14 People Who Got Kicked Down By Life

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Life can be quite hard. There are those people out there who seem to live extremely charmed lives, but most of us do not.

Also, there are those people out there who are living the very opposite of “charmed lives”. If seems as if the universe actively hates them for whatever reason. You simply have to feel bad for them. You truly have to wonder what they did to earn the ire of the universe.

Here are fifteen examples of people who have truly gotten beat down by life.

1. The Vomit and the Selfie

Image Source: Twitter

If you have a pet, there is a pretty good chance you have a lot of pictures of that pet. What is the point of having a camera on your phone if you don’t take pictures of your dog on a daily basis? It is pretty normal to take selfies with your pet, I think.

Sometimes, though, there are pictures taken that no one wants to see. This is one of those pictures. The poor dog in this image was clearly having stomach issues and was vomiting during the selfie. It wasn’t a little bit of vomit, either; that was pretty extreme vomiting. The color of the vomit is also kind of curious. What was that dog eating? It looks gross.

I just hope the dog is feeling better. That could not have been a pleasant experience for anyone involved.

2. The Broken Car Window

Image Source: Instagram

There really is a lesson to learn here, and it is one I learned a long time ago. Unless you routinely leave expensive stuff in your car, it is better to just never lock your car doors. Car windows cost a small fortune to replace, and they are not that difficult to break.

In general, I have found it is better to just let thieving types explore your car if they have the desire to do so.

I have a friend with a pretty nice car, and she always leaves her car unlocked. Even if she parks in the worst neighborhood around, she refuses to lock her car doors unless she is in the vehicle. She also intentionally keeps the car sort of filthy. Apparently, that repels thieves.

It isn’t like anything in car is actually disgusting to touch, but criminal types apparently assume that messy cars have nothing worth stealing.

I have an uncle who also leaves his car doors unlocked and intentionally has a messy car; he also, it is worth pointing out, lives in one of the bigger cities in the world. In 20 years of leaving his car doors unlocked, someone has “broken into his car” once. They didn’t take anything.

Whoever that person was used it as a warm place to smoke a cigarette—which he found obnoxious—but he didn’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars for a new car window.

The only reason he knew anyone was in his car was because of the smell. Within a day or two, the smell was gone.

3. The Person With the Lottery Ticket

Image Source: Reddit

If this happened to me, I would probably need to spend a bit of time in a mental institution. If I personally had a lot of money, I would throw some his or her way.

There is no worse feeling than knowing for a fact that the universe actually hates you. The universe was clearly sending a message here, and that can’t be denied.

You have to wonder if a machine randomly picked those numbers, don’t you? That is bad enough. If the owner of this ticket chose those numbers because they have some sort of significance to him or her, then that definitely makes the whole thing worse.

4. The Person With Order 139

Image Source: FunnyJunk

The person with order 139 has been beaten by life. How does such a thing even happen? Does McDonald’s hate that person for some reason?

Believe it or not, though, this sort of thing happens a lot more often than one might think. Heck, it has happened to me. I can’t prove it because I don’t tend to take pictures of my food receipts, but I was waiting for a sandwich at a convenience store and my number got skipped. I couldn’t figure out why it was taking 20 minutes for people to put ham and pickles on bread at three in the afternoon.

Fortunately, I eventually figured out what was going on; my sandwich had been behind the counter the whole time. The employees were not able to explain how my number was skipped, but they were extremely apologetic. They even gave me a coupon for my next visit to the store.

I hope that the person in this image got a coupon from McDonald’s, even if it is only for a free cup of coffee.

5. The Person With the McDonald’s Burger

Image Source: 9Gag

There is a lot to love about McDonald’s. It isn’t health food, that’s for sure; however, if you are trying to lose weight, you shouldn’t be eating at restaurants period. I don’t know of a single one that is really good for you.

Have you seen how many calories most restaurant salad dressings contain? You might as well just give up and order the bacon cheeseburger. The salads, in most cases, are just as bad for you as the burgers.

McDonald’s, like most establishments, goofs up from time to time. This is a pretty egregious example of an error. I suppose that it is possible that there is a customer out there who would like to order ketchup on a bun, but it seems sort of unlikely.

Was the employee of the establishment trying to make a joke? If so, it is pretty funny. If not, it is pretty darn sad.

6. The Young Woman and the Chair

Image Source: Twitter

At this point, I think it is fair to say we have all ordered at least one thing from Amazon that has been absolutely terrible. Don’t get me wrong, Amazon is generally great, but once in a while the company doesn’t exactly deliver what you are expecting.

That is exactly what happened here, and you have to feel bad for Sav. I hope she was able to return it and get a proper refund.

It is easy to be critical of Amazon, and a lot of people are, but the fact of the matter is that the company has been around for almost a quarter of a century and is one of the most valuable public companies in the world. It is headquartered in Seattle, Washington; it employs over 500,000 people.

7. The Person With the Curious Toilet Paper

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

The person who accidentally used these has definitely been beaten down by life a little bit. It is hard not to feel bad for him or her.

However, who amongst us hasn’t used a curious product upon realizing we were out of toilet paper? I know a lot of people who used to swipe napkins from fast food joints and save them—just in case. Desperate times, as they say, call for desperate measures.

At least we’re no longer forced to use corn cobs to clean ourselves off. That must have been the worst. People were probably pretty smelly a few hundred years ago.

Toilet paper has actually been around a lot longer than you might think. Its use dates back to the 6th century AD in China. It wasn’t really commercially available, however, until the 19th century.

8. The Seagull and the Ice Cream

Image Source: Reddit

Why do people like seagulls? A lot of people do, but they are clearly one of the worst creatures on the planet.

They will steal your food without any sense of guilt or shame.

That is exactly what happened here, it seems. The seagull wanted the ice cream, so it took the ice cream. You have to respect the boldness, I suppose, but you also have to hate it for being a nasty little thief.

I have known a lot of people who have had seagulls steal from them in an extremely brazen fashion. This is a really great picture, sure, but it is probably not an unusual occurrence. If there are seagulls around, don’t expect to keep your food.

Gulls also live a really long time by the way, which should probably creep you out. There’s one type of gull that frequently lives over 40 years.

Weirdly enough, they are monogamous creatures; while “divorce” happens”, gulls typically spend their lives with one mate.

9. The Vending Machine

Image Source: Reddit

Why are vending machines so terrible, exactly? I am really glad they exist, of course, but I don’t understand how the basic technology has not seemed to have changed in the past couple of decades.

There is no reason that food should still get stuck in vending machines. We have had 93 or so versions of the iPad, give or take, since it was released; however, vending machines still continue to routinely disappoint us when we are hungry or thirsty.

You do sort of have to wonder who orders a sandwich from a vending machine, though, right? How desperate for food do you need to be? It couldn’t taste very good.

10. The Lady With the Nails

Image Source: Twitter

I actually kind of feel bad for the lady in this image. It legitimately can be difficult trusting yourself to a stranger when it comes to your hair, nails, etc.

I don’t have my nails worked on, but I do go to one particular place when I get my haircuts. I know the owners, and I am on friendly terms with the staff, so I will probably go there until the business closes or I die.

At one point, though, the guy that cut my hair got sick and had to retire. Having to go to someone new—even though she had the guy’s notes in front of her—was a sort of uncomfortable experience at first.

Fortunately, everything worked out, but I was a bit nervous that first time.

I can understand the anxiety. This person got beaten down by life a bit.

11. The Kid and the Seeds

Image Source: Twitter

This poor little girl ended up with a face full of sunflower seeds. Can you imagine waking up to such an experience? What kind of parent allows such a thing to happen?

Sitting in the back seat of a car isn’t an ideal experience. I once had a friend have his favorite jacket ruined because the driver of a car tossed a lit cigarette out the window. It ended up flying back into the car, of course. That sort of thing probably happens more often than you would think.

It was a really nice jacket, too, and he was not at all pleased with the driver.

12. The Selfie and the Baseball

Image Source: USA Today

Selfies can be great, of course, but the problem is that people who are taking selfies tend to be unaware of their surroundings.

I really hope the baseball didn’t actually hit the woman in this picture, but it definitely looks it was going to.

If it did hit her, I hope it didn’t hurt her too badly. It is a shame, really, as it seemed as if she was having a great day up until that point.

13. The Person With the Eau de Toilette

Image Source: Reddit

I have known about the product for decades now, but I still think it is sort of weird that anyone sprays something called “toilet water” on themselves in order to smell better.

The stuff been used for centuries now, though, so apparently I happen to be the only one who is vaguely weirded out by the name.

14. The Person With the Chicken

Image Source: Instagram

Even if you go to the worst fast food joint that has ever existed or will ever exist, you expect better than this particular piece of chicken, right?

That amount of food is unacceptable. Even a newborn baby wouldn’t be satisfied with such a small amount of food.

I hope I never end up eating at that fast food restaurant. The biscuit looks kind of good, though.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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