14 Parents Who Were Amused By How Their 7-Year-Old Thinks

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Kids nowadays are growing in a different environment than most of the people who are in their 20s or more. They learn faster and they are surrounded by technology. Maybe this is the main reason why they seem to be understanding life sooner than they should and having a conversation with them is never dull. We selected some of the funniest moments when seven-year-olds showed their wisdom. Their parents were proud to share them.

1. The dog

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Sometimes, getting into an argument with a kid is not easy, as you can never explain your point to them. They always think they are right and they always have something to say about what they have done. In this case, the dog was accused of the first lick.

2. The mature kid

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There is nothing like adults separating as friends after having a relationship. Sadly, many couples part ways and they never want to see each other again. This kid showed how it needs to be done and we really like his way of thinking.

3. The idea

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Marriages are tough and the first indication is the hustle and bustle related to the wedding ceremony. Those who have been through that know that it is an incredibly hard project to manage. This girl has the best concept we have heard of and most weddings should be like that.

4. The judgment

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Every now and then, parents are forced to tolerate their own offspring when they are judging them. Still, kids have a point sometimes and trying to understand it is important. This girl scolded her own mother and we can understand her point of view.

5. The discovery

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Some children show signs of brilliance at an early age and we are always intrigued when we see such a kid. This proud mom tweeted about the idea her kid came up with and we are impressed by it. Of course, it does not seem to be a practical idea but it counts.

6. The wake-up hour

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Parents could all agree that the thing they need most until their kid grows enough to do the basic things on their own is sleep! That is correct, sleeping is often impossible when you have a toddler running around. This is the reason for this parent’s reaction.

7. The bath

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Kids do everything in a manner that is quite different from adults. This includes everyday activities and having fun, of course. The situation described in this tweet gives you a clue of what we mean by saying all of this. Bath time is different when kids are involved.

8. The stunt

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There is no doubt that parkour is just as dangerous as it is exciting and thrilling to see. Having little kids do similar stunts does not seem to be a good idea but kids do it anyway. Sometimes, the end result is hilarious and this is a perfect example of such a situation.

9. The creepy moment

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Well, no two moments when raising a kid are the same and parents are sometimes thankful for that. This tweet reveals a rather disturbing moment that we were not expecting to see. The kid probably sounded innocent at the time, too.

10. The simple task

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There is nothing easier than doing what you are supposed to when you need to reach a certain goal. When you know the steps, there is nothing to worry about. Finding a stuffed toy only requires looking for it, which proved to be a surprise for this kid.

11. The dress-up

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There is no telling how long would it take for a kid to dress for school without parental supervision. We guess that it could hardly be achieved at all! In this case, one kid promised to be ready for school but that did not happen.

12. The request

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Children often want things they hear about even once. They might not know what they’re talking about but it would still be the only thing they crave for. This tweet reveals such a moment and the mother is absolutely right to be confused by the request.

13. The preferences

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There is one thing that we like about children: they are unpredictable and they could amaze you in any given moment in their own way. Still, that could be said about their annoying side, too. This tweet needs no caption, as it shows how a kid might behave.

14. The Period

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This is a normal reaction of a girl finding out she will be getting her period every single month.

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