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14 People Who Definitely Did Not Start Their Day With A Smile

There are those who somehow start every day with a smile. I suppose there is a good reason for that. If you wake up at all, that means you are alive, which is generally a good thing.

A lot of people hate mornings, though, and they do whatever they can to get through the morning routine. Hopefully, they can just make it to the middle of the day without anything terrible happening.

Unfortunately, bad things happen in the morning. Bad things can definitely happen at the start of one’s day. It isn’t fair, but it is true.

Here are fifteen examples of people who ended up having a bad start to their day.

1. The Person and the Toilet

Image Source: Reddit

What is the point of this? This is not how I would want to start my day. Is this supposed to be a stall of some sort?

I don’t know if the designer of this particular restroom was aware, but stalls are designed so that people don’t have to watch you do your business. A little glass does not prevent people from having to watch that.

I suppose this could be a restroom in a private residence, and that’s fine; it still does not explain why that glass is there. That seems like an unnecessary addition, and it was probably a costly one.

Who knows, though? People make curious design choices all of the time. That is their right. It is their money after all.

The toilet paper holder also seems way too far away from the toilet. That could be an unpleasant reach.

2. The Grandmother and the Boy in the Room

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First of all, that young lady looks far too young to have a boy in her room. The picture is not the best, but that is definitely how it looks to me.

The grandmother certainly doesn’t look happy though, does she? I can’t imagine she would be. For some reason, she has a slipper in her hand. What do you think happened next? The funniest thing would be if she threw it at the boy.

It doesn’t look like it would hurt or do any damage at all.

You have to wonder how old this particular grandmother is, don’t you? She doesn’t look particularly young.

Currently, the oldest person in the world is Kane Tanaka, and she is currently 115 years old. She resides in Japan.

The second oldest person in the world is named Maria Giuseppa Robucci; she is also 115, and she resides in Italy.

Someone named Jeanne Calment, who was from France, managed to live until she was 122. She died in 1997. She attributed her longevity to a diet that happened to be rich in olive oil.

The only man who definitely reached the age of 116 was from Japan; his name was Jiroemon Kimura, and he died in 2013. He was a postal worker and a farmer.

Anyway, I would not want to start my day being threatened by an old lady with a slipper. I don’t think anyone

3. The Person With the Chair

Image Source: Reddit

This does not look like a very comfortable chair. I would never want to sit in it, frankly, even if it were perfectly intact.

I certainly would not want to sit in that chair first thing in the morning. If it broke because I sat in it, I would honestly wonder if the universe hated me. Also, it looks like that could really hurt if it collapses under you. I hope no one got seriously injured.

4. The Woman and the Job

Image Source: Instagram

This woman probably had a very bad start to her workday. It is unfortunate that the news filmed her at a job fair.

You would think the news organization would have needed to get her to sign some sort of release in order to put her on the news program, but I guess that is not the case. It seems like an invasion of privacy, really.

Looking for a job is almost always tricky. It is tricky if you don’t have a job, and it can be tricky if you do. If you do have a job, then you have to find time to go on interviews, and that can be difficult if you don’t want your current employer to know you are looking. Employers generally don’t like to know that their employees are seeking employment elsewhere; I have heard stories of people getting fired on the spot for doing that.

Of course, if you don’t have a job when you apply for a new one, very few employers will ever consider hiring you, even if you are unemployed for reasons unrelated to your ability to do a job. There are a lot of reasons, after all, that people are unemployed for reasons that don’t involve getting fired. For example, companies can and frequently do go out of business. You might have to take time off to care for a relative, or you might have had health problems of your own.

5. The People With the Lawn

Image Source: Reddit

Whoever owns this lawn is not having a good morning. Could you imagine waking up and seeing that?

That is some serious damage and will require a bit of effort to repair. I would be so mad at the driver of the vehicle that did this.

You really have to wonder how this particular accident happened. It almost looks like it might have been intentional. I suppose it is also possible that the driver fell asleep at the wheel, which happens, or had a medical issue, which also happens. Hopefully the driver of the car and the vehicle ended up okay. Car accidents are never a good thing.

6. The Guy That Has This Job

Image Source: Reddit

This particular person probably never starts his day with a smile. Can you imagine the horror? It must be awful going into work every day and wondering if you will return home alive.

I suppose there are a lot of jobs like that, though. It must be terrifying to be a police officer or firefighter.

Of course, depending on where you live and the traffic situation there, just driving to work is probably the most dangerous thing you do every single day. This guy’s commute may be more dangerous than his actual job.

7. The Car Accident

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Image Source: Instagram

Unless you are a masochist of some sort, car accidents are never a great way to start the day. Have you ever been rear-ended on the way to work? I have, and it was awful, and I just knew that the rest of my day would be positively awful. It was a Monday, too, so the rest of the week was kind of terrible.

You really have to wonder how that one car stood up so well. Were old cars built to last? I always thought they were extremely unsafe compared to modern vehicles, but maybe I am wrong. Of course, it could have just been luck on the part of the owner of the older vehicle.

8. The Car and the Sword

Image Source: Reddit

A lot of bad days start with car problems. If your car doesn’t start in the morning, you just know the rest of your day will be terrible. Cars are such a pain, and repairing them costs a small fortune.

A lot of car problems are normal. Batteries die, and timing belts go bad. However, a lot of car problems are not so normal. It is not normal to have a sword go through your windshield. That is not a typical issue that most vehicle owners experience as far as I know. Where do you even buy a sword in this day and age? I want to know where this happened. Did it happen in the one place on Earth where armored knights still roam the streets? I suppose it could have happened at a Renaissance Fair.

I am guessing this was done intentionally. What a strange way to damage another person’s vehicle.

9. The Wedding Photo

Image Source: Instagram

This day probably started out fine. The next day, though, probably started pretty poorly for the sister once she realized what she had done. I am guessing there were pre-wedding drinks involved in this particular situation, which is not terribly uncommon, but the sister clearly overdid it a bit. Maybe she was nervous.

You would think the bride and the groom would be the nervous ones, but weddings can be very stressful affairs for everyone involved.

The average cost of a wedding in the United States is about $25,000, which seems insane to me. Many of them cost a lot more.

I get that it is the most important day of your life, or should be. That said, the ceremony doesn’t cost that much.

It is generally the reception that costs a small fortune. You’re basically just throwing an expensive party for your family and friends so that they can fuss over you for four hours or so.

Also, how is it people end up with 400 people at their wedding? Who knows 400 people? I have maybe met 400 people in my lifetime, but I wouldn’t want more than 10 percent of them at my wedding.

Anyway, this is a great picture, and it looked like a nice enough wedding—with the one obvious exception.

10. The Person and the Horse

Image Source: Reddit

Apparently, at least in the United States, you can get arrested for riding a horse while under the influence of alcohol. I am not sure if that law applies to every state, but I know you can be arrested in Florida, Texas, and Colorado.

This officer seemed to have reason to believe that this person had consumed a bit of alcohol and then went for a ride. I still don’t understand how this situation happened, though. I did read a story about a woman in Florida riding a horse down a highway while drunk, though, so maybe it isn’t as uncommon a situation as one might think.

11. The Mess at Work

Image Source: Reddit

I have no idea why this happened, but I do know that people need to treat toilets with more respect.

We do not want to go back to the days when there weren’t any toilets. That would be awful. Those weren’t fun times.

Outhouses didn’t sound like a lot of fun to use, and no one wants to do their business in a bucket.

You just know this mess had to be cleaned first thing in the morning.

12. The Girl and the Pool

Image Source: Twitter

This young lady learned a lesson. She learned a couple of lessons, in fact. First of all, you shouldn’t wear makeup when you go swimming. That is kind of a waste of makeup, and it isn’t like that stuff is cheap.

Second of all, very few people look their best after going for a swim. She certainly did not.

13. The Video Store

Image Source: Reddit

I can’t believe there is still a “video store” in this day and age. The sign is quite funny, and also quite necessary I am sure. If I saw a video store, I would assume it had been closed for ages.

I kind of miss video stores in a weird way, but I assume that’s just nostalgia talking. They were simpler times.

I wonder how long this store will actually manage to stay open. The prices seem sort of reasonable.

I wouldn’t want to start my day my knowing I’d have to go into work at a video store, though. What a depressing job that could be.

14. The Person at the Dairy Queen

Image Source: Reddit

Dairy Queen is a great fast-food chain, and a lot of people love what they offer very much.

It must be disappointing, then, to learn you can’t pay for your food because all you have on you is a twenty dollar bill, which happens quite often. The “no three cheese” thing probably disappointed a lot of people, but I can’t understand why a restaurant wouldn’t accept twenties. Were they getting a lot of counterfeit bills?

Written by Kevin Barrett

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