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14 People and Creatures Who Are Doing Things A Tad Differently

Image Source: Twitter

There are people out there who do things a bit more differently than one might expect. They do not exactly conform to the standards of society, and that is totally fine. They have their own way of doing things.
These are fifteen examples of people (or animals) who did not conform to society’s standards. They were doing their own thing—and in doing so they’re making us laugh.

1. The Person Who Made This Poster About the Bird

Image Source: Instagram

Hopefully this person was trying to be funny; if that is not the case, he or she obviously loves birds a little too much and should seek professional help. Can you imagine how long it would take to yell “every” name at a bird?

The bird in this picture appears to be a pigeon of some sort, and it is really quite adorable. A lot of people do not know that pigeons and doves are actually part of one animal family. The only real difference is that the word “dove” is used when the bird is nearly white or white, whereas people tend to think of pigeons as being gray.

Pigeons and doves are believed to be the most common birds in the world. They were used in World War I and World War II by UK, American, French, and German forces. Pigeons have actually been decorated with medals for their service. There was even a ceremony held in Buckingham Palace to honor pigeons who “served” in World War II.

2. The Person Riding the Bus, But Who Is Not Actually In the Bus

Image Source: Reddit

The guy in this image has decided to throw caution to the wind and ride on top of a bus. The reason behind his decision to do so is unknown. The bus might have been very crowded and he wanted alone time. He does look like he is comfortable and is enjoying the ride, so it couldn’t have been too unpleasant of an experience. Hopefully the man made it to wherever he was going safely.

3. The Bird That Wanted a Drink of Water

You saw nothing, right?

This adorable little bird wanted a drink of water. Usually birds do not try to drink from glasses, though, so he or she got stuck. The poor thing looks positively terrified, which is sad, but the bird also looks sort of embarrassed at the end of this clip, which is hilarious. Thank goodness the bird did not drown!

4. The Person Who Made the Omelet With the Teddy Bear

Image Source: Instagram

This combination of images defies explanation. The first image is positively adorable, really, and the bear looks like he is enjoying a nice mid-day nap. The second image is sort of horrifying and will haunt my dreams for weeks to come. The terror on the second face is obvious, and it can’t be unseen. Why would anyone torture a stuffed bear in such a horrible fashion?

5. The Person Eating This For Breakfast

Image Source: Instagram

It is common knowledge that breakfast is the most important meal of the day; however, most people eat bread, yogurt, or a maybe a muffin. Maybe you’ll go all out and decide to eat eggs and sausage. Who eats what is in this image for breakfast? Whoever does so is definitely doing things a little differently.

6. The Kid With the Thing In The Eye

It’s all fun and games…

I have no idea what this kid is thinking. One of my big fears in life is having my eye poked out. I will not let anything go near my eyes. Most people, really, are extremely protective of their eyes. Vision loss is not fun.
Eye injuries are actually a pretty serious matter. There are more than 200,000 reported cases of eye injuries every single year—in the United States alone. They can be a serious threat to a person’s vision if not appropriately treated. There are numerous causes of eye trauma, including flying pieces of wood, glass, and stone. Sporting balls are another common cause of eye injuries, as are motor vehicle accidents and fighting.

7. The Guy Who Gives Haircuts In the Park

Image Source: Reddit

This guy isn’t just giving a haircut in the park—which is definitely weird enough in and of itself—he is doing so without a shirt on.
You have to wonder about both people in this image. Cutting hair is a noble profession, certainly, but why do it shirtless? I don’t want to be critical, but he does not have the best body in the world.
Furthermore, who accepts a haircut from a shirtless person, and why have your hair cut in a park? Was there a point that was being made? If so, I do not understand the point.
Hopefully the customer in this image tipped very well. If you are the sort of person who wants a haircut from a shirtless man, you’re going to have to pay for that privilege.

8. The Person With These Nails

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

I personally give very little thought to my fingernails. If they grow a bit too long I cut them, and that is the end of that.
The person in his image has a very different opinion when it comes to fingernails. I understand that a lot of people paint their nails for fashion-related reasons, and that is totally normal. Why would anyone grow them that long, though? That must be uncomfortable. The little jewel things are pretty, and the person in the image obviously cares very much about her nails.
There have been longer fingernails, though, than the ones in the image. According to Guinness World Records, a man in India has a nail that is well over four feet long. A woman in the United States has a nail that is almost three feet long. Why these people are growing their nails so long is anybody’s guess.

9. The Woman That Made The Results of the Paternity Test Known Like This

Image Source: Me Me

There are good ways of telling a guy that a baby is his biological child, and then there is this way. This is not a good way.
Clearly the parents had not been getting along prior to this exchange. For the good of the child, we can only hope they manage to patch things up.
What’s particularly strange about this image is that the baby has obviously been born—note the baby feet—but the child is referred to as an “it”. The sex of the baby was obviously known by the time this picture was taken, so why was the child called an “it”?
All we can do is hope that mother and child are doing well.

10. The Girl at the Prom

Image Source: Twitter

Teenagers do tend to make the prom into a much bigger deal than it should be, especially in the United States. Bae is indeed correct when she tells her social media friend that people need to “chill”.
Believe it or not, in the United States, the average cost of a prom—to the family—is over $1000.
There is such a thing as an “adult prom”. The actress Drew Barrymore may have invented the concept. Adult proms are parties where people dress in semi-formal attire and generally do what people do at parties; they are designed for people who want to re-live their proms, those who never went to a prom for whatever reason, or those who had a bad experience at their real prom.

11. The Person Who Dressed Up a Snake

Image Source: Reddit

In general, snakes do not wear clothing. There is no real reason for them to do so. In this image, a snake is wearing clothing that was clearly designed for him or her. Someone actually knit a sweater for the snake. Was the owner concerned that the snake would get cold?

Snakes are commonly kept as pets in the western world, and they are actually pretty low-maintenance as far as pets go. They do not require a lot of space, and they do not have to be fed very often. They also live a lot longer than most dogs. Some snakes manage to live in captivity for 40 years if they are cared for correctly.

A lot of people are scared of snakes, and for good reason—there are many documented cases of a snake bite being fatal to a human being. It has been estimated that thousands of people die each year as the result of a bite. In addition to deaths, snake bites can result in amputations and other disabilities. Snakes do not typically prey on human beings, but caution is nonetheless advised.

12. The Person Who Ran Out of Toilet Paper

Image Source: Reddit

When you have done your business, you need toilet paper. If you do not have toilet paper, that is a crisis-level situation. Sometimes you have to make do with what is on hand. The person in this image clearly did just that.

I can’t imagine the experience was a particularly fun one, but he though outside the box and got the job done. Good for him.

Hopefully he remembered to pick up toilet paper the next time he went to the store.

13. The Swan That Thinks It Is a Flamingo

Image Source: Reddit

At times, we all want to be something else, even for just a few minutes. This swan wanted to be a flamingo, clearly, and did a pretty good job. The color situation is a bit of a problem, true, but it more or less pulled it off.

Why flamingos stand the way they do is not really understood, but it may be related to the conservation of body heat. Their pinkish color is due to their diet. If you see a white or pale flamingo, he or she is probably malnourished.

14. The Person Who Made This Sandwich

Image Source: Reddit

A lot of people love bread, and it can be a delicious part of a sandwich. However, you can’t make what is depicted in the image and call it a proper sandwich. I do not think that a proper term exists for whatever that is.

Sandwiches, as they exist today in the western world, date back to 18th century Europe. Using bread or something bread-like to wrap or scoop up food, however, has existed for far longer than that. In the Middle Ages, for example, stale bread was often used as a plate. They were called trenchers. After the meal, the trenchers were often fed to dogs or to beggars.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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