someone is really savage, it can have a different meaning to different people. Some individuals imagine really harsh jokes and merciless pranks. However, the truth is that anyone can show their savage side by just trolling someone with style. This screenshot showing a short conversation perfectly describes what we mean! The mother was clever enough to quickly find a way to troll her daughter and we love it!

9. Here is one mom who knows how to say the final word

Image Source: Me me

In some cases moms can be savages just because they can! There is no need for a particular reason to exist for them to troll their offspring. The photos you see above are a part of a conversation that is probably the perfect example! The daughter felt confident and bragged about her good looks but her mom shut her down by sending her own selfie. We need to admit that she has a point and her good looks are admirable!

10. This is one interesting interpretation of vaccines

Image Source: Reddit

A good sense of humor is something we deeply appreciate! It is one of those features that we appreciate in every person. Some individuals are able to use their sense of humor in the most savage of ways and this woman is no exception. She is someone’s mom and the sign is even more hilarious when you consider that fact. She is technically correct and it might sound weird, but we get the message and it is absolutely brilliant.

11. Sometimes you just cannot argue with your mom

Image Source: Twitter

There are times when your mom can roast you for no reason at all but in most cases there is one. You need to keep in mind that moms often roast their offspring because they care for them, which makes it funny and special at the same time. As you can see, trying to act smart once again proved to be a mistake and this mom was able to shut down her daughter with ease! This is another lesson that winning a feud against your mother is almost impossible.

12. Savage jokes are actually typical for most moms

Image Source: Twitter

It may sound weird but moms are among the most savage jokesters there are! The reason they are good at it is because they joke mostly with the people they know the best – the members of their families! You need to know that every mom has the right to joke with her kids, because she gave birth to them! This mother was able to use the chat with her son and she had the perfect reply when the son tried to be funny. He surely learned his lesson and his reaction proves it. Yes, his mother knows a joke or two.

13. Only a mother can be savage by acting like a mom

Image Source: Twitter

It sounds a bit confusing, but it is an actual fact. Just think about it for a second. Depending on the situation and the context, a mom can act just like she is supposed to do, but with the sole intention of pulling a joke on her child. This is exactly what happened here! This mom was perfectly aware that her daughter’s outfit was supposed to look like that, but she still wrote a comment. Her daughter also wrote how she admits that her mom was a real savage! We couldn’t agree more!

14. Here is another example of a brilliant mom joke

Image Source: Twitter

We are so used to the common type of dad jokes that we often miss the mom jokes. As you probably already agreed after seeing this list, moms are a lot more savage than dads! The last photo on the list proves it once again. As you can see, it is another social media post revealing a short conversation. The mother made an awesome joke and blamed autocorrect on something that simply cannot happen via that function. We all got the joke and it is absolutely brilliant!

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