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14 People Who Seem To Love Joking A Lot

Image Source: Reddit

In today’s busy world we experience a lot of stress, which can have bad consequences. People deal with stress in all kinds of ways. While some prefer to take a break from everything, others have a different approach. We guess it is one of the best ways to deal with stress. Of course, we mean having fun! More specifically, pulling off jokes on others! It is a proven way to ensure you’ll get huge doses of laughter and excitement! There are people that simply cannot miss an opportunity for a joke! Sometimes these jokes are very clever! This is the kind of fun we like to see.
Check out the list below and feel free to laugh out loud!

1. This family pack gift had a surprise

Image Source: Instagram

Most families have at least one person that can be proclaimed as the main jokester. Usually this person is the father, but not in all cases. We also know what dad jokes are. That is a completely different level! What someone did with this set of mugs was brilliant and clever. We call that quality family fun! However, the family member whose mug shot is on every piece was probably not that happy.

2. This mother must be proud with her girl

Image Source: Instagram

People often feel proud of their children and the occasions for that can be many! One of them is definitely graduation. However, it seems that this mother is not the proudest parent on the planet! The reason for that facial expression is easy to see! Her daughter was a bit too honest with the chosen photo for the cake. We are sure they both laughed about it later!

3. This sounds like a joke, but it’s not

Image Source: Instagram

We have thought about such an experiment before! It is nice to see that someone actually decided to try it. The end result was obviously a success! This is a story worthy of a joke, but it is the real thing. Cars can heat up dangerously in the summer and we all need to be careful.

4. Jokes can obviously be dangerous

Image Source: Reddit

When you plan to pull off a joke, you need to consider the possible consequences. This is very important in order to avoid accidents. As you can see, someone decided to trick others into believing in something that is impossible. The problem is that someone actually believed that this trick was real! As you can see, the end result was devastating. We hope nobody was injured.

5. Daydreaming while joking is also fun

Image Source: Instagram

This person found a nice way to have some fun while riding the bus. It takes some creativity to come up with this, actually. We are sure that most people would believe it if they saw only the first photo. It looks like the real thing. We like the idea and we think that he deserves to have a car! He may not have a license yet, but we wish him to get it soon.

6. Here is something funny and embarrassing

Image Source: Instagram

Some people have the weird habit of texting others after getting drunk. We have no idea why this happens, but we like reading the conversations. In most cases they are extremely funny or just awkward. This particular example is somewhere between those two categories. We bet that the Uber driver had fun as well, instead of getting angry. We know we would be very amused by the whole thing.

7. This is a pretty savage gift

Image Source: Instagram

We love this idea and we need to pull the joke on somebody! This savage prank plays with the emotions of some poor soul. Everyone would appreciate receiving a brand new Mercedes-Benz as a gift! Imagine the frustration after finding out that it was not a key, but a USB memory stick instead. This daughter is going to be angry with her father for a long time. Of course, nobody could blame her.

8. Games between lovers can be funny

Image Source: Instagram

One of the best things you can experience is to have fun with your significant other. On a lazy weekend you can do a lot of things together. Wrestling and fooling around at home is one of those things. However, sometimes things escalade quickly, and accidents happen. This one is funny, because nobody got hurt. Oh, well, maybe the girl’s pride was hurt a bit.

9. Who likes riddles?

test ad
Image Source: Instagram

If you love risk and you like puzzles, this one might impress you. One kid and a little free time were enough for this to happen. It is funny to see, but there is no way of knowing the contents of each can. Imagine that you need a can of beans and you see this. You will likely end up opening pickles or pineapple, for example. It can be frustrating for sure!

10. Dads are awesome in their own way

Image Source: Reddit

Most people tend to think that fathers are more or less irresponsible. We beg to differ. They just have the habit to make funny things together with their offspring. We absolutely adore that and we think that every dad should play with the kids the way someone did in this photo. The cute cosplay you see here is actually pretty accurate. We love it!

11. Picture days in school were cool

Image Source: Reddit

We used to love picture days because it was a lot of fun. However, there were some things to consider when that day comes. The first rule was to never wear a green shirt. If you wonder why, just take a look here. The shirt of this student blended with the green screen in the back. The end result is actually pretty funny. We actually think that this person did it on purpose. The floating head on the photo looks cool. It makes us wonder why they did not take all the photos like this.

12. This husband is definitely courageous

Image Source: Pinterest

It is pointless to argue with your wife about anything. The smart thing is to just let it go. However, in this case she should have seen it coming. Of course, the husband took advantage of the situation. His wife was probably furious when she saw the table the first time. We think that she grew to like it in time. After all, a hippo table is not something most people have in their homes.

13. People do all sorts of things while driving

Image Source: Twitter

We have seen people do many strange and funny things behind the wheel. However, this must be one of the strangest. Perhaps this hamster was sick and the person was in a hurry to take it to the vet. There is nothing funny about someone’s love for their pet. We guess there must be a reason for this. Of course, everyone who saw it probably found it hard to find an explanation.

14. This is the funniest display ever

Image Source: Instagram

Here is something that you probably won’t see again. Some kid literally took over one of AT&T’s display phones. The rest of the story can be seen on the photos. We absolutely love the whole thing! Imagine how many smiles and chuckles this story brought to the customers. The kid literally created a marketing campaign without realizing it.

15. We want one of these

Image Source: Tiwtter

Have you ever seen a cooler car window shade? We have not, and we want it bad. Imagine this person’s reaction upon receiving the funny gift. Even if he did not like, there was no other option except to put it on. After all, it was a present from his significant other. We guess that it would do a pretty good job isolating the sunrays away from the vehicle. Sun shades are extremely effective in hot weather. We suggest you always use one when you park your vehicle.

16. Nobody would believe this person

Image Source: Tiwtter

It is easy to see that this was nothing more than a joke. However, it would definitely make Ross Geller from Friends proud! The person you see here pretended to receive a huge check for creating a huge replica of a dinosaur skeleton. This is impossible, of course, but we find the effort to be funny. It takes some talent and creativity to organize a joke like that. We appreciate this kind of jokes because are simply different.

17. We wish it was that easy

Image Source: Instagram

The fight against excessive weight seems to never end. Most of us make all kinds of promises to do something about it. However, most efforts turn out to be worthless. The reason for that are the bad habits most of us have. It is hard to give up on a lot of things. Even if someone is able to quit a bad habit, it can easily backfire. This is the problem with most diets, for example. The person who took this photo probably wanted to deal with a guilty conscience. We guess it did not help much, but at least it is funny to see. The idea was pretty clever, and we admire that!

Written by Nick Martin

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