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14 People Who Are Truly Inspiring And Deserve To Be Recognized

Image Source: Twitter

There are brilliant and clever people out there who inspire others. Those people are not always trying to do so, but they nonetheless manage to inspire via their actions.

Here are fifteen examples of people who are truly inspiring and deserve to be recognized.

1. The Girls and Their Army of Wolves

Image Source: Twitter

It is pretty neat that this guy, James, is playing “Dungeons and Dragons” with his daughters. It is a great game, and one that should absolutely be played with one’s children.

It is even neater that the kids, instead of fighting wolves, decided to make them into a friendly army of wolves. That is a great strategy. James clearly raised bright young women. He should definitely be proud.

“Dungeons and Dragons”, the fantasy role-playing game, has been around since 1974. It is considered the beginning of the role-playing game industry, which is huge, and roughly 20 million people have played the award-winning game in the past few decades.
It is a controversial game, though, in certain circles. In the 1980s, it was falsely linked to both suicide and Satanism.

2. The Teen That Pretended To Be a Doctor

Image Source: Imgur

There are a couple of ways to become a doctor. The first way—the traditional way—is to spend the better part of a decade studying medicine in school. That sounds like a drag, frankly. You have to learn a lot of stuff, and the hours are brutal.

The other way to become a doctor is to simply pretend you are one, which one teenager in Florida actually did. Considering most teenagers have access to the internet and therefore WebMD, you can probably trust teenagers to offer you decent medical advice.

This is actually an inspiring story in the sense that the teenager had an unreal amount of courage. He actually told police officers that he had been a doctor for years. He might have been a liar, but he was certainly a brave liar.

Shockingly, law enforcement decided not to charge the teenager. Apparently no one was harmed by the kid’s deception. If no one was hurt, what’s the problem?

3. The Girl Who Edits the Dresses

Image Source: Twitter

The girl in this image definitely deserves credit for her effort, and she actually looks pretty good in that dress. She didn’t do a perfect job, but she definitely did a good enough job.

Buying clothing online is rough. You never actually know how it will look on you. Sometimes you think a piece of clothing will look great—but once you receive it and try it on you come to learn that it highlights all of your flaws in the worst possible ways.

4. The Teacher In the Ceiling

Image Source: Twitter

This is truly terrifying. Could you imagine looking up at the ceiling and seeing your teacher staring down at you? How did that teacher get up there? Is there an easy way to access ceilings in that school? If so, why is that the case?

On the one hand, the teacher clearly cares about her students and ethical behavior. On the other hand, she clearly cares a bit too much. She should probably spend a week or two in a mental institution—or maybe rehab. That is not normal behavior, even if you think your students might be cheating.

5. The Couple That Faked the Proposal

Image Source: Twitter

The couple in the image apparently faked getting engaged in order to get a free dessert. The image is inspiring in the worst possible way; however, the whole “fake engagement” thing is also sort of brilliant.

When you really think about it, getting married is one of the best ways to get free stuff from your family and friends. All you have to do is find another person who will sign a legal contract; people will just give you cash or household appliances. The “marriage” doesn’t even have to last a year. If you get divorced after six months, nobody is going to ask you to return the money or the gift. They’ll just feel bad for you and buy you drinks at your local watering hole.

6. The Person Who Wrote to the Credit Card Company

Image Source: Imgur

The average American owes over $5,000 to credit card companies. In total, credit card debt is at its highest point ever. Credit cards definitely serve a purpose—they are great in emergency situations—but you really can’t trust the companies. They’re not really designed to help anyone out. The companies want you in a lot of debt—that is how they make all of their money.

The person who wrote this letter apparently made it quite clear that he or she did not want an “American Express” credit card, but the company apparently would not take the hint.

The letter that was written to the company is hilarious, though—especially considering it was sent using an envelope paid for by the company. It is also nice to see a hand-written letter. You don’t see too many of those anymore.

7. The Wife With the Nerf Gun

Image Source: Reddit

When most people get married, they think about things like raising children and household finances. That is sort of sad, really, as you are supposed to marry someone you just want to have fun with until the inevitable heart attack, car accident, or malignant tumor separates you for the rest of eternity.

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This wife clearly has a great attitude, and her husband is a lucky guy. Even if he lost and had to cook dinner as a result, he is a truly blessed individual. Good for him! Their marriage is an inspiration.

Nerf, which was created by Parker Brothers and is now owned by Hasbro, has been a brand since the late 1960s. A lot of children have grown up playing with Nerf toys. A couple of its toys have won awards, and the company even made accessories for video game systems for a while.

8. The Girl Named Zoe Who Has the Super Cool Professor

Image Source: Twitter

If you are doing really well in a course, it is understandable that you might want to skip a final exam. You have already proven that you know the course material, so why should you have to take another test? Studying can be exhausting, and most college kids have better, more enjoyable things to do with their time.

In this particular case, both Zoe and the professor prove themselves to be super cool people. Zoe is—as the professor pointed out—extremely bold. That should be respected, certainly. The professor clearly does not take himself/herself too seriously, which is always a good thing. The professor was even nice enough to wish Zoe a good summer.

Zoe is also extremely cool because she found such an adorable picture. What could be more adorable than a puppy and a kitten cuddling?

9. The Reporter in the Grape Costume Defending the Kid in the Banana Suit

Image Source: Imgur

Apparently a kid was suspended from school for wearing a banana suit. The fact a kid was wearing a banana suit is definitely sort of weird. What sort of point was he trying to make?

Actually, the whole incident—which took place in Virginia—was just part of a prank. The kid in the banana costume actually ended up being handcuffed and put in the back of a police vehicle, though, as a result of his actions. According to a classmate, he was just trying to make a halftime event a bit more fun.

It is very sweet that the reporter who interviewed him made the choice to wear a grape costume. That, right there, is class.

What’s curious is that so many people in that town have access to fruit-related costumes.

10. Andy Cole and the Soda

Image Source: Instagram

All things considered, soda is an extremely expensive beverage. It is really just flavored water. There is no reason it should cost as much as it does. Andy, who is filling a chicken bucket with the stuff, clearly knows what he is doing. He is an inspiration to us all. If you’re going to pay a small fortune for access to sugar water, you should be able to take as much as you want.

Hopefully the soda he was drinking was not caffeinated. He would not have been able to sleep for days.

11. The Korean Students Who Decided To Make A Raft

Image Source: Imgur

In this image, Korean students decided to make a raft out of potato chip bags. They did so to prove a point, apparently.

I am not sure what the point is, honestly. They allegedly did so to prove that chip bags have too much air in them. What sort of point is that, though? Chip bags are bad for the environment. We all know that. Their little adventure looks dangerous. Let’s hope they made it shore safely.

12. Andrew Nguyen

Image Source: Imgur

A lot of people think friendship is all about having stuff in common and watching television together. Real friendship involves sacrifice. Andrew knows that better than most, apparently.

It is not clear why his friend needed sweatpants to go to a lab and take a quiz; however, the fact Andrew was willing to hang out in a bathroom in booty shorts is a clear sign that he is the sort of friend all of us need. Andrew is an inspiration to us all.

You really do have to wonder why he took a picture of himself, though, don’t you?

13. The Kid Who Stole Money From His Parent

Image Source: Instagram

Your parents have invested a lot of time and money into your life; therefore, they deserve your respect. They also probably have a lot more money than you do and can afford to lose $25 or so.
Yonas may have—technically—stolen from his dad; however, he worked hard to do so. That is sort of impressive and inspiring in an awful sort of way. The permission slip definitely looks sort of legitimate.

Actually, it does not look legitimate at all. The grammar on the supposed permission slip is awful. This might actually be a totally fake image.

If it is real and Yonas’ dad fell for this, he clearly is not the brightest person out there.

14. The Girl With the Flask

Image Source: Reddit

Teenagers like to get drunk at school dances; that will never change. Kids do tend to make poor decisions, after all.

The girl in this image decided to turn an enormous flask into a purse, and it actually looks sort of great. It kind of matches her dress. Her friends’ clutches are not nearly as stylish, although all of the young women look lovely.

The young woman probably had a very fun evening at her prom. Let’s just hope that—in addition to having fun—she was very safe and didn’t get behind the wheel of a car.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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