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14 Of The Strangest Images Out There

Image Source: The Chive

A simple image can be cool in many ways! It can show a person, and object or an event that are nothing but funny or bizarre, but it can also feature things that most people would consider to be weird. It seems that in today’s world the amusing type of weirdness is everywhere around us! This is okay, because most of us love browsing for such photos and list. There is no better way to spend a few minutes trying to escape from the boring chores than enjoying a compilation like the one below.

1. This is how personal style looks like

Image Source: Imgur

Fashion trends are all around us and most people try to do their best to stick with them. However, many individuals prefer to express themselves by showing off their personal style preferences. This is where it gets complicated, because personal style means that a person could look either really cool or completely ridiculous. This man was obviously not following any trends when he finished the masterpiece you see. We are sure that such an appearance could be considered to be unique, but the majority of people would probably just stare at it and refuse to believe their eyes.

2. You may want to try this

Image Source: eBaum’s World

Now here is something that seems easy, but in turned to be really hard. As soon as we saw this photo, we all tried to replicate the tricky move, but it proved to be impossible. If you take your time to investigate the photo and see all the details, you will see the actual reason why it cannot be done! Yes, there are six fingers on that hand! Assuming that most of us only have five, we believe that the image on the right was done with the assistance of that person’s second hand. It is a really clever trick but we believe that nobody could pull it off in person.

3. In some cases the lack of effort could drive you crazy

Image Source: eBaum’s World

When someone attempts to create a certain thing from scratch, they usually put in a lot of effort! In fact, most people give their best in order for a certain project to be completed! However, in other cases people really do a sloppy job, meaning that they get a sloppy result, too. We have always wondered why someone would bother doing anything if they are not willing to give all they’ve got. The image you see above gives a good example. These people spent quite some time to create these Star Wars costumes, but they did not turn out to be good at all! The whole thing looks like a joke and it probably is!

4. Here is something rather disturbing

Image Source: eBaum’s World

Every now and then we see a certain thing that can make you feel puzzled or terrified. Well, this image will probably affect most people in both ways! As you can see, it appears to be a giant millipede! We have never seen a creature like that and we refuse to believe that it is real. After looking at the photo for a while, we guess that it was just one of those forced perspective images, which makes sense. There is now that an insect could be that big! We hope that we are right about this one and it really is just a clever photo.

5. This is a proof that two wrongs can actually make a right

Image Source: Twitter

You have all heard that old saying, we guess. Most people would still think that two wrongs cannot make a right, but it is only a matter of perspective. The right attitude is to always see the positive side of things. Even if you have problems, do not focus on them, but rather on what you can do about it. This exactly what the owner of this Prius limo did! After he wrecked two identical cars, he figured that he could use what’s left of them. The end result does not look bad at all! This is the first Prius with six doors we have ever seen and may be the only one ever made.

6. This is definitely the best action figure we have seen in a while

Image Source: eBaum’s World

Toy makers can come up with a lot of ridiculous ideas sometimes! In their effort to be competitive, toy manufacturers hire marketers in order for the best product to be designed! However, sometimes even the best professionals in their field can come up with a product that appears to be more or less controversial. We guess that a muscular E.T. is not the kind of toy figure most kids would buy! It may become a valuable collectible, though. It looks totally bizarre!

7. Cosplay costumes are obviously a huge business

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Image Source: eBaum’s World

In the last decade cosplay costumes became something really popular and apparently the business is booming! However, it seems that things are maybe close to getting out of control! The image of this duck is the proof of that! As you can see, the duck boasts with a tailor-made Super Mario costume! It even features a small hat and boots, which are the best details on a costume ever! The reason why someone dressed a duck like that remains unknown. The best part about the image is that the duck has small arms thanks to the costume and it looks adorable!

8. Some pranks are done professionally

Image Source: eBaum’s World

Many people love pulling off pranks on their friends and colleagues! The internet is full of photos and videos that can get you rolling on the floor and laughing out loud! Of course, some of the pranks are real masterpieces and they are carefully planned and designed in advance. As you can see in the photo above, someone created one of the most epic Nicolas Cage-themed pranks ever! It definitely took a lot of time and toner to make this possible, but it is brilliant!

9. Everyone wants to be unique

Image Source: Twitter

People love the idea that they are different from the rest. However, you must keep in mind that everyone is unique, just like everyone else. It is a catchy phrase, but it is true! However, some individuals count on their weird habits in order to show off their personality in hope of getting recognition as a unique person! This can either backfire or it may actually work! This person tried to imply that she was the only one in the world who eats string cheese like that, but if it makes her happy, then we should let it be.

10. Now this is what we call ‘unique’

Image Source: Twitter

Speaking of weird people with weird habits, we cannot miss this one for sure! It seems that each and every single person among us has at least one weird eating habit! As you can see in the photo posted above, this person actually peels the nuggets! This is the first time we see someone do this and we hope it is the last, too. The person even included a hilarious pole to see if the other would support her way of eating nuggets or the normal way to consume them. The world is definitely a weird place!

11. This is how you defeat the system with style

Image Source: The Chive

These scooters have become increasingly popular for all the right reasons. They are a nice alternative to transportation if your daily commute is not too long. They are also very light to carry around when you are not in the mood to ride or there is an uphill street ahead. However, this is the first time we see someone use two scooters! The setup looks like a human-powered ATV and we guess that it works just fine.

12. Here is one way to support the watermelons in the garden

Image Source: Reddit

Gardening requires a lot of work that needs to be done on a daily basis. It takes regular maintenance and a lot of effort to keep all the plants thriving. Of course, some people believe that the key to a well-maintained garden is patience and creativity. As you can see, someone really did a good job in finding a way to support the watermelons on that vine. You can be sure that this person probably came up with other clever solutions to the common garden problems we all know exist.

13. Now this is a weird way to cover a staircase

Image Source: Reddit

There are all kinds of rugs, carpets and mats out there! You can choose between an endless variety of textures, colors, thickness and other options. However, sometimes people are not pleased with what they can find in the stores and they find another solution. We guess that covering an entire staircase in old jeans could be considered to be a solution, but it does not look as neat as you would expect.

14. A single photo can spark a lot of questions

Image Source: Imgur

We have always said that the eyes can deceive you when you are hungry. This is true and the photo you see here proves it! As you can see, someone went inside a bath store and took a huge bite out of a soap bar! Yes, the bar looks like cheese, but who goes to the store to eat cheese like that?

Written by Nick Martin

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