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14 People Who Got Really Lucky Today

Image Source: Reddit

Every now and then people experience an unexpected stroke of luck that is more than welcome! Even if it is something small and insignificant, it is still a lucky moment that everyone would like to experience! If you haven’t been lucky lately, the following list might actually make you believe that you will feel it really soon! Let it serve as an inspiration for you and enjoy the images!

1. The mother of all fries

Image Source: Reddit

We all love junk food and as tasty as it is, we are aware that it is bad for our health! However, we realize it and yet we still often grab a bite at a fast food diner! Of course, one of the most traditional meals includes a large portion of fries! They taste godly and we cannot get enough no matter how much we eat! This is why we loved this amazing and extremely long piece! It is definitely the biggest one we have seen, and we have seen a lot of fries!

2. Here is one lucky find

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes people find the most unusual things! As you can see, someone was lucky enough to find the last thing they expected in their new home! After the homeowner decided to initiate a renovation, this small locked safe emerged under to floor! We have no idea what was inside of it, but even if we assume that it was empty, it is still a curious find! We bet that it felt like uncovering a hidden treasure and that feeling is more than valuable!

3. This does not happen every day for sure

Image Source: Reddit

Well, here is a proof that the matrix may be real after all! These men were complete strangers prior to the moment this photo was taken! They met at a wedding and as you could imagine, they were completely shocked by the fact they look exactly the same down to the smallest details! They look extremely amused by the funny coincidence! Just imagine what the odds for such an encounter are! We believe that the chances were really slim yet it happened!

4. Here is a man who became famous by accident

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that things happen for a reason, therefore everything we consider to be a coincidence is just something that we have no rational explanation for. The image above suggests that what happened is exactly as we described it! This man was fortunate enough to have a doll that looks exactly like him! However, it has nothing to do with him because he was neither the inspiration for it nor the prototype! He was just glad to find out that he became famous without making the slightest effort.

5. This photo will make you look twice at it

Image Source: Reddit

There are images that can make you look twice at them for sure! Sometimes they are weird and peculiar while in other cases they are nothing but hilarious! The funny coincidence shown here may not look like much but it is more than enough to make you smile! The couple of tiny bushes in front of the car align perfectly with its wheels, creating the illusion that the car was running on these strange spherical wheels made out of hedges!

6. Here is a flight like no other

Image Source: Reddit

We love flying but there are a lot of things related to it that we despise! The crowded planes, the annoying personalities of some people and the long hours of sleeping in a single seat can be a frustrating experience! However, sometimes people get more than lucky and this girl was definitely one of them! She took a selfie to brag about the fact that she was about to enjoy a whole plane all by herself! It turned out that she secured a seat on a flight meant to transfer only crew members.

7. This is the coolest newspaper ever

Image Source: Reddit

Most people consider newspapers to be boring but it seems that someone tried to change that by deciding to incorporate something really interesting in this newspaper! A lucky person bought this issue and probably had no idea about the surprise waiting inside! As you can see, there are wrapping paper sheets inside and we think that it is a really neat idea! This is the best kind of surprise because it does not take much to organized but it leaves a nice impression.

8. Now this is what we call luck

Image Source: Reddit

Most of the times we used Uber to move around the city were not a pleasant experience. Sure enough, they were not so bad, either, but the meaningless small talk is something we would like to avoid at all costs! The driver of this vehicle understood that and decided to install a neat feature to his ride! The game console is the perfect addition and we guess that many people use it! We would like to see such a thing in every Uber vehicle.

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9. This is one special cat

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen a lot of cats and we know how different they can be. Despite their size, the fur and other specifics that distinguish the different breeds. However, none of the cats we have seen until now have thumbs! We are not sure if this feline actually has thumbs or its sitting position created the illusion but the image is definitely funny! This is surely one lucky cat and the same goes for the owner, too.

10. Now this is the sweetest way to have a coffee

Image Source: Reddit

Most cafeterias have a huge variety of different drinks and we love trying them out! The baristas working in most places are really skilled and they can please you with the wonderful creations they are capable of making. However, the accidental way this person decorated his cup of coffee is amazing! As you can see, Snoopy was perfectly recreated using the foam on top of the drink! The cute cartoon character looks absolutely perfect and proportional!

11. Here is a proof that the matrix is not just a theory

Image Source: Reddit

This curious photo will probably become a favorite of those who support the theory that we live in an orchestrated reality! While we have always considered that to be plausible, we have never seen a piece of hard evidence! The best we can come up with are photos like this one! As you can see, this image is more than curious, because it looks like these sleeping men are almost identical, as if Agent Smith fell asleep.

12. This is definitely a hidden feature

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes a product you buy is not worth the money. The sad part is that you realize this only after you buy the item! However, it is not always like that! In other cases the product you chose to buy actually proves to be a higher value than you initially expected. The person who bought this toy for their dog probably thought that it was just a regular item but it proved to have a hidden surprise, and a rather big one, too! In fact, there was another toy inside of the first one! The doggo was probably happy about that, too!

13. Here is an example of modern art

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that the last few decades changed a lot of things. One of the most significant changes to people’s lives was the opportunity for them to express themselves in many different ways! This means that the artistic souls among us were able to show their creative side in a lot of ways which became immediately acceptable! The eraser photographed above is a nice example of accidental art that is like nothing else! It looks like a canvas that was painted to resemble a bird flock. It definitely has a mood and is different than the traditional forms of art.

14. If this does not convince you that we live in a simulated reality, nothing will

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another photo that makes us discuss the possible simulated reality we live in. According to conspiracy theorists, we live in something similar to a matrix where everything was predesigned and determined to happen at an exact time and in a certain way! Here is why saying that this man looks exactly like the historical painting behind him by sheer chance is probably not accurate. We cannot be sure if something is right or wrong!

15. Here is a kitchen utensil like no other

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen a lot of different kitchen utensils that serve various purposes but some of them are fairly simple! This potato masher does only one thing and is fairly easy to operate. However, this particular one is nothing but ordinary! Someone tried to wash it in the washing machine which was not a good idea for sure! As you can, the broken part was actually the curious part here. It revealed that the potato masher actually had a hidden handle underneath the first one! It is definitely weird and the person who thought they destroyed their potato masher was happy to see that it can be used again.

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